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Mohammed Hameed 20-Apr-16 2:02am View
Can you post the code which you have tried? Is it throwing any exceptions?
Mohammed Hameed 24-Dec-14 8:17am View
But the cache has to be cleared anyways right? be it manually or thru program, shouldn't make much difference.
Can it be possible to only clear the cache related to a particular Application?
Mohammed Hameed 24-Dec-14 7:44am View
Ok, got it. Thanks.
Mohammed Hameed 24-Dec-14 7:01am View
Hi Afzaal,
Thanks for the detailed information, much appreciated.
I understand that you are explaining about the Debugging & Error handling for the exceptions. But my question is generic, actually I should have framed it as "Is it ok to clear the Silverlight cache...?"
Will update my question now.
Mohammed Hameed 18-Dec-14 4:29am View
Using .Net 4.0
Mohammed Hameed 6-Aug-13 4:09am View
Same query I have posted at msdn forum but they are advising something else.
Mohammed Hameed 23-Jul-13 8:21am View
Any help plz?
Mohammed Hameed 23-Jul-13 7:26am View
I mean the size of the datagrid cells becoming very large. This is not even reverting back when the column is sized to original size.
Mohammed Hameed 23-Jul-13 1:59am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Thanks.
Mohammed Hameed 19-Jul-13 8:21am View
I have set usercontrol as Content for this childwindow.
Mohammed Hameed 19-Jul-13 8:18am View
Mohammed Hameed 19-Jul-13 8:10am View
No datacontext.
Mohammed Hameed 19-Jul-13 8:03am View
To access the viewmodel object.
Mohammed Hameed 19-Jul-13 7:45am View
Resource key of PopupVM
Mohammed Hameed 19-Jul-13 6:31am View
Hi Firdouse,
I have updated the question, please check now.
Mohammed Hameed 19-Jul-13 6:11am View
Yes, I think I must update it. Thanks.
Mohammed Hameed 19-Jul-13 5:57am View
Getting viewModel object as null. Here is some code:
MyViewModel vm = (sender as ChildWindow).Resources["vmKey"] as MyViewModel;

Here vm is coming as null.
Mohammed Hameed 19-Jul-13 5:54am View
Ok, just ignore about childwindow & usercontrol.
Actually I have a popup in silverlight, on some event (like ok button click) inside popup I would like to catch my viewModel object, which I'm unable to. Any hint to solve this.
Mohammed Hameed 12-Jul-13 4:52am View
What is the need for 50k records to be fetched at a single time? Cant you reduce it and bring only some minimum set of records.
One more thing, viewstate should not be used for huge data instead you can try using catching.
Also, there is no rule that if data is meant for a particular page then Session should not be used. You can even try once using Session.
Mohammed Hameed 12-Jul-13 2:41am View
Remove this line also Utility o_Cls_Utility = new Utility();
if you dont want to use it.
Mohammed Hameed 11-Jul-13 8:17am View
Good explanation :thumbsup:
Mohammed Hameed 11-Jul-13 8:06am View
Though it is a good question but I suggest you to try solving yourself. For this, you might have to understand how MSMQ works in Wcf.
Mohammed Hameed 11-Jul-13 3:27am View
I think you should try once with http but not https.
Mohammed Hameed 11-Jul-13 3:21am View
Have you tried running this URL in browser. Whether is it generating xml??
Mohammed Hameed 9-Jul-13 9:05am View
That should've been posted as a comment rather than Solution.
Mohammed Hameed 4-Jul-13 4:45am View
Mohammed Hameed 4-Jul-13 3:24am View
These all are unused references:

using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Windows;
using System.Windows.Automation;
using System.Windows.Controls;
using System.Windows.Controls.Primitives;
using System.Windows.Data;
using System.Windows.Documents;
using System.Windows.Ink;
using System.Windows.Input;
using System.Windows.Markup;
using System.Windows.Media;
using System.Windows.Media.Animation;
using System.Windows.Media.Effects;
using System.Windows.Media.Imaging;
using System.Windows.Media.Media3D;
using System.Windows.Media.TextFormatting;
using System.Windows.Navigation;
using System.Windows.Shapes;
using System.Windows.Shell;
Mohammed Hameed 4-Jul-13 3:24am View
Yes, obviously it will overwrite after rebuilding the project. But if I comment the code and just run the project (which means only build is happening), everything is fine. I mean I dont see any issue. So what is the exact use of g.i.cs file?
Mohammed Hameed 4-Jul-13 3:07am View
Wiring up is done with somefile.g.cs file but not with somefile.g.i.cs file. When I commented all code in g.i.cs file still it is working fine. Then what's the actual use of g.i.cs file?
Mohammed Hameed 28-Jun-13 9:32am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Explanation is less but it is straightforward and simple.

