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Comments by champ23 (Top 4 by date)

champ23 14-Jun-11 1:51am View    
What about popular chat messenger like yahoo, google talk, AIM etc.
champ23 13-Jun-11 9:58am View    
The solution which you have is manual. Here user has to give our scanner path
to messenger, which we don't want. The scanner should automtically get notify the file attachment when the messenger receive file.
How is that possible.
champ23 10-Jun-11 2:17am View    

"You can write an executable that scans any file that's being passed to it's command-line."
I didn't understand the above line. How do we get the file passed to messenger command-line.

"Most of these messenger-apps provide a configuration-option that allows the user to identify their virus-scanner. They invoke it whenever something is downloaded."
How can we achieve this, can you give some example or method to do this.
champ23 10-Jun-11 2:08am View    

Thanks for the suggestion. We are capturing messages using NDIS filter driver.
This is tedious task to get the content of message, as each messenger message sending format is different.
Is it possible to capture messages above NDIS level, at application level and block it.