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Magic Wonder 30-Jul-21 0:46am View
Used controlled loop.
Magic Wonder 30-Jul-21 0:45am View
Thank you for your valuable details.
Magic Wonder 30-Jul-21 0:45am View
Thank you for your suggestion.
Magic Wonder 27-Jul-21 10:00am View
1) ok
2) I will check and try to make use of proper loop instead of recursive call.
3) Retry count, here declared for understanding purpose, however same is also in use globally.
Magic Wonder 27-Jul-21 9:08am View
1. Can we clear stack in exception?
2. variables kept class level as using them in other functions also on same connection for requests and responses.
Magic Wonder 27-Jul-21 9:01am View
Yes, I have to call it recursively up to 1000 times. And same is working when it disconnects in between.
Magic Wonder 21-Feb-21 23:59pm View
Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
Magic Wonder 11-Aug-20 2:44am View
Done. Kindly suggest
Magic Wonder 23-May-18 1:25am View
Magic Wonder 23-May-18 1:24am View
Magic Wonder 8-Jan-18 8:17am View
Okay. Thanks
Magic Wonder 3-Jul-17 9:43am View
Thanks for your suggestion. But we have to keep FIPS ON.
Magic Wonder 3-Jul-17 9:42am View
Thanks for response. It is helpful.
Magic Wonder 30-Jun-17 3:24am View
Thanks for update on same. However, it is not appearing in System.Security.Cryptography namespace. Do i need to add any reference?
Magic Wonder 29-Jun-17 2:12am View
Hi, Kindly check updated question.
Magic Wonder 27-Dec-16 0:54am View
Okay, so you must be having some thought for getting "AG" or "AGS". Kindly share.
Magic Wonder 27-Dec-16 0:43am View
What exactly are you looking for?
Magic Wonder 26-Aug-16 1:12am View
Your question is not clearly indicating that in which field you are getting NULL in output. Kindly improve it clearly so that we can help you.
Magic Wonder 30-Jun-16 1:42am View
Magic Wonder 9-Jun-16 2:52am View
+5 for your suggestion..."Its a bad practice."
Magic Wonder 24-May-16 3:48am View
For getting the desired result you only need to work. Also, share your table structure with set of desired data so that we can check.
Magic Wonder 18-May-16 23:35pm View
It's okay. You check your requirement and build your queries in such a way that these should be simple and if possible break into small set of scripts.
Magic Wonder 18-May-16 5:50am View
It is also taking too much time to read it, understand it, and if link broken then re-read. :-(
Magic Wonder 29-Jan-16 2:30am View
Can we have sample data and expected output?
Magic Wonder 29-Jan-16 2:28am View
Are you sure "If this count is greater than 5 then those salaries will be printed!"???
Magic Wonder 14-Oct-15 2:00am View
Magic Wonder 14-Oct-15 1:59am View
I just removed the error. On first see, i found use of exec() is wrong. so just improved that.
Magic Wonder 13-Oct-15 2:19am View
Check Updated Solution.
Magic Wonder 13-Oct-15 2:13am View
So you mean to say, you are fetching customer count using aggregate function?
Magic Wonder 12-Oct-15 5:48am View
Surprised. Prefer your working solution.
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 6:07am View
Check updated solution....

--If you can do hard coding ...then
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 6:04am View
You have to do Flagging as if you are passing column name and as well selected values with same parameter then it will treat both as either column values or column name.
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 5:59am View
Can not you pass something else like flag? As for select all also you are passing "Column Name" that indicates you made some provision in your logic to do that. Can not you change your logic?
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 3:35am View
In that Case, what will you pass if user selects All?
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 2:49am View
Check my updated solution.
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 2:11am View
Well, if user's do limited selection from front end then you are passing selected column's name. And if checks select all then data from all columns should come. Am i write?
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 2:01am View
well i am confused now!!! What is your requirement? What are the details you are passing in parameters? And why are you creating Dynamic query?
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 1:57am View
You are passing column name as parameters??? Am i write?
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 1:56am View
Do not use where clause.

