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TorstenH. 11-Dec-15 9:05am View
I think should try to find the date by java code...
TorstenH. 11-Dec-15 8:57am View
Looks good so far, please go on and write the rest of the code.
TorstenH. 11-Dec-15 8:56am View
"Can someone please do my homework?"
TorstenH. 13-Jul-15 4:25am View
Problem is probably called "homework".
TorstenH. 7-Jul-15 8:54am View
so what should they see?
TorstenH. 6-Jul-15 10:55am View
I added the the foramt to the code.

looks fine to me. Should work.

How did you write it? Did you use an IDE?
TorstenH. 28-Apr-15 8:09am View
Theres a RelativLayout in a LinearLayout.. Why is that? Is that the reason?
TorstenH. 23-Apr-15 6:48am View
looks like homework...

Please provide your code.
TorstenH. 21-Apr-15 4:03am View
You need to include it in your build.
There should be some project settings dialog, where you can define the jars that are included in the build.
TorstenH. 1-Apr-15 4:16am View
cross post:
TorstenH. 19-Mar-15 10:56am View
I added a homework tag, cause this is typical homework...
TorstenH. 19-Mar-15 10:55am View
What is the problem?
You have "firstNumber" and "secondNumber", now go on with the operand. Same logic.
TorstenH. 23-Jan-15 5:53am View
You can run a XML? Pretty cool.
Beside of that there is nothing wrong with the output.

Have you added some logging to your app? does it log?
TorstenH. 23-Jan-15 2:27am View
unclear. Please "Improve Question". Or go to Jaunt Website to study API and Tutorials.
TorstenH. 23-Jan-15 2:22am View
What is the problem?
TorstenH. 17-Jan-15 9:59am View
what is a "firewall policy in Java"?
TorstenH. 14-Jan-15 7:17am View
But still am unable to view it in gallery

What do you mean by that? please be more specific.
TorstenH. 14-Jan-15 7:14am View
What Tally? What is it? that's not specific enough.
TorstenH. 7-Jan-15 6:59am View
the animatiuon should be coming by itself, there is nothing about it to do.
did you use absolute positioning for your gui or anything which could disturb the animation?
Use a colored background, just so to see if there is motion.
TorstenH. 7-Jan-15 5:41am View
so what exactly is the problem?
TorstenH. 7-Jan-15 5:25am View
I added this as an "edit" to your question.
People wont notice it when it's not in the question.
TorstenH. 7-Jan-15 5:23am View
What are you trying to achive?
Looks false through and through. Like you're trying to solve a follow up of another problem.
TorstenH. 11-Dec-14 10:14am View
I gave you a link for your task.
I will not provide code, as that is your task to do.
Teachers can see when the code is not yours.

Think about that next time before such a accept/undo hazzle and downvoting.
TorstenH. 5-Dec-14 2:57am View
I changed the tag as "java" and "script" are not the same as "javascript"
TorstenH. 5-Dec-14 2:56am View
please post code and ask specfic, cause this is a typical homework task.
TorstenH. 20-Nov-14 5:14am View
+5! Nice help.
TorstenH. 19-Nov-14 8:40am View
ok, now I got it. well, a bit odd, but might work for the moment (and limited coding you are allowed).
TorstenH. 19-Nov-14 4:26am View
Please do not post homework kind of stuff.
They should think themself.
TorstenH. 18-Nov-14 3:38am View
this is not a search engine.
TorstenH. 12-Nov-14 2:20am View
Are you talking about a search option for your application?

- What is your GUI Framework?
- What kind of data do you want to search?

But most important:
- what have you tried and what is the problem???
TorstenH. 3-Nov-14 2:33am View
THE source code?
I bet there are more than one.
Especially after you've written yours. Cause we won't do that for you.
TorstenH. 29-Oct-14 8:15am View
without using IText means "without using any libraries" or just explicit not IText?
TorstenH. 29-Oct-14 6:12am View
TorstenH. 29-Oct-14 6:10am View
It's a matter of design.
How do you access the file object?
How about a Hashmap holding the status?
TorstenH. 29-Oct-14 6:10am View
It's a matter of design.
How do you access the file object?
How about a Hashmap holding the status?
TorstenH. 29-Oct-14 6:09am View
you mean like this?