Output: NaN Year(s), NaN Month(s), NaNDay(s)

Mohammed Hameed 27-Jun-13 1:07am View
Might be you need to catch some other event but not blur...
Mohammed Hameed 27-Jun-13 0:58am View
May I know where you have hosted your application, dedicated or shared??
Mohammed Hameed 26-Jun-13 9:26am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n It may be useful for freshers. But Add some more explanation...
Mohammed Hameed 22-Jun-13 1:23am View
+5 for your answer :)
Mohammed Hameed 15-Jun-13 5:18am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Very nice....
Mohammed Hameed 11-Jun-13 5:15am View
Superb Rob, superb solution. Thanks a lot. Its a great option Microsoft has given to Developers. Unfortunately I was not aware of it :). Anyhow a + in my skills and hence a 5+ in your solution :).

See now one fact came into my notice is: there are infact 3 processes attached for this debugging aid purpose, they are conhost.exe - consumes 736 Kb, Intellitrace.exe - consumes 25568 Kb, vshost.exe - consumes 3828 kb. Therefore I could save a total of 30132 Kb memory in my case.
Note: Please note that these stats is according to my Project, obviously they may differ application to application.

Thanks again....
Mohammed Hameed 11-Jun-13 4:47am View
Yes, that's true. It remains idle but it consumes some memory, right? So, if I run without any debugger (thru ctrl+F5) then why we should hold unnecessary that piece of memory (some thousand KBs - around 3k KB in my case) for Vshost.
Mohammed Hameed 9-Jun-13 15:54pm View
Okay thanks. What you have provided is obviously most of us do it that way, but what I'm asking is for a best approach.
Mohammed Hameed 9-Jun-13 15:44pm View
Okay, thanks. I'll check the links.
Mohammed Hameed 9-Jun-13 15:12pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Great source of information. Thanks a lot. Keep it up the good work.
Mohammed Hameed 8-Jun-13 6:20am View
It will be a string like "CREATE TABLE <TableName>..." containing the query. I should be able to execute this query with a single routine and not depending on a particular db. Basically I dont want to use the SqlConnection or OracleConnection class. I mean, this should support multiple databases. But sorry again, if it makes sense or not I dont know much but I dont want to use any ORM like NHibernate or Entity Framework.
Mohammed Hameed 8-Jun-13 2:54am View
Hi Abhinav,
I didn't mean approach in that sense. Anyhow let me expalin you further.
Assume that I have the 'Create table' script ready, Now I want to run this script through C# code to create table dynamically instead of manual. The server can be a Sql server or Oracle, it should support both servers.
Hope it is clear now. Thanks.
Mohammed Hameed 6-Jun-13 2:40am View
Yes, correct.
Mohammed Hameed 6-Jun-13 2:06am View
Hi Sergey. Thanks for your quick answer. +5 for it (as always you are one of fav Expert at Code project) :)
Anyhow the Reflection technique also I'm already aware of but obviously don't want to use it.
So I think its better to go ahead with cloning only as it seems much better option. If somebody asks me like why I have accepted your answer because I love the way you have explained about Reflection and has given informative links, which I think that surely helps other guys who come across this question.
Mohammed Hameed 3-Jun-13 8:34am View
I'm glad that it has helped you resolve your issue :). Can you update me what was the problem with your DirectCast method?
Mohammed Hameed 3-Jun-13 1:43am View
I would recommend you to elaborate your question more to specify exactly what is you are looking for. Note (This is just to give you a hint if my guess is correct): 'Object' is the top most class in hierarchy and it is the ultimate base class of all classes in .NET.
Mohammed Hameed 2-Jun-13 4:00am View
What u mean by delete a line. Do u want to delete list item?
Mohammed Hameed 2-Jun-13 3:51am View
Yes I have to read an existing XML file and then while reading prepare and write another XML. May be my question was not much clear. My apologies for that.
Mohammed Hameed 1-Jun-13 8:27am View
Check Solution 2. That's what I was looking for.
Mohammed Hameed 1-Jun-13 6:11am View
Thanks. Yes, I try my best.
Mohammed Hameed 1-Jun-13 6:05am View
I dont want to use a DataSet. I want to create HBM file tags like:

