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Sean Ewington 1-Nov-18 13:53pm View
Feel free to downvote it and comment on the fact that it is simply repeating an existing solution
Sean Ewington 1-Nov-18 13:22pm View
Thanks very much for not reporting the answer. Richard is correct, I would ask that you not comment on the age of the question, it makes the user feel like they made a mistake or may perhaps embarrasses them. People who feel that way might not answer other questions. Yours is probably the most harmless of this type I've seen, but nonetheless, in the future if you could avoid commenting on the age of the question and allow the user to respond to it, that would be appreciated.
Sean Ewington 28-Mar-17 14:41pm View
Your article was removed because it was it was a post about a third party product. Unfortunately, due to abuse, we have been forced to reconsider our policies on all third party submissions and your article has been removed.

We no longer typically allow articles on Third Party Products and Tools. We will only allow articles on third party products or services at our discretion and provided the following rules are strictly followed:

- Must provide significant innovation and cannot simply be a how-to guide that would appear on the vendor's own help pages or must solve a significant problem common to users of the third party product or library

- Must not be an advertisement for the product. We are the final judges on this. There will be no mention of price, offers or coupons, upgrades, trials or anything that would induce or tempt a person to visit the third party site and download the product. This article is purely for those who already use the product.

- We reserve the right to replace any links to the product with search-engine unfriendly links. Articles must not be used to promote a product in any form, including SEO.

- Must be tagged "third-party"

- Must be in the Third Party Products and Tools section

- Articles tagged this way will not appear on the homepage or the

- Must not be written by anyone associated with the company. Self promotion is not allowed.

- Author must have written at least two articles NOT on third party products.

While we are certain your intention was to simply provide a resource for fellow developers, too many authors were using this avenue to promote their products / services. As such, we must consider each post not only in context of our updated policies, but also with what permitting new posts will convey to those that abuse the system.

I removed your account because you posted the article a second time. I should have pasted this explanation into the default email that goes out for further clarification. Apologies. I'd be happy to restore your account, but unfortunately we cannot accept your article on using Aspose.
Sean Ewington 24-Nov-16 14:44pm View
Sadly this is outside of my power :( Bugs and Suggestions might be best.
Sean Ewington 25-Oct-16 10:49am View
Sean Ewington 7-May-15 15:02pm View
Sean Ewington 23-Dec-11 13:29pm View
Test commenting
Sean Ewington 20-Aug-10 9:49am View
That's borderline racism. If you cut out that first bit, that would be swell
Sean Ewington 10-Aug-10 9:30am View
Reason for my vote of 1
"Let's work to help developers, not make them feel stupid."