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Comments by mohammed sadeq (Top 13 by date)

mohammed sadeq 9-Aug-13 20:40pm View    
I have trying to print from server which the site already published on it . but still not printing
mohammed sadeq 6-Mar-12 0:01am View    
thanks Sudip
i want to get values according to selected index or on selectedchanged.
mohammed sadeq 25-Dec-11 4:49am View    
thanks all
but left join doesn't work with where clause ex: i want to filter it with where father_id=@father_id so it not work
mohammed sadeq 27-Jun-11 9:27am View    
thanks for all i have solved my problem the issue was that i should change .net globalization language on iis7 to become british
mohammed sadeq 25-Jun-11 15:44pm View    
yes i use c# code here is one example:
String FromDate ="21/6/2011";
and i pass this string to function take datetime parameter then into function i parse this string to datetime as DateTime.Parse(FromDate)