<hibernate-mapping assembly="MyAssembly" namespace="MyNamespace" xmlns="urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.2">
<class name="MyClass" table="MyTable" lazy="false">
<id name="PrimaryPropertyId" column="PrimaryColumn_ID" type="Int32">
<generator class="native">
<param name="sequence">MyClass_SEQ</param>

<property name="Prop1" column="Column1" type="Int32"/>
<property name="Prop2" column="Column2" type="Int32"/>

Mohammed Hameed 1-Jun-13 5:47am View
Yes, I know. I suggest you to check Solution 4.
Mohammed Hameed 1-Jun-13 5:31am View
I suggest you to go thru question one more time.
Mohammed Hameed 1-Jun-13 3:05am View
Thanks, is not a solution I think. Remove this better.
Mohammed Hameed 31-May-13 23:57pm View
The exception itself says that 'Office_ID' is not a member of selectedOfficer. You can check this link for the exception details:
Carefully see your code:
Dim selectedOfficer = DirectCast(lstFullname.SelectedItem, Exams_Officer)
Dim selectedOfficerID As Integer = selectedOfficer.Officer_ID

DirectCast method is returning a string and obviously a string type does not have a member called 'Officer_ID'. So I suggest you to check the code inside the method DirectCast to analyze what exactly it is doing and why it is returning string only.
If you want me to have a look please provide the code of DirectCast method.
Mohammed Hameed 21-May-13 10:45am View
Mohammed Hameed 21-May-13 4:19am View
Thanks Erik...
Mohammed Hameed 21-May-13 3:53am View
Thanks Amitosh. I could not find 'I solved it myself' on this question.
Mohammed Hameed 19-May-13 14:49pm View
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 16:12pm View
+5 for your solution...
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 6:15am View
omg, he didnt specify about exception. Anyhow thanks for solution, +5d.
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 5:55am View
You're welcome. Sergey, cross scripted is nothing but cross scripting I'm referring to:
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 5:27am View
You're welcome. b.ID is nothing but the assigned id for your button as in second line -> b.ID = 1;
You can assign any name for the ID, its not like you assign only 1 (that was only an example code for your reference). And its not compulsory to mention CommondArgument.
Ok, better I will modify this example code just for your clarity.
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 5:22am View
Good to hear that. Ashish I have posted it as Solution, I think you should accept it, as it has resolved your issue, so that other guys who get the same issue may be benifited with it.
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 2:16am View
Can you mention your code sample.
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 2:13am View
Hi Ashwini,
This kind of info is already available. If you carefully google it you will get the right solution.
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 2:09am View
You should have googled this by yourself.
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 2:08am View
+5 for providing link 4 learning Regular expressions. But one thing is that Javascript can be cross scripted and bypassed, am I right?
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 2:04am View
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 2:01am View
Very interesting question asked. But not have much time to check it out and try. +5 for it.
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 1:58am View
Thanks Sergey. You're always motivating me to do something more for the Dev community.
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 1:45am View
Yes, I agree with Sergey. Check my solution below to understand further.
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 1:34am View
Thanks Andre for your reply. +4 for your solution. But sorry I need some more information if possible.
Mohammed Hameed 18-May-13 1:31am View
Hi Amitosh,
Now it is working fine. I'm using Canvas only and in that dragging controls and on save click, reading the contents of canvas and writing to a xaml fine.
Mohammed Hameed 17-May-13 6:01am View
Thanks a lot Bob for explaining him about static usage.
Yes, I totally agree with the Bob.
Ashish atleast now it should be clear to you. So simply remove static and retrieve user ID from session object wherever needed to resolve this issue permanently.
Mohammed Hameed 17-May-13 5:19am View
No. You have to store your non-static variable into a session for accessing it in other pages also.
Now tell me whether you have removed static from your variable and tried; and whether its working fine atleast now or not?
Mohammed Hameed 17-May-13 4:23am View
Let me know whether it's been resolved or not. Also note that I have modified your question a little bit for understanding purpose.

