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Comments by Joe Rozario (Top 4 by date)

Joe Rozario 29-Nov-11 3:14am View
Hi Thanks for response.

i think you misunderstood my question. i am able to get DNS server name ,i need to get list of "name servers" available in the specific DNS Zone
Joe Rozario 15-Nov-11 1:07am View
Hi Friend,

i need to do "Incremental Zone transfer", when i Query "IXFR = 251, // incremental transfer [RFC1995]" what type of values will i get? and what the configuration i need to set in DNS?

can you please give me an idea??or link?

Joe Rozario 9-Nov-11 9:38am View
Thanks again ,

yes i was doing zone transfer, now i found the answer,

if we search Query using "QType.AXFR" we get all the records

Note: The DNS server should allow our host to fetch recoreds.

Joe Rozario 9-Nov-11 5:01am View
Hi friend

Thanks for your answer and link, it works fine,
i need little more information

1. Using the solution in the article , I am able to get all records of a domain (but not able to get the sub records) any help?
For example if i have domain like "" it lists all the record types for, this is ok , but i need to get a records like "" also