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Comments by gggustafson (Top 200 by date)

gggustafson 2-Aug-22 12:11pm View    
gggustafson 2-Aug-22 11:33am View    
I thought we weren't giving away our secrets completely.
gggustafson 15-Jul-22 16:41pm View    
1. Don't use the same identifier (id="slide") for two elements.
2. Where are the cookies used?
gggustafson 29-Jun-22 11:36am View    
Are you specifically targeting a non-mouse solution?
gggustafson 1-Jun-22 10:37am View    
1. Invoke "Start" the beginning of "Update" after removing duplicate code from "Update"
2. Move "panel.SetActive ( true );" to before the if statement
3. Remove "finalScore.text = score.ToString ( );" from the else block
4. Move "Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.None;" and "Time.timeScale = 0;" to following the if statement

You should format your code (alphabetize variable declarations, comment each method, etc.) to make it easier on following programmers.