If any queries do let me know.
Mohammed Hameed 17-May-13 3:33am View
Good. Yes remove the static keyword...
Mohammed Hameed 16-May-13 7:57am View
See in ideal case it will never happen.
But anyhow I think there is certainly some issue is there;
1. May be that's at your DB side: Like UserID column is not unique key and hence duplicate user IDs are being created in your table. Due to which this login problem occurs.
2. OR may be there is some issue within your app code like you might have used static keyword.
So verify these two things thoroughly & let me know....
Mohammed Hameed 16-May-13 7:27am View
Why downvote if this is an accepted Solution?
Mohammed Hameed 16-May-13 7:19am View
Okay, can you tell me what's the actual type of UserID?
Mohammed Hameed 16-May-13 7:18am View
Yes, thats true...query could be having issue.
Mohammed Hameed 16-May-13 6:42am View
How it will be replaced, actually it shouldn't be. From where you are getting UserID?
Mohammed Hameed 16-May-13 5:31am View
By now I have experimented practically with drag/drop. First I have tried to use Canvas to load the Xaml page but it is throwing the exception: Page can have only Window or Frame as parent. Next I used one Frame and in this Frame successfully able to load the page but unable to drop any element. I mean Drop event is not firing once inside the boundary of Frame control (eventhough there is a AllowDrop property set to true). Then I wrapped the Frame under a Canvas control but still I am only able to drag/drop to canvas area other than Frame.
Finally, it is like both are having distinct issue, canvas cannot be parent to a page and frame does not support drag/drop feature.
Can you please give your valuable suggestions on this and recommend any other suitable approach.
Thanks in advance.
Mohammed Hameed 16-May-13 5:30am View
Hi Sergey.
By now I have experimented practically with drag/drop. First I have tried to use Canvas to load the Xaml page but it is throwing the exception: Page can have only Window or Frame as parent. Next I used one Frame and in this Frame successfully able to load the page but unable to drop any element. I mean Drop event is not firing once inside the boundary of Frame control (eventhough there is a AllowDrop property set to true). Then I wrapped the Frame under a Canvas control but still I am only able to drag/drop to canvas area other than Frame.
Finally, it is like both are having distinct issue, canvas cannot be parent to a page and frame does not support drag/drop feature.
Can you please give your valuable suggestions on this and recommend any other suitable approach.
Thanks in advance.
Mohammed Hameed 16-May-13 3:28am View
@ErBhati: Please note that it should not be posted as Solution but as a Comment.
Mohammed Hameed 16-May-13 1:36am View
Thanks Sergey :). You're always motivating me.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 10:37am View
I assume that there might be some tools/services already available in the market. Get to know them how they operate you might get better understanding.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 10:17am View
Okay, thanks.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 10:05am View
Check the label spelling lblstaff is correct?
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 10:00am View
Yes, specify more details.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 9:41am View
There are lot of factors the performance depends on. So you have to be some more specific in order for anybody to analyze the actual issue. Can you please eloborate more by giving or specifying the code and controls which you have used in the home page especially in the page_load you have used?
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 9:38am View
It should not have any impact when you upgrade to .NET 4.5.
Anyhow, can you send the complete stack trace and also the piece of code on which this exception occurs.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 9:35am View
Good explanation. +5 for this.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 6:15am View
Then it means there is no issue with the code which you have written. There is some issue with your system. May be the .mdf file is not compatible with the software you have on your system.Can you provide the error/exception details to understand the issue?
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 6:04am View
Did you copied this .mdf file in any other system and tried?
If not tried, try it once; Who knows may be it's not working on your system but it may work on other system.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 6:02am View
Can you once create in the application path and after that verify whether it works fine or not.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 6:00am View
Hi Shamshad,
This is a Tech related Q&A (programming side), general queries like Job related shouldn't be posted here.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 5:28am View
Which event of the usercontrol, are you placing this code? And you mean like you have a user control under a page and this page is having a master page also, am I right?
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 1:21am View
Debug & verify all the values at runtime.
Mohammed Hameed 15-May-13 1:18am View
Where you want to insert record? You have to be some more clear about your question for better understanding.
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 5:58am View
Thanks for your inputs.
Now I'm almost close to correct approach. +4 for your efforts :)
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 4:56am View
Question modified slightly, plz check.
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 4:53am View
The new Xaml page would be under a main Xaml page. The main Xaml page will have a Toolbox, from which a control will be dragged and dropped in the new page. Plz go thru my another question related to this for better understanding:
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 3:57am View
Those links also not answer my question.
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 3:47am View
Yes, they are related each other. Let me frame my question like this: Whether is it feasible to have drag/drop feature on a Xaml page, which is created on the fly?
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 3:43am View
I have asked for best practices in Linq.
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 3:19am View
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 3:05am View
Yes, you are almost correct but one fact is that thru client code (like Javascript) you can perform server side requests (may be through Ajax calls by handler files). And vice versa like from codebehind file (.cs) you can register some client code (like Javascript) and execute it on a server request. Example: opening of a new window (popup) on click of a button.