Simply write "Select * from Table1"
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 1:53am View
You mean to say, irrespective of where clause/parameter you need all rows???
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 1:44am View
Try my solution.
Magic Wonder 7-Oct-15 1:43am View
You can use CASE in where clause, it will work and complete your requirements.
Magic Wonder 14-Sep-15 1:51am View
Kindly clarify in more details about table structure and data storage.
Magic Wonder 14-Sep-15 1:44am View
You mean APR - MAR???
Magic Wonder 14-Jul-15 1:52am View
Kindly fix your table structure w.r.t. data stored. Fixing will remove all such errors.
Magic Wonder 6-Jul-15 2:13am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 6-Jul-15 1:57am View
Check updated solution.
Magic Wonder 6-Jul-15 1:50am View
Oh!!! Well isnull(City,'') will replace null with blank(''). So if you want to replace it with some default value you can use ISNULL(CITY,'DELHI').
Magic Wonder 6-Jul-15 1:47am View
Isnull() should work. Can you give me some sample data and output?
Magic Wonder 8-Apr-15 3:21am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 8-Apr-15 2:39am View
Here x is alias/temp name given to the set of tabular format data, from which you can fetch data as per your choice.
Magic Wonder 1-Apr-15 1:44am View
It seems to be okay. Can you give more details like when you are getting above mentioned error, In front end or at back end execution etc.
Magic Wonder 23-Mar-15 1:48am View
Your query seems to be incomplete. Kindly either completed it or explain it in more details.
Magic Wonder 23-Mar-15 1:42am View
Magic Wonder 16-Mar-15 5:13am View
Okay....i have not tested it.
Magic Wonder 10-Mar-15 6:56am View
You can google it.
Magic Wonder 10-Mar-15 6:56am View
You can google it.
Magic Wonder 4-Mar-15 0:45am View
Look i can try the "PERFECT" solution based on your inputs only.
Magic Wonder 3-Mar-15 7:41am View
Hi Vatsal,

As i written in my comment that you have to re-think as well re-design table structure.
Magic Wonder 27-Feb-15 1:06am View
I think its again a re-post.
Magic Wonder 24-Feb-15 6:57am View
Magic Wonder 13-Jan-15 7:04am View
Your question is not clear. What exactly are you looking for? Output should be sorted like "Jan, Feb, Mar" or "Dec, Jan, Feb"? Also share your table structure.
Magic Wonder 25-Nov-14 8:05am View
kindly provide complete table structure to help you.
Magic Wonder 17-Oct-14 2:07am View
How many records are there in your table?
Magic Wonder 17-Oct-14 1:42am View
Magic Wonder 23-Sep-14 2:36am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 23-Sep-14 2:18am View
I am also hoping the same....anyway hope for best.
Magic Wonder 23-Sep-14 2:17am View
There might be error in ?...i have changed it to '?'...check above script.
Magic Wonder 23-Sep-14 1:52am View
What is the error you are getting?
Magic Wonder 22-Sep-14 5:48am View
Thanks... :-)
Magic Wonder 22-Sep-14 1:43am View
If you have this much of data in your table then use id for sorting in order by order by 1 desc, 2 desc, 3 desc, 4 desc....

In above query i assumed that your F01,F02,F03 should come w.r.t. values available in your data.
Magic Wonder 19-Sep-14 8:55am View
kindly share with us whatever you have tried till now.
Magic Wonder 19-Sep-14 8:53am View
vr reddy...correct me if i have improved your question wrong as per my understanding.
Magic Wonder 19-Sep-14 7:39am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 19-Sep-14 7:33am View
Specify those columns names in insert into & Select statements.
Magic Wonder 19-Sep-14 1:42am View
Check the link provided which will help you to understand, what is Transaction Log? But as i have already specified you can not get back those values. The only ray of hope is DBAs, if possible to them!!!
Magic Wonder 18-Sep-14 8:55am View
Good. Posting this comment as solution/suggestion to close this query.
Magic Wonder 18-Sep-14 7:37am View
I doubt, didn't you get error message like ...

