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Comments by Andreas Mertens (Top 3 by date)

Andreas Mertens 7-Aug-17 10:12am View
I saw that posting as well. Unfortunately it is incorrect and doesn't work.
Andreas Mertens 6-Aug-17 16:10pm View
It is a feature that can be turned on or off, and I would prefer not needing to deal with adding this if I don't have to. And I also don't want to deal with issues in versioning of PowerShell either.

Basically PowerShell is just calling the same WMI objects and methods, so it should be simple to do the same in C#. That is all that I am looking for...
Andreas Mertens 6-Aug-17 15:57pm View
I am releasing a new product that is hosted in a VM, for clients that are not very sophisticated. I would prefer not installing PowerShell on their machines if I can avoid it.