It's a matter of design, how you approach this task.
TorstenH. 24-Oct-14 4:09am View
@OP Please add the StackTrace to your question.
TorstenH. 24-Oct-14 3:51am View
this is a coding website. We do code and talk about it here.

Please refer to a freelancer website if you want to hire a developer.
TorstenH. 23-Oct-14 11:24am View
I added a link and a simple JFrame to show you how to layout your application.
TorstenH. 10-Oct-14 9:33am View
I suggest asking that here:

cause that's specific.
TorstenH. 10-Oct-14 8:09am View
TorstenH. 7-Oct-14 3:32am View
no, not on this, it's the constructor.
On other methods - yes. But not in this case.
TorstenH. 23-Sep-14 4:48am View
How much do you pay?

Just kidding, we do not provide coding. That is still your part.
TorstenH. 19-Sep-14 9:09am View
...Just by telling you that you need to do your homework yourself.
Please ask specific and post code. We will help you then - but we do not provide homework.
TorstenH. 19-Sep-14 2:11am View

@OP: You need to figure a way to cut the number down to a 2 digit.
TorstenH. 5-Sep-14 7:22am View
netbeans is only your IDE that you are working on.
that has nothing to do with the tables in a excel file.

What do you mean by "I cant update new data from table" ? Please explain more detailed ( "improve question" ). Posting code often helps us to understand your task.
TorstenH. 4-Sep-14 6:54am View
Sounds like a plan!
Please think about how the rectangle should be defined. They might simply use the Object Rectangle, but there are also other ways to define one (like using height and width / coordinates / ... )-

Please also take a look here:
TorstenH. 3-Sep-14 2:46am View
are you takling about this:
when refering to "Fitnesse" ?

How is a C# method used in that context? And where is the Java reference in that??
TorstenH. 2-Sep-14 2:37am View
Please write your homework yourself and come back when you've got specific questions. Posting code on that is welcome.
TorstenH. 1-Sep-14 2:58am View
what are you trying to do?
TorstenH. 1-Sep-14 2:56am View
code your homework yourself and come back when you've got specific question.
posting your code is recommended.
TorstenH. 14-Aug-14 5:17am View
hmm, I googled some to get more ideas where this might come from.
Unfortunately there are multiple possibilities... so you might have to dig into this yourself...
TorstenH. 14-Aug-14 3:59am View
it is confuse...

why do you check the string HashMap? is there anything wrong with it?

Validation should be done by the client before the value is send. I'd put that in the Textbox's event listener.
TorstenH. 14-Aug-14 2:10am View
try another port. Ports underneath 10.000 are often taken.
TorstenH. 14-Aug-14 2:09am View
never seen before - I assume it's written by you.

What is the question?

If it's not working: Your catch is empty - BIG MISTAKE! at least some e.printStackTrace(); should be in there.
TorstenH. 13-Aug-14 4:49am View
You could add code and ask specific. that would also work with homework.
TorstenH. 6-Aug-14 9:54am View
therefor you need to take the elements, create a list of that, sort them, and put them back to where they belong.

There is no way around.

You might use another workaround: Creating a Sorted Component
TorstenH. 4-Aug-14 5:40am View
check this:
TorstenH. 1-Aug-14 5:00am View
Then there is something missing in the jar.
PLease try following:
get rid of the general imports


and let netbeans do that for you.
For the deployment take a look here: Deployment with Netbeans
TorstenH. 1-Aug-14 4:57am View
Maybe you should light a bonfire in the center of the office while you starve like the other dinosaurs.