String or binary data would be truncated.
The statement has been terminated.

while converting to char...
Magic Wonder 18-Sep-14 6:45am View
It is always better to write a small piece of code instead of duplicating and hard coding 50 lines of sql scripts. Its already mentioned in my solution that my solution is based on my assumption and input info by user.
Magic Wonder 18-Sep-14 4:10am View
I think encryption and decryption works on algorithms. So, whatever the algorithm, one is using for encrypting the data, same should be used for decrypting the same data.
Magic Wonder 18-Sep-14 3:18am View
Your Welcome.

It happens sometime.
Magic Wonder 18-Sep-14 2:59am View
Your Welcome.
Magic Wonder 17-Sep-14 5:37am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 17-Sep-14 2:18am View
I have provided links to get understand the controls and how to use these...
Magic Wonder 16-Sep-14 7:16am View
Thats the Bingo...5
Magic Wonder 16-Sep-14 6:03am View
Its okay. Sorry..not really required.

Thnx anyway.

Magic Wonder 16-Sep-14 5:49am View
It happens that in hurry we ignores imp points sometimes....check my comment and question asked by user.
Magic Wonder 16-Sep-14 5:47am View

you are quite close except he need difference of sum of quantities.
Magic Wonder 16-Sep-14 5:43am View
Check updated version now.
Magic Wonder 16-Sep-14 5:34am View
Check what values you are getting in

#tmp_tbl1 & #tmp_TBL2 selecting them.
Magic Wonder 16-Sep-14 5:31am View
Check updated solution. Forgot to mention alias.
Magic Wonder 16-Sep-14 4:31am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 16-Sep-14 4:24am View
Check edited version.
Magic Wonder 15-Sep-14 7:12am View
above two are not same. Both are different values for DB.
Magic Wonder 15-Sep-14 3:56am View
May be.
Magic Wonder 15-Sep-14 3:39am View
If you will not share your " more specific stuff ", then how can one help you out?
Magic Wonder 15-Sep-14 3:36am View
Amazed to know that Google failed with your expectation...!!!
Magic Wonder 15-Sep-14 3:33am View
As per your note...

Where will you want to see the expected o/p?
Magic Wonder 12-Sep-14 9:05am View
Check my test proc. Hope this will help you.
Magic Wonder 12-Sep-14 8:52am View
Why do you want to store it in that format? Format it while fetching and displaying it in front end.
Magic Wonder 12-Sep-14 7:55am View
Replace it with fee i.e. actual col in your table. I have already edited my solution.
Magic Wonder 12-Sep-14 7:44am View
Not a good question. Not enough info to help you out.
Magic Wonder 12-Sep-14 1:45am View
If you will share your table structures / db details, then we can help you out. Also whatever you have tried for getting the desired output.
Magic Wonder 11-Sep-14 6:06am View
Have you tried solution 1?
Magic Wonder 11-Sep-14 5:45am View
I have given solution on the basis of input given. I know m*n is terrible but don't ignore where clause.
Magic Wonder 11-Sep-14 5:22am View
Yeah i know but if you will not share the complete details with some sample data if possible then how can be able to help you with your exact problem?
Magic Wonder 10-Sep-14 5:14am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 10-Sep-14 3:24am View
Can you give us some focus on about which execution plan you are keen to know?
Magic Wonder 10-Sep-14 2:50am View
Why don't you mention l_serno as integer instead of product.serno%type?
Magic Wonder 10-Sep-14 2:29am View
Cheers...your always welcome.
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 8:49am View
Can you provide sample data? What is the output you are getting?
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 8:42am View
Check updated solution.
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 7:21am View
In your case, sub query have to return single value for success.

