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Comments by Patrick Kalkman (Top 33 by date)

Patrick Kalkman 20-May-13 5:50am View    
Done, Thanks for you comment.
Patrick Kalkman 26-May-11 2:34am View    
Yes that was what I meant, just copy the characters until you receive two null characters after each other.
Patrick Kalkman 19-May-11 9:06am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Great tip, thanks
Patrick Kalkman 13-May-11 16:43pm View    
Is it an existing service? If you are able to reconfigure the service you could try to convert it to a rest service. Then calling the service would be as simple as calling an url.
Patrick Kalkman 13-May-11 16:41pm View    
Can you share some more information, the error looks likes an exception occurs on the server side. Did you try to catch the exception on the server side?