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Comments by dmageiras (Top 24 by date)

dmageiras 28-Mar-11 15:15pm View    
Disable firewall.
dmageiras 28-Mar-11 15:14pm View    
Adjust your firewall to enable Ping.
dmageiras 24-Mar-11 15:52pm View    
I got it working over Internet through VPN, but first you have to solve the LAN problem.
dmageiras 24-Mar-11 15:51pm View    
No I cant see the screen. I guess it has something to do with serialization, but I am not sure. Any how, I can get the sum, which means that this part is working properly. Make sure you can see the sum also, ensuring there are no connection issues and later try to resolve the screen problem.
dmageiras 24-Mar-11 15:47pm View    
You are welcome. But it would be better if you included your code as a part of the question, not as an answer.
Concerning wireless router, I dont think it makes a difference. Can you ping your laptop from your desktop and vice versa?