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JoCodes 26-Jun-19 2:31am View
Glad to hear that it helped you bro. you shall consider an upvote too.:-)
JoCodes 16-Feb-18 8:42am View
Can you share any logcat errors?
JoCodes 13-Feb-18 1:22am View
Whats the error?
JoCodes 13-Feb-18 0:11am View
Please mention about the library used , what you tried and where you got stuck?
JoCodes 12-Feb-18 23:44pm View
Can you check the Developer Console of the browser and share the error shown?
JoCodes 11-Apr-17 12:51pm View
post a different question
JoCodes 4-Apr-17 1:08am View
Can you specifically tell what your confusion is ?
JoCodes 10-Jul-15 9:35am View
Have u been able to solve the issue?
JoCodes 13-May-15 1:03am View
Why do you need a postback check in pageindexchange event?
JoCodes 11-May-15 14:23pm View
JoCodes 10-May-15 5:43am View
You need to post some code here which you have tried
JoCodes 4-May-15 11:44am View
Please dont post the same duplicated questions
JoCodes 28-Apr-15 12:30pm View
whats the error?
JoCodes 28-Apr-15 9:37am View
Cant see any where you have inflated LinerLayoutMoneyList id of the layout
JoCodes 28-Apr-15 3:03am View
and the question is?
JoCodes 27-Apr-15 11:00am View
Have you checked the permissions are set in manifest?
JoCodes 27-Apr-15 10:11am View
you are always welcome
JoCodes 25-Apr-15 10:53am View
Can you post the code you tried?
JoCodes 25-Apr-15 10:42am View
Multiple Android devices? you mean devices other than micromax A2900 is not working?
JoCodes 25-Apr-15 10:40am View
any error you are getting?
JoCodes 25-Apr-15 10:25am View
Can you add the link of the eclipse based tutorial referring to?
JoCodes 22-Apr-15 16:06pm View
JoCodes 21-Apr-15 1:42am View
And where are you stuck now?
JoCodes 17-Apr-15 4:01am View
Can you make it bit clear what you are specifically trying to achieve ?
JoCodes 17-Apr-15 3:48am View
Whats the Exception you are getting in the catch block?
JoCodes 16-Apr-15 13:06pm View
Can you check with StackFrame frame = stack.GetFrame(0) ; method .
then you can use frame.GetFileName(); Or can you please show me the code in catch block
JoCodes 16-Apr-15 12:39pm View
try Request.UserHostName
JoCodes 15-Apr-15 4:49am View
IMO you need to install IIS locally to run it. Then you can select or deselect whether you need to have SSL .
JoCodes 15-Apr-15 4:45am View
Posting the whole code makes tough for others to read it and help. Only relevant lines of code after you debugged need to post
JoCodes 15-Apr-15 4:38am View
What you tried so far?
JoCodes 15-Apr-15 4:30am View
Are you trying to run this locally ( local host) and if so whats the port number?
JoCodes 15-Apr-15 4:16am View
What you tried so far?
JoCodes 15-Apr-15 4:06am View
And whats the resultset you are getting from the updated query? is that only 1 record?
JoCodes 14-Apr-15 6:34am View
It should be available from 3.5 SP1 onwards. Try adding the reference if its not by right clicking and add reference.
JoCodes 30-Oct-14 16:14pm View
Post the error log you are getting and may be only the relevant code block from where error generates.
JoCodes 16-Sep-14 3:31am View
Sorry for the delayed response. Have you checked

which talks about ACK messages and upstreaming.
JoCodes 16-Sep-14 3:31am View
Sorry for the delayed response. Have you checked

which talks about ACK messages and upstreaming.
JoCodes 20-Aug-14 2:24am View
You are most welcome.. though i wish I could have helped u
JoCodes 19-Aug-14 13:06pm View
You are most welcome.. though i wish I could have helped u
JoCodes 17-Aug-14 12:56pm View
Can you show how ur Manifest looks?
JoCodes 13-Aug-14 3:24am View
Can you elaborate "to show all the locations which are within 10 KM radius to user's location".
JoCodes 13-Aug-14 3:12am View
Can u please let us know in detail whats the "trouble" caused?
JoCodes 13-Aug-14 2:58am View
As Bernhard Hiller says you have set lat and long to 0 and if there is no previous cached location the getLastKnownLocation fetches that only
JoCodes 6-Jun-14 22:33pm View
No need to use table. Try using gridview control and command buttons
JoCodes 25-Apr-14 3:07am View
You are supposed to try it out yourself before posting it here. Try first and if stuck somewhere then ask.