One more suggestion that have a re-look to your business requirement and then check the output. Also, mean while if possible than share your tables structure with required requirements. Sample data will be more helpful if possible.
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 6:29am View
i think it is @Report_Date...
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 6:28am View
Add one more parameter to your proc as document no and add a flag in where condition.
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 6:08am View
It will return multiple rows as per your details provided. And it will give error if you will use it in sub query. Better to try it in main query using some joining conditions. Or Put a check for document No.
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 5:41am View
...complete it.
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 5:41am View
???...complete it.
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 5:28am View
Since you are having actual data with you, you simply try to execute that piece of code separately and check what is the output you are getting? May be that will help you check and rectify the issue.
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 5:23am View
Okay....check solution.
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 5:18am View
if you are sharing your code w.r.t. your question, kindly add it with question with the help of Improve Question and delete the same from solution.
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 5:15am View
What do you mean by Load Time for a stored proc?
Magic Wonder 9-Sep-14 3:29am View
What is the error you are getting?
Magic Wonder 8-Sep-14 9:18am View
if it is a question, kindly use improve option in your initial question and delete same from solution list.
Magic Wonder 8-Sep-14 2:03am View
Your question is not clear to help you.
Magic Wonder 3-Sep-14 7:32am View
You Have to work at SQL level. Check provided link in my solution, hope that may help you.
Magic Wonder 3-Sep-14 6:17am View
Reload parent control on close event of child.
Magic Wonder 3-Sep-14 6:11am View
Why r u creating duplicate table if you need all records same as original one?
Magic Wonder 3-Sep-14 3:59am View
If required use no as char.
Magic Wonder 3-Sep-14 3:14am View
Your requirement is not complete and clear to help you. Share your table structures and your efforts for above.
Magic Wonder 3-Sep-14 3:10am View
your welcome ...thnx
Magic Wonder 2-Sep-14 4:23am View
Do you require same display at DB level?
Magic Wonder 1-Sep-14 5:00am View
Share your table structure to which will help us to help you.
Magic Wonder 28-Aug-14 9:00am View
Yes exactly, if you have Googled need not to post over here. There may be various factors for you error.
Magic Wonder 28-Aug-14 5:39am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 28-Aug-14 3:01am View
What will you consider below values in terms of years and months?

1. 2.5
2. 2.11
3. 2.13
Magic Wonder 27-Aug-14 6:15am View
Your Welcome
Magic Wonder 27-Aug-14 6:08am View
Check Final Version.
Magic Wonder 27-Aug-14 5:57am View
yes i edited....check ver 3
Magic Wonder 27-Aug-14 5:44am View
Missed that record, check edited version.
Magic Wonder 27-Aug-14 5:40am View
@...R@JES, you need to take care while building your logic. If you start updating Members to Silver First and in same sequence then this will leave you all members promoted to CROWN in one Go.
Magic Wonder 27-Aug-14 5:10am View
Use Varchar datatype to store the same. Here i am assuming color code is string.
Magic Wonder 26-Aug-14 4:12am View
i think ISNUMERIC will not work in Oracle.
Magic Wonder 26-Aug-14 3:39am View
Make sure that as per Cast criteria string data should not come.
Magic Wonder 25-Aug-14 9:05am View
Why are you looking data in this format?
Magic Wonder 25-Aug-14 8:25am View
A..gain Report it abuse and down vote the solution.
Magic Wonder 25-Aug-14 7:46am View
why you want to store it with preceding zeros?
Magic Wonder 21-Aug-14 9:11am View
Okay Sir...I will read it again and improve my question. Thnx again.
Magic Wonder 21-Aug-14 9:00am View
That is already in process. But surprised to read "..question was not the expected..".

Thnx for suggestion.
Magic Wonder 21-Aug-14 5:29am View
Not the expected reply.... but still thnx for sparing time on this
Magic Wonder 21-Aug-14 3:22am View
Yeah just checked solution 2.
Magic Wonder 21-Aug-14 3:15am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 21-Aug-14 2:59am View
Job Scheduling is possible in SQL, but again for sending mail either you have to Google it how to send mail through SQL or prefer simple way as i stated above.
Magic Wonder 20-Aug-14 6:35am View
I was expecting such comments...thnx for stopping. But still question is quite interesting.
Magic Wonder 20-Aug-14 6:10am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 20-Aug-14 6:00am View
Yeah, surely it will help you.
Magic Wonder 20-Aug-14 5:59am View
Not sure why it is behaving differently, but still i will check and then will get back to your query.
Magic Wonder 20-Aug-14 5:51am View
you can replace the same with your desired result.
Magic Wonder 20-Aug-14 5:37am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 20-Aug-14 5:36am View
Okay but my query is still same. Is your top 1 record varying every time when you execute proc directly from MGMT? or is it same?