I would suggest you to go thru this link it has good discussion on this top.
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 2:50am View
You have to use exec inside the Stored procedure. Like exec(your select query).
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 2:40am View
Hmmm, yes that's correct. Thanks for explaining and reminding this. Yes we cant do a direct comparison, it depends on lot of factors & scenarios and hence result may vary.
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 2:06am View
+5 for adding last point :)
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 1:37am View
And for JSON, is best for your reference.
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 1:36am View
added book for jquery (jquery in action). Most of friends have referred this book and they say its good. But note that I have not read this book.
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 1:07am View
You can check my first comment, for better understanding, posted to explain Sergey about the tool.
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 1:06am View
Thanks for your answer. But the page will be loaded at Rutime and also once it is loaded drag/drop feature will be enabled from parent page to this page. So that new controls can be added to this page. Will it support these features if Frame is used?? Please clarify..
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 1:00am View
Thank you Sergey for +5 :).
I'm developing a utility in WPF/C#. This will be used by developers & client to create simple Xaml pages on the fly with basic form to perform CRUD operations and may be a grid as well for displaying Records. It will have a Toolbox and a Properties Box (like in VS :)), so for first time created the page will have only the root grid. Now if user wants they can add controls thru Toolbox and can set properties also. Finally, this page will be converted to Silverlight so that it will be embedded to the hosted Xap package in web server.

Hope it was clear. If any queries plz let me know.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 10:02am View
Thanks a lot.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 8:06am View
Perfect explanation. I would have given 10+ if possible. Thanks.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 7:05am View
Please check the first if condition, Textbox.text should not be empty. If it is empty then nothing will change.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 5:56am View
Please frame your question some more clearly so that clearity is there, for us to understand and try answering you back.

Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 5:49am View
String is not array but it is a sequence of unicode chars.

And check the below msdn link and see that even microsoft follows this pattern of converting string to char array. As far as I am aware this is how we deal with chars.

If any more queries plz let me know.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 5:38am View
But ideally you have to use a char array in this scenario. You can verify the Solution 2 for example.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 5:29am View
If any queries let me know....
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 5:28am View
Ideally, the approach should be like the below solution...
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 4:03am View
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 3:57am View
You have to make sure that MyData[0] and MyData[1] has some value but not null. Just debug and verify at runtime what are the values.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 3:51am View
u can just right click your page in browser and check the viewsource. Verify the rendered control names.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 3:49am View
With a master page, all elements will have ct100__etc appended to the ID of the element. This is a feature since its a naming container. Typically, the way to work around it is to use syntax like:

