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fadi77_net 24-May-15 16:34pm View    
But it is a shortcut from the original .exe file, and the original .exe file is on the server, is not it?
fadi77_net 23-May-15 16:18pm View    
Dear friend
I want to let the user to save some information about his account in the .config file, and read it, and I want him to read the connection string from the .config file.
But I don't want to install the application on each client computer, I want to install it on the server and make a shortcut from the .exe file to each client computer, so in this case what should I do with .config file? Have I to copy it on the client computer or keep it on the server?
fadi77_net 22-May-15 17:15pm View    
regardless the name, I mean in case I want to create a shortcut from the exe file on the client, can I keep the .config and .exe files on the server and create a shortcut from the .exe on the client?
fadi77_net 22-May-15 15:00pm View    
Thank you very much, it is working with me
fadi77_net 21-May-15 12:32pm View    
I tried it but it is not working with me, because my form is not form type Form, I have another type, it is frmBasedChiled, so I want to get an instance of the frmBasedChiled class