JoCodes 25-Apr-14 2:47am View
Add the markup code for the gridview to the Question
JoCodes 25-Apr-14 2:47am View
Add the markup code for the gridview to the Question
JoCodes 25-Apr-14 2:45am View
You are welcome
JoCodes 24-Apr-14 1:27am View
Can you let me know where are you stuck ???
JoCodes 24-Mar-14 7:26am View
Can you show the code you tried?
JoCodes 24-Mar-14 7:15am View
Welcome,Hope you have solved the issue.
JoCodes 24-Mar-14 3:47am View
Here dataGridView1 is your Grid Control ID, Rows represents the Gridview DataRow RowIndex is the Row of the Gridview ( Index will be fetched as per the Cell Click event is fired) And Cells["ColumnName"] is to Fetch the Cell According to the Column name of the Gridview. Please ask specifically what you are not clear with .
JoCodes 24-Mar-14 3:42am View
Ok , Can just try like below.
Dim btnUpdate As Button = TryCast(sender, Button)
Dim row As GridViewRow = DirectCast(btnUpdate.NamingContainer, GridViewRow)
Dim ID As String = row.Cells(0).Text.Trim()//change the index according to the Position.
Also , check the VB syntax since I m not well versed in
JoCodes 24-Mar-14 3:29am View
Can you show the Gridview html Markup too?
JoCodes 24-Mar-14 3:17am View
Can you share that code?
JoCodes 24-Mar-14 3:02am View
You are Always Welcome.And thanks for Mark it as Answer.
JoCodes 24-Mar-14 2:16am View
You need to explain whats the problem you are facing
JoCodes 23-Mar-14 13:43pm View
Does the number of columns change dynamically too?
JoCodes 21-Mar-14 9:12am View
Norbitrial , that seems to be the Answer for me , add it in your solution
JoCodes 21-Mar-14 9:06am View
Nice Catch
JoCodes 20-Mar-14 13:34pm View
Have tried to debug the code?
JoCodes 20-Mar-14 13:23pm View
But? then what happened?
JoCodes 20-Mar-14 13:20pm View
You are welcome Mayuri, Glad to hear ur issue is solved.
JoCodes 20-Mar-14 8:15am View
Ok Try as below ,
Add these to Markup of Gridview
AllowPaging="true" OnPageIndexChanging="OnPageIndexChanging" Then add the Event Code in Codebehind for Pageindex changing like

protected void OnPageIndexChanging(object sender, GridViewPageEventArgs e)
GridView1.PageIndex = e.NewPageIndex;
BindGridView();//Bind Method for populating Gridview
Then Modify the Excel Export Code as Below
protected void ExportExcel()
Response.Buffer = true;
Response.AddHeader(“content-disposition”, “attachment;filename=GridViewExport.xls”);
Response.Charset = “”;
Response.ContentType = “application/ms-excel”;
StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
HtmlTextWriter hw = new HtmlTextWriter(sw);
//Add these 2 lines of Code
GridView1.AllowPaging = false;
//style to format numbers to string
string style = @”<style> .textmode { mso-number-format:\@; } </style>”;
Response.Output.Write(“<meta http-equiv=\”Content-Type\” content=\”text/html; charset=utf-8\”>”);// add this line to fix characterset in arabic
. Try these and revert to me. Dont forget to Mark it as an Answer and Upvote if helped you.
JoCodes 15-Mar-14 3:25am View
Can see a ClearControl method which obviously should be clearing your input control data. Make the question clear.
JoCodes 14-Mar-14 6:50am View
You have already accepted the answer for the solution.
JoCodes 13-Mar-14 3:08am View
Can you give me the link of the new question?
JoCodes 12-Mar-14 2:28am View
Make your question clear
JoCodes 12-Mar-14 1:23am View
Can you post it as a new question?
JoCodes 11-Mar-14 4:23am View
You are always welcome . Glad to hear that issue got resolved.
JoCodes 11-Mar-14 3:53am View
You can easily filter the needed textboxes using jqueryselector
JoCodes 10-Mar-14 3:27am View
What you mean by setting file here?
JoCodes 10-Mar-14 3:08am View
Post the Markup html of the Gridview to the question.