$("#<%= button.ClientID %>").click(..);
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 3:38am View
What have been changed??
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 3:06am View
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 3:04am View
Can u provide the code block for getresponsefromserver() function?
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 2:41am View
From where I can write to admins, plz provide the menu options.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 2:34am View
I have one more query plz, recently I have posted a Tip/Trick article but it is showing status as closed now. Reviewers (admins) have given a feedback as quality is poor. How can I get the detailed feedback information so that I will consider those things for my future posts as this was my first article..
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 2:30am View
Its not a problem with m value, its a problem with CsTotalDebit. Check the correct spelling of it and also syntax.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 2:26am View
Thanks a lot for the answer...
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 2:09am View
Once verify the table field names and their spellings. Might be there is any typo.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 1:58am View
+5 from me too...
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 1:57am View
I totally agree with Sergey. Great.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 1:56am View
Thanks a lot dear.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 1:56am View
You're welcome!
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 1:55am View
Thanks a lot...
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 1:50am View
I have one more query plz, recently I have posted a Tip/Trick article but it is showing status as closed now. Reviewers (admins) have given a feedback as quality is poor. How can I get the detailed feedback information so that I will consider those things for my future posts as this was my first article.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 1:48am View
Okay, sure, I will. Thanks Sergey for your help. Can u post the same suggestions as Solution so that I can accept it?
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 1:38am View
Thanks. Can you plz send a sample.
Mohammed Hameed 13-May-13 1:25am View
Thanks for your comment. The XAML contains the default xaml page content in WPF. I have to load this in a canvas but provided I should be able to implement drag/drop feature in future. So, can a Canvas supports drag/drop? Also, can u plz send a sample of loading xaml in canvas?
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 8:59am View
You mean automatically it should start writing with a marker wherever you put the cursor? So you want to create a tool probably, am I right?
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 7:30am View
Can u provide the exception details?
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 6:22am View
Any quick solutions highly appreciated.
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 6:03am View
Congrats Ganesh & Thanks Vijay...

Sorry, unfortunately my solution didn't work. Anyhow good that I have also learnt something. Thanks...
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 5:55am View
You have to add/create a Setup Project in VS 2010...
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 3:06am View
This can be rewritten like this:

if (ddlAction.SelectedValue == "")
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 3:04am View
Yes it is correct.
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 3:03am View
It is like 'if no item selected from the dropdown then just return immediately from the method'. (This is to inform the control (compiler) that just exit immediately to the calling code, dont execute the next lines in this method).

And method returns nothing as its return type is void.

Note: Default value for selectedvalue is empty string ("").
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 2:55am View
Hi Pratik,
I suggest u to add this as a new question to start a new thread. As the previous solution has already been finished.

Thanks & I hope u understand.
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 2:53am View
Very good...
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 2:52am View
Can u plz explain further for clear understanding...
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 2:47am View
Note that 'dg' is parameter of type DataGrid, which you need pass to this method from the calling code. This is like input (existing grid name you are using in ur app) for the method.

Note: DataGrid class for data grid and GridView class for grid view. You have to use the class as per your control accordingly.
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 2:41am View
You have to close datareader also. Check the second table whether it has data or not.
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 2:36am View
Did u understand what was the issue?
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 2:35am View
You're welcome!!!
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 2:32am View
You're welcome!!!
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 2:31am View
Check this link if can help u.
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 1:19am View
I request you to modify ur comment by removing keyword 'beg'. I hope u understand.
Mohammed Hameed 11-May-13 1:02am View
Is it working for PCs which have password?
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 11:13am View
Please be cool and don't use hurting words like 'beg'. I hope you understand my friend.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 11:12am View
Okay. Thats fine. Actually I was not aware of that fact. But anyhow thanks for intimating me.
I have deleted that comment.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 11:10am View
Rating plz 4 my solution :)
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 11:09am View
Good Question Divaker.

How much good at concepts that much good code we can write and hence the final output (the software component or project) would be perfect with very good quality and long lasting, minimal maintenance. Finally customer will be happy :)

I would recommend you to just know about what is SOLID principles.

There is a perfect saying by a great expert - Bertrand Meyer: "Software entities should be open for extension but closed for modification".
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 11:02am View
The same time check the System Performance thru Task manager.

whats the RAM size and how many processes running.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 10:58am View
Provide rating please.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 10:38am View
"but some of the PC's do not have a password so this will not work".

You mean PC must have password? Please elaborate to understand it better.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 9:45am View
Any luck Ganesh?
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 8:00am View
You're welcome :)
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:51am View
Hmmm. Okay atleast by now we got to know the real issue. Thats great... Anyhow I dont know much about using Json (as I have used it very long ago). But I would suggest u to read this short article on it: "" I hope it would give u an idea to fix ur problem.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:45am View
Plz check Solution 2 I have posted config files.

Did u set the port and allowed it thru firewall or atleast turned off ur firewall?
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:40am View
Tags are automatically being deleted if I post as Comment.

