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Comments by Suresh Suthar (Top 129 by date)

Suresh Suthar 31-Jul-14 5:31am View    
Then debug your webservice you VS.
Suresh Suthar 31-Jul-14 5:04am View    
Just read the documentation on the jQuery website. I think you need GET in the AJAX call.
Suresh Suthar 10-Jul-14 1:49am View    
You are talking about WinForm or WebForm?
Suresh Suthar 27-Sep-13 9:27am View    
I think you should ask question here
Suresh Suthar 25-Sep-13 6:08am View    
Why do you need a validator control for radio button. Just make one radio button selected/checked in the group by default. If you don't want to do that than why not just write a simple javascript function to validate the radio buttons' state.