Is above case same with Entity Framework?

Here i am assuming both execution without sorting.
Magic Wonder 20-Aug-14 5:17am View
I have given importance of execution of query with or without sorting. By the way, execution from stored proc directly from MGMT studio is always giving same result? How many records are there in your table?
Magic Wonder 20-Aug-14 5:12am View
What is the issue?
Magic Wonder 20-Aug-14 3:57am View
As you said, both records are having same value so whichever record is encountering first while fetching data will get display in that order as your data is already sorted. Database will give priority to First come basis.
Magic Wonder 19-Aug-14 6:46am View
What did you try? Kindly share.
Magic Wonder 19-Aug-14 1:32am View
Magic Wonder 18-Aug-14 4:55am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 18-Aug-14 3:59am View
update all blanks with 0.
Magic Wonder 18-Aug-14 3:50am View
Check your columns data, it should not contain varchar value.
Magic Wonder 18-Aug-14 3:49am View
Check your table's column data should not contain VARCHAR value.
Magic Wonder 14-Aug-14 1:42am View
Magic Wonder 13-Aug-14 5:12am View
Your welcome.
Magic Wonder 13-Aug-14 1:34am View
Kindly share your table structures.
Magic Wonder 12-Aug-14 9:20am View
Check Solution 3.
Magic Wonder 12-Aug-14 7:46am View
I was not sure about your expectation.
Magic Wonder 12-Aug-14 5:57am View
good but it is considering the single digits for searching. e.g. If you pass 3 then it will return id 1 and 2 but actually 3 in values does not exists.
Magic Wonder 12-Aug-14 4:59am View
Welcome a..Gain.
Magic Wonder 12-Aug-14 3:58am View
Magic Wonder 12-Aug-14 3:51am View
Check new Solution
Magic Wonder 12-Aug-14 3:08am View
Your Welcome
Magic Wonder 12-Aug-14 3:08am View
If you want to display the query....use Print(@@SQL)
Magic Wonder 11-Aug-14 9:20am View
Check edited Solution. You will get the function to split the delimited values.
Magic Wonder 11-Aug-14 9:01am View

You are storing values as static text. For searching values as per your requirement Like will not work. You have to break the Comma separated values row wise and then search the required output.
Magic Wonder 11-Aug-14 6:52am View
Check Edited Reply
Magic Wonder 11-Aug-14 5:14am View
You mean this string should be evaluated as ....True or (True and True)...and if it is True then it should give output as 1 else 0.
Magic Wonder 11-Aug-14 3:25am View
Kindly Clarify more about your query.
Magic Wonder 7-Aug-14 6:05am View
What is your query?
Magic Wonder 7-Aug-14 6:03am View
First you try yourself, if got stuck then you can be back with your query.
Magic Wonder 6-Aug-14 7:32am View
Confusing .... your question.

You want due date i.e. Target Date of project completion w.r.t. current date? Am i right?
Magic Wonder 6-Aug-14 7:28am View
Are you talking about Format check?
Magic Wonder 5-Aug-14 7:09am View
Yup....your welcome.
Magic Wonder 1-Aug-14 7:41am View
I think your query has been already resolved.
Magic Wonder 1-Aug-14 7:33am View
For using triggers you have to learn the concepts carefully. Once you get the concept, you can use the same as per your requirement.
Magic Wonder 1-Aug-14 1:56am View
Good, you are already getting the required output.
Magic Wonder 24-Jul-14 2:25am View
Is your query not working? What output you are getting?
Magic Wonder 24-Jul-14 1:39am View
What you have tried?
Magic Wonder 21-Jul-14 2:18am View
Magic Wonder 21-Jul-14 2:16am View
What did you have try till now?
Magic Wonder 21-Jul-14 2:16am View
Hey d@nish...sorry that reply was mistakenly posted on yours reply.
Magic Wonder 21-Jul-14 2:00am View
What did you have try till now?
Magic Wonder 18-Jul-14 3:26am View
check above solution.