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Comments by Jitendra Zaa (Top 10 by date)

Jitendra Zaa 28-Sep-10 2:16am View
Please explain the question....
Jitendra Zaa 8-Sep-10 4:26am View
I haven't used it. I will try and revert. Thanks for reply
Jitendra Zaa 21-May-10 1:40am View
Ya Graus.. you are right. we can use class Point. :)
Jitendra Zaa 20-May-10 14:20pm View
it would be nice if you can explain you question more
Jitendra Zaa 14-May-10 2:22am View
If possible, post the code snap also.
Jitendra Zaa 13-May-10 2:57am View
Thanks Pete for such good Information. I am also newbie in .NET
Jitendra Zaa 12-May-10 7:32am View
Can you be clear, what error is coming ?
Jitendra Zaa 12-May-10 0:37am View
What you want to know ???
you can ask
Jitendra Zaa 11-May-10 8:42am View
sure... you can
Jitendra Zaa 8-May-10 10:55am View
Thanks Mr James..