Serious: I'd like my colleagues to focus more on the design and the way they write their stuff than to think about the syntax of command xy.
TorstenH. 25-Jul-14 4:59am View
That's a well formulated request for a typical homework task.
Please ask specific. We do not provide complete solutions for homework.
TorstenH. 21-Jul-14 10:30am View
One simply buys a Android Coockie Jar[^]

Seariously: What do you want to achive by this?
TorstenH. 21-Jul-14 5:20am View
To create a fragment, you must create a subclass of Fragment (or an existing subclass of it)

if a class "Fragment2" does not inherit from "Fragment", then it's just a pojo and nothing more.
TorstenH. 21-Jul-14 4:06am View
It's THE tutorial - and actually a pretty good one.
TorstenH. 4-Jul-14 4:23am View
any error messages? I'd check the Java VM (also which one is used in Eclipse).
TorstenH. 24-Jun-14 2:37am View
where is the problem? what is the problem? please explain details.
TorstenH. 11-Jun-14 3:10am View
ok - so what is your question now?
TorstenH. 11-Jun-14 3:08am View
form1.RefreshMyTable(); ??
TorstenH. 10-Jun-14 2:49am View
do you have a datamodel behind the table? if so it should update automatically.
if not -> get one.
TorstenH. 3-Jun-14 4:17am View
the login page is running into time out?

What Framework are you using? Any chance to create custom Error 500 pages?
TorstenH. 30-May-14 4:49am View
Layer depth? Do you want to add or remove panels to the layout?

or are you talking about the z-index, which decides what is displayed in front and back?
TorstenH. 23-May-14 7:25am View
I pushed the comments content into the question.
TorstenH. 13-May-14 2:41am View
good - you worked on it and figured it out -> +5 for that!
TorstenH. 25-Apr-14 6:44am View
Combine like appending one to the other or merge them, like with similar values sorted in line?
TorstenH. 25-Apr-14 6:42am View
What is the problem? Please ask specific and use "improve question" for it.
TorstenH. 24-Apr-14 8:24am View
check it. That one has a setting by default and might be set too low.
TorstenH. 23-Apr-14 7:55am View
You said you wanted to run only 12 line and not the entire list.
The wihle loop goes through the complete list, and for every value the for loop is made 42 times.

Put some logging in (just some regular System.out.println("TEXT") will do) to get a better understanding what is happening when.
TorstenH. 22-Apr-14 10:02am View
That's a classic homework task. Please show code and ask specific.
TorstenH. 22-Apr-14 1:59am View
try this:

byte[] bytes = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(myString);
myString = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(bytes);

That should bring your String into UTF-8 encoding (I'm not into C#, so you might need to check if that's correct).
Please also check if the String is put in correctly in the soap-request and - if possible - if it is extracted correct on the other side.
TorstenH. 17-Apr-14 8:17am View
Please use an IDE like Eclipse or Netbeans for programming. Both are free, both do help during programming.
Programming manually is seen by some as "learning it correctly" or "from bottom up".
As an experienced developer I can tell you that this is complete nonsense.
Do it the common way or play something different.
TorstenH. 8-Apr-14 5:27am View
- what Map? Google Maps? Nautic Map? do you have S59 Material or an image file?
- is there a framework behind this, some predefined software from a distributor?
- what map point? how should that be displayed? a point? a cross? a square?

Please be more specific and use "improve Question" to update.
TorstenH. 8-Apr-14 3:57am View
The class "Server" you see above is "the server".
Not to be mixed up with the hardware server one might use.

It's onle software, any computer with a server application can be a server.
TorstenH. 7-Apr-14 7:08am View
the IDE i am using is eclipse and database is MySQL..

is totally irrelevant.
you're welcome.
TorstenH. 7-Apr-14 2:39am View
As a old fashion comparer (true == sth) and fanatic Yoda-coder, I do second that.