Okay I will post it as Solution then.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:38am View
Service web.config:


<compilation debug="true" targetframework="4.0">

<!-- To avoid disclosing metadata information, set the value below to false and remove the metadata endpoint above before deployment -->
<servicemetadata httpgetenabled="true">
<!-- To receive exception details in faults for debugging purposes, set the value below to true. Set to false before deployment to avoid disclosing exception information -->
<servicedebug includeexceptiondetailinfaults="false">

<servicehostingenvironment multiplesitebindingsenabled="true">

<modules runallmanagedmodulesforallrequests="true">

Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:36am View
Service web.config:


<compilation debug="true" targetframework="4.0">

<!-- To avoid disclosing metadata information, set the value below to false and remove the metadata endpoint above before deployment -->
<servicemetadata httpgetenabled="true">
<!-- To receive exception details in faults for debugging purposes, set the value below to true. Set to false before deployment to avoid disclosing exception information -->
<servicedebug includeexceptiondetailinfaults="false">

<servicehostingenvironment multiplesitebindingsenabled="true">

<modules runallmanagedmodulesforallrequests="true">

Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:35am View
Thanks a lot Ganesh for accepting my Solution.

BTW is issue resolved or not?
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:27am View
Can u accept my Solution 1 also?
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:26am View
Thanks for Vote, Ganesh!
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:19am View
go to control panel-->type firewall in the upper corner Search textbox-->Windows firewall will appear-->Here click on 'Allow a program through windows firewall'-->there you can add the port to allow.
OR if this also wont work in case then Turn off the firewall temporarily and then run your service and application.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:11am View
Ganesh, I think atleast by now u can give some rating to my Solution :)
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 7:09am View
You can use any port like 15000 but make sure that the port is allowed thru your firewall.

But if this also dont work then just try port 8080 (actually its a default port assigned for default website but anyhow as u said u dont have IIS feature enabled, you can give it a try).

IIS is not required if you are running service thru VS (VS uses built-in cassini webserver).
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 6:51am View
The same thing is working perfectly in my system.
Then I think it is port related issue. May be the other ports like 7783 are blocked from windows firewall. So what you can do is check if you can allow that port thru firewall and also give a static port to your service by going to Serivce project properties-->Select Web tab -->Under Servers select the option specific port and then enter the port there.

Plz update me if any more info needed...
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 5:54am View
Is your service is running thru IIS or thru visual studio?
Can u plz send me the error screenshot and full exception details to get clear picture as to trace what is going on?
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 5:43am View
Are you missed using contracts attributes such as [OperationContract] on top of the interface methods?
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 5:40am View
Can u send me the error screenshot if possible?
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 5:37am View
Any other service methods are working or giving the same error?
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 4:38am View
Make sure that the service endpoint & bindings configurations are correct in config file.
Or better to delete your service agent and recreate it so that if any issue in old proxies then it goes off. And new proxies would be created by wcf.
Check this link as well: it might give you some other hint also.

Ganesh, do let me know if you required more help.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 2:26am View
Read Martin Fowler's (or Kent Beck) books & blogs to get a very clear picture of Architecture & design and hence you can make good decisions.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 2:24am View
I would suggest you to use WPF and use MVVM pattern (use WCF services). This would provide decoupled layers. For ORM, you can use EF or NHibernate.

Please do revert me if you need further info.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 2:20am View
Hmmm. Then probably there is an issue with the method JSONData() itself. So, put a breakpoint in the method and run the application by attaching your service app to it (or by running service in wcfTestClient) for debugging purpose. By this, you can trace whats wrong going on in the method. This should probably get you the real problem and hence you can resolve as well.

Do update me for any queries...
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 1:37am View
Thanks buddy. Can you please Vote my answer...
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 1:31am View
Okay, good that service is running fine. Could you double check the endpoints in the config file.
Also, use WCFTestClient.exe to test whether the method JSONData() is running fine or not. It is located somewhere here: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 1:20am View
Though its a nice question but requires lot of discussions to get a clear picture and give you some good architectural approaches and technologies to be used. It would be better if we can talk.
Mohammed Hameed 10-May-13 1:07am View
Check the url by opening it in any browser like Internet explorer.
Mohammed Hameed 9-May-13 11:31am View
Okay, let me discuss this with my colleague and will get back to you.
Mohammed Hameed 9-May-13 11:30am View
Okay, let me discuss this with my colleague and will get back to you.

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