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Mircea Neacsu 27-Mar-23 15:32pm View    
Yes, you can just get thread.h/cpp and related files (event.h/cpp, syncbase.h/cpp).

Still looking at your code and trying to figure out if there are other problems
Mircea Neacsu 27-Mar-23 14:20pm View    
Creating a thread in the constructor of an object is VERY dangerous. Take a look at my article about threads and objects[^]. You can borrow a thread object from there.
Mircea Neacsu 26-Feb-23 14:26pm View    
Because I'm a greenhorn when it comes to answering questions :) Thanks for nitpicking: that helps me improve
Mircea Neacsu 26-Feb-23 13:14pm View    
Can you post the code?