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Comments by ShlomiO (Top 5 by date)

ShlomiO 4-Dec-17 4:16am View
Thanks, solution updated.
ShlomiO 28-Jan-16 6:29am View
Yes we did had problem with this solution in the end.
It seems that windows updates causing this solution not to be stable.
ShlomiO 9-Jan-12 4:03am View
Hellow Abhinav,
The subject of this tip is to find an alternative to Static Enum.

To your question 'Where is the enum being used?' ==> It should not be used, the dictionary replaces it.

The old enum usage:
MyEnum qwe = MyEnum.first;
is equivalent to (and should be replaced with):
UInt64 qwe2 = DynamicEnum1["first"];

Hope it helps.
ShlomiO 19-Nov-11 12:39pm View
:), you'r right, my bad - fixed it, 10x.
ShlomiO 16-Nov-11 4:42am View
First - I agree, there is a problem in the design if you need to expand an enum and support various enums versions.

But there comes a time when the mistake is here (lava anti patern started already) and you need to shift a version soon (cover some fires) and then fix this anti patern.

I've searched for this solution long ago, found none so far, so I invented it for others to cover thier fires :).