But I also think we have to deal with such in the future, as Lambda-Expressions[^] are on it's way - and it loks like they are here to stay.
TorstenH. 4-Apr-14 7:37am View
Are you talinkg about a geographical map[^] or are you talking about the datatype Map[^] ?
TorstenH. 4-Apr-14 5:54am View
is the button "ok" initalized?
TorstenH. 2-Apr-14 15:33pm View
What kind of map?
Where is the problem?
TorstenH. 2-Apr-14 5:30am View
He's talking about a 2-dimensional array storing composed objects - I guess.
TorstenH. 2-Apr-14 5:29am View
He's talking about a 2-dimensional array storing composed objects - I guess.
TorstenH. 2-Apr-14 4:09am View
This is what I call homework.

Do you have any code yet?
TorstenH. 2-Apr-14 3:08am View
not possible. Check Argo UML, that's a good UML tool. But imho also that can't convert a sequence diagram into a data flow.
TorstenH. 2-Apr-14 2:59am View
Accidentally posted a solution for Java. Might be cause by confusion of OP.
TorstenH. 2-Apr-14 2:36am View
unclear. what is a "set attribute data table" supposed to be?
Also you can't save things in a table - java is a object oriented language. We store values in objects.
TorstenH. 1-Apr-14 9:18am View
@ OP:
Please code it yourself, your teachr will easily figure if that is written by you or anybody else.
TorstenH. 1-Apr-14 2:59am View
We do not provide code - unless you pay us.

What kind of Bluetooth device are you using?
TorstenH. 31-Mar-14 8:45am View
Check the update.
TorstenH. 31-Mar-14 5:03am View
comparision is what you need - so use multiple if/else, or a switch-condition.
Shouldn't be the problem.
TorstenH. 26-Mar-14 7:56am View
That depends on how one let's the rectangle object collide: in various direction or just face to face.

face to face collisions would make the math much simpler!
TorstenH. 26-Mar-14 5:57am View
What did you enter?
Looks like just the output to me.
TorstenH. 24-Mar-14 10:59am View
disable the button, but do not change the button to another function.
That would confuse the user. other function = other button position
TorstenH. 24-Mar-14 10:43am View
Why Java Applet?
There are better ways to accomplish that.
TorstenH. 20-Mar-14 8:59am View
Please don't do homework for the lazy ones.
They can post code and will be helped, but we do not provide homework. common rule.
TorstenH. 19-Mar-14 8:00am View
Homework! PLease post code.
TorstenH. 19-Mar-14 7:59am View
I second Richard - PLEASE post code.
TorstenH. 20-Feb-14 4:51am View
made it readable.
TorstenH. 3-Feb-14 3:10am View
I second Richard. Please post code or refer to the Java Documentation @ oracle.

I removed the tag - quite disturbing, did not fit at all.
TorstenH. 3-Feb-14 3:08am View
I added an homework tag.
Please post code.
TorstenH. 20-Jan-14 8:40am View
Yes, possible. Write your own code, we are also developers and mostly like to get paid for what we do.

Where are you planing on using that?
TorstenH. 20-Jan-14 8:39am View
I changed Tag "Java" to "JavaScript".
That might attract someone who knows.
TorstenH. 20-Jan-14 2:45am View
I edited the format.

On second look I also added the tag 'homework'.
Please provide YOUR code and ask specific.
TorstenH. 10-Jan-14 2:50am View
Depends on your experience. Might be possible - never tried.
TorstenH. 10-Jan-14 2:47am View
I added the hoework tag. Please post code. we do not provide solutions.
TorstenH. 12-Dec-13 10:52am View
ok, You can still use a lot of what Lars Vogella has there in his tutorials.

What you want is called "Splash Screen". Also often is the process of using such included in the "Branding" of an Extension.

Eclipse Branding
Eclipse Splash Screen
TorstenH. 11-Dec-13 9:06am View
So how do you want to figure out that you've run outofBound?
You can create some kind of if-clause to prevent that. Or you just let that happen, use the catch to note down the now invalid pixel and carry on with what you've been doing by regarding that list...
TorstenH. 11-Dec-13 6:53am View
Catching and Handling Exceptions

This is what you're asking for. But I don't know if that is already discuss in class.
TorstenH. 11-Dec-13 6:51am View
Then let me introduce you to the concept of Catching and Handling Exceptions.
TorstenH. 10-Dec-13 9:04am View
Let's start with giving them names and not just butts.

