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Comments by Richard Andrew x64 (Top 22 by date)

Richard Andrew x64 7-Jul-23 10:50am View    
Have you tried writing down a step-by-step method of how you would perform this by hand? Sometimes that really gives you insight into how to have the computer do it.
Richard Andrew x64 11-Jun-22 18:15pm View    
What application is giving the error message? Is the error coming from Windows File Explorer? Or from Visual Studio? Where?

And WHEN does the error happen?

You must provide many more details before anyone can help you solve this.
Richard Andrew x64 23-Apr-22 18:37pm View    
You don't need a for loop to remove all the features. You could simply type "format C:".
Richard Andrew x64 19-Aug-21 16:35pm View    
I suggest you look into what methods are available for selecting complete ranges, and then copying them to other places. Doing it cell by cell must be what's making it slow.
Richard Andrew x64 10-Nov-20 20:48pm View    
It looks like your program is correct except for limiting the calculation to 100 or less. What did the teacher say is wrong with it?