Then there are some questions:
- Where is butt2 located?
- is butt2 initalized?
TorstenH. 6-Dec-13 8:24am View
do I get this right?

You've set a pixel on a grid (10:10) on a specific position (like 3:5).
And now you want to figure wich grid positions are aside?
TorstenH. 23-Oct-13 7:05am View
I added the Homework tag. Please show code and ask specific - we will help you.
But your homework is YOUR homework.
TorstenH. 23-Oct-13 6:53am View
I added the homework tag.
TorstenH. 23-Oct-13 6:52am View
Do you have access to the Components?
TorstenH. 23-Oct-13 6:51am View
What are you using? how do you attempt to do this?
TorstenH. 16-Sep-13 5:22am View
You want to scan directly from the application?
Not via OS and selecting the image?

Second is preferable, cause you need to store the images anyway.
TorstenH. 22-Aug-13 9:48am View
How do you print? is in any way a PDF?
TorstenH. 14-Aug-13 7:26am View
Different approach:

make up a textbox, limit the values and validate entered numbers.
TorstenH. 13-Aug-13 3:12am View
Check This: Java Threads @
Please bookmark that page.
TorstenH. 12-Aug-13 8:37am View
changed tags - ths is no Android, but classic homework.
TorstenH. 31-Jul-13 10:43am View
Please see answer below.
TorstenH. 30-Jul-13 3:20am View
The app probably does not find the image used. Therefor an Exception is popping up.
Exceptions @ Java tutorials
TorstenH. 30-Jul-13 2:51am View

There is an exception popping in your code. That's why the app is running but not visible.
TorstenH. 29-Jul-13 5:14am View
Do these companies support creating spam? I don't think so.
TorstenH. 26-Jul-13 4:27am View
If you get a ClassCastException, you'd probably serve a Integer where a BigInteger is wanted.
And that serving is not done in this Jasper-definition. so please check the values that are delivered into that document.
TorstenH. 26-Jul-13 2:14am View
and it is not wanted - the DLL is deployed without source for a reason. So I assume it's not legal to break that.
TorstenH. 22-Jul-13 9:31am View
"the program" ?

Some grafic programs like photoshop like to present transparent as pink. It's not pink, it just looks like that.
stick to *.GIF or *.PNG to keep the transparency
TorstenH. 18-Jul-13 1:53am View
You want a system, that is only capable to run your application?
Should the application start while the system is starting?
TorstenH. 14-Jul-13 13:38pm View
your IDE will decide that for you. It's all basic Java, nothing special. So if there are two different Objects "URL" to choose from - use the simpler one.
TorstenH. 12-Jul-13 7:55am View
classic homework task - please ask specific.
Added tag.
TorstenH. 8-Jul-13 5:07am View
Please read there anyway. It's not about teaching you basic skills, it's about how to deal with the APIs in Android.
It's all in there. Pretty well explained.
TorstenH. 5-Jul-13 5:41am View
Kind of evil do do it like that. You might be forced to code Visual Basic in hell for this ;)

You have getter and setters - as long as you pass the Student object to the panel, it should be able to access the getters and to load the data.
If done after creating the panel, the panel must be updated and forced to lay out newly to display the data.
TorstenH. 4-Jul-13 9:38am View
you are using Swing! that's my fault, you should look for a function repaint()...sorry for that.

The JComponent Class - painting components

Please browse through the tutorials and bookmark that stuff - all your questions should find an answer there as that is a fantastic tutorial.
TorstenH. 4-Jul-13 3:02am View
looks quite good on a short review. I assume there are other parts that lay out the components - not visible here.
You might need to update the GUI after adding the data by calling the Jpanel's update() method.
TorstenH. 3-Jul-13 7:46am View
You need to have more than one student - and then to setz the values to the student object via the set methods.

Please be aware that you have to much main-methods in there. only one main method should be used. it#s the entry point for the machine to execute the code - it would cause confusion if the code can be accessed from different locations.

TorstenH. 3-Jul-13 7:07am View
Yes, please split the class and seperate GUI and data. That is a common design in applications, here in a light version, sometimes (*) in an enhanced version and in big frameworks in a heavy version.

(*) Java SE Application Design With MVC
TorstenH. 3-Jul-13 5:50am View
you are loading the text in a editor and want it to have the style? -> use a RTF-Editor. That is EXACLTY what you're looking for.
TorstenH. 1-Jul-13 2:30am View
One could go for: new Integer(String) and use the Integer object.
By calling Integer.intValue() (there are also .doubleValue() and .floatValue() available) you can get a number value.
TorstenH. 28-Jun-13 9:52am View
Nice to know about your work progress.
What is the question?
TorstenH. 28-Jun-13 9:47am View
txtTotal.setText("" + oStudent.calTotal());

much simpler.
TorstenH. 26-Jun-13 8:48am View
I added a homework tag - cause that's what this is.
Please do it yourself and ask specific when you've got problems.
TorstenH. 25-Jun-13 5:29am View
Click me hard

You should bookmark that page and the surrounding tutorials.
TorstenH. 19-Jun-13 8:51am View
+5, a (kind of) complete reference
TorstenH. 5-Jun-13 5:07am View
Please Descripe more.
beside of that - we do not provide code. We are developers ourself and like to get paid.
TorstenH. 4-Jun-13 4:33am View
Please let the IDE's editor show line numbers.
That makes it easier for you to see where the problem is.
TorstenH. 24-May-13 2:15am View
let#s use proper tags. This is no C and no Java.
TorstenH. 21-May-13 7:06am View
I added code blocks.
Please activate line numbers in the preferences of your Eclipse. You do not need to pollute your code with that.
TorstenH. 21-May-13 3:07am View
Which errors are there? Please tell us what you're facing exactly.
TorstenH. 16-May-13 7:41am View
what? please explain more.
TorstenH. 15-May-13 9:46am View
I changed the tags - this is JS, nothing to do with Java and ASP.
TorstenH. 10-May-13 10:42am View
Java JMF Code Samples and Apps
Playing Video with JMF

and last but not least a very recommendable website:
The FMJ Project
TorstenH. 10-May-13 2:01am View
seems totally wrong.

JVMTI Documentation
TorstenH. 10-May-13 2:00am View
...Do you want to have checkboxes in the combo or what?
TorstenH. 8-May-13 15:18pm View
HEre too, I can see in IE 9 that the right top corner pictures (and icons) are running into the Title (your name) and breaking it.
Rest is fine, I get it all white on black and your name is green and h1-sized.
TorstenH. 7-May-13 7:48am View
Which type of GUI? Swing? AWT? JFace? JS?
TorstenH. 6-May-13 5:36am View
Debug it. that code only makes sense in the context.
Debugging with Eclipse
NEtbeans Debugger
TorstenH. 6-May-13 5:31am View
javax.swing.Timer is a gui component. Totally different purpose.
TorstenH. 3-May-13 9:19am View
you didn't figure it: He's talking about passing a class (if you will a class object) as an argument rather than the well known pojos.
TorstenH. 3-May-13 9:17am View're reading a bit more in that half sentence than expected.
TorstenH. 3-May-13 2:33am View

to add in: you'll fiond the POI API here: Apache POI API
TorstenH. 2-May-13 4:49am View
So you want to react on the one timer ending and start another one then...
You need to be able to address the timers (as I said they need an ID) and you need to schedule them:, long)
TorstenH. 26-Apr-13 2:58am View
a WIFI is a network like any other.
You can do that with basic Java / Android functionality. There is no "API" needed - nether should a special API be available.
TorstenH. 25-Apr-13 10:21am View
added some style and a sufficent tag "javascript".
TorstenH. 17-Apr-13 8:55am View
depends. Most programms do keep the connection but init an own session due for each request due to thread-handling the request.

I would make own methods and keep it in one class.

If you have repeating reuqests, you can also make up some predefined request methods. That would help you and make the code better maintainable.
TorstenH. 17-Apr-13 8:55am View
depends. Most programms do keep the connection but init an own session due for each request due to thread-handling the request.

I would make own methods and keep it in one class.

If you have repeating reuqests, you can also make up some predefined request methods. That would help you and make the code better maintainable.
TorstenH. 16-Apr-13 3:11am View
draw it.

You will figure it quite fast when you make a small scetch for yourself.
TorstenH. 16-Apr-13 3:09am View
Question is from Nov. 2010.
TorstenH. 15-Apr-13 6:58am View
open the Jar?
or start the jar?
TorstenH. 12-Apr-13 2:17am View
WHY? What are you trying to do?
TorstenH. 2-Apr-13 8:26am View
java net beans IDE
You're using what?
TorstenH. 26-Feb-13 1:40am View
Can't you just set selection and the table moves to the selected position? Should be so imho.
TorstenH. 22-Feb-13 7:22am View
Then you'll be right with GWT. Perfect for a client server thingy.
Just check the "get Started".

You can also go with Adobe Flex, but the IDE for that needs a license.
Works fine though too. more a graphical approach, more fancy. You can get preconfigured templates for flex layouts.
TorstenH. 22-Feb-13 1:06am View
really? it says "developers" in the header - so you should feel familiar ;-)
check out the "get started" section and work through that.

anyway - I should ask what you need the UI for?
GWT is a web-UI for thin clients.
TorstenH. 21-Feb-13 9:13am View
WHERE do you get that exception? which line? try to make smaller try/catch blocks, you kind of surpres the exception when you catch'em all over.
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check the comment answer of CHill60 & phil.o and combine that with my answer. Anything else will mess up.
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you need an API for the device. If the device has no API, it's not the right one.
I suggest to go for Android first and only.
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not for a developer.
TorstenH. 19-Feb-13 10:16am View
there is a GUI Builder:

It's also Window Builder for Eclipse available.

Most developers prefer to code themselves, especially when you want reusable, structured, maintainable code.
I personally use a GUI Creator only for "hit & run" - tasks.

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a specific website with a specific textfield? or any website with any textfield?
TorstenH. 14-Feb-13 4:48am View
what do you want to do?
android.webkit.WebView is based on AbsoluteLayout.
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you can also check virtual network related things - one of the blog's ideas is to use a VNC.
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Didn't I post a link to the superb tutorial of Lars Vogel? Yeah, I did.

Please read it. It's good.
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There is no Java in this. not a single bit at all.
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Ok, so you have a RMI and you know about interfaces and stuff.
Why are you not able to define the getter and setter in the interface? What is the real problem? Do you know the values that have to be set? or are they not defined (yet)?
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So as I see on there webpage, there must be a CD added to the device. And on that CD should be a SDK and probably also a breif description on how to get a valid result from the device.

There is probably some kind of lib that you have to add to your project and then some API with defined commands you can send to the device and some defined answers you get from it.

Please refer to that CD, the API-Description does not seem to be open.
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Not applicable, because MyThread overrides that. The Runnable has no effect due to that.
The run method of the Runnableis only used, when you remove the run function in MyThread.

Please use a IDE like Eclipse or Netbeans and try it yourself. You will figure it much better then.
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That depends on how and where the HTML page should be presented.
Is it a button that you press ("Help")?
Or is there some action happening, which should present the HTML page as a result?
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YEAH! I always wanted to have a monkey. And a barrel organ. tailcoat - can't get along without one.
Summer would be fantastic!
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you got google, eh?
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What are you trying to acchive?
TorstenH. 18-Jan-13 5:58am View
yeah - google is wired. I like to use "feel lucky" in those cases. Works quite well:

ResourceBundle in Java 6SE
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The buttons are in a row?
You want them to be resized all to the same width?

Please clarify.
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This is a coding website. Majority of us are professionals. We code for money.
Beside of that:

Your final year project should be done by yourself