JoCodes 9-Mar-14 23:36pm View
Mention the problem with details
JoCodes 9-Mar-14 23:26pm View
Ok No problem. Try these links
JoCodes 9-Mar-14 23:17pm View
Thanks Maciej...
JoCodes 7-Mar-14 6:37am View
Are you trying to strip the HTML tags and show plain text ?
JoCodes 7-Mar-14 6:37am View
Means you are trying to strip the Tags and display plain text?
JoCodes 7-Mar-14 2:04am View
Add the code you tried and mention where the error is.
JoCodes 7-Mar-14 0:29am View
Try remove the field from the UpdateCommand. Or you can use Label instead of TextBox control in EditItemTemplate. Try and revert
JoCodes 3-Mar-14 10:56am View
Add DataKeyNames="IdField" for gridview ,and CommandArgument='<%# Container.DataItemIndex %>' in the html markup for commandfield .
JoCodes 2-Mar-14 0:30am View
Show some effort from your side then ask if you are stuck somewhere. "No idea for retrieve data from Db" doesnt help you either. A simple search would have made you learn this. And then the calculation part may be you could have asked.
JoCodes 1-Mar-14 5:59am View
You are welcome :)
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 11:58am View
Check whether dr["Parent_Id"] is null .
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 11:39am View
Nothing was clear in your question. Improve your question and add the relevant code only
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 11:34am View
Whats the code you tried so far?Is a nested Datalist?
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 8:27am View
Welcome. Try and Revert if need some help.
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 8:10am View
The link replaces broken images in OnError event. So use the event to push your logic.
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 8:00am View
Please add some details to the question. Whats the Content of the page? Any error?
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 7:56am View
Have you tried a fallback image logic if the image doesnt exists?
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 7:36am View
you need to post the Code you tried with the Question so that it would be easy for others to help you as well.
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 7:34am View
Post the error and which line it throws?
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 7:33am View
Can you add the code you tried for updating the Count to the Cart to the question.
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 7:19am View
In your Model you can always have an UserProfile reference as a foreign key
JoCodes 28-Feb-14 7:05am View
very thankful for your 5 :)
JoCodes 27-Feb-14 9:18am View
JoCodes 27-Feb-14 2:20am View
Can you post some code related?
JoCodes 27-Feb-14 2:14am View
its integer type so whatever an integer can take.To be precise it will be 4,294,967,295 .Will be nealry 3.9 GB .But dont increase it only to an optimal size only or else your performance can be degraded.
JoCodes 27-Feb-14 2:13am View
Will be nearly 3.9 GB
JoCodes 27-Feb-14 2:08am View
its integer type so whatever an integer can take.To be precise it will be 4,294,967,295 .But dont increase it only to an optimal size only or else your performance can be degraded.
JoCodes 27-Feb-14 2:01am View
5 , for the code :)
JoCodes 27-Feb-14 2:00am View
Thanks alot Karthik.
JoCodes 27-Feb-14 1:03am View
Since you have set maxrequestlength="99999" it will limit to 90 MB only. Increase it and try.
JoCodes 27-Feb-14 0:47am View
Can you make the question bit clear?What path you are looking for?
JoCodes 26-Feb-14 23:37pm View
Add event for the Button in PostBackTrigger like EventName="Click" ,Also,Can you add and try Property of modalpopup to BehaviorID="popup" if not working
JoCodes 26-Feb-14 23:29pm View
Check this
JoCodes 26-Feb-14 23:20pm View
Specify whether you are creating template field or BoundField columns for the Gridview.Have you tried to set the Column to readonly in the RowDataBound event?
JoCodes 26-Feb-14 3:35am View
Debug and see where exactly its throwing error in Global.asax?Can you show the Code in Global.asax?
JoCodes 26-Feb-14 3:06am View
Why cant you pass the UserId as parameter to the Linq Query and use it in the Where condition?
JoCodes 26-Feb-14 2:11am View
Whats the Edit code you tried?
JoCodes 24-Feb-14 23:34pm View
I tested your Sample link code , it works fine. Can you please post the Code which you tried?
JoCodes 23-Feb-14 23:58pm View
Setting it will refresh the Data to show. In your case it might be showing the old cached records in the Report or you can try ReportDocument.Refresh()
JoCodes 23-Feb-14 23:39pm View
Can you show the Markup code ? Try with the property DiscardSavedData = true
JoCodes 23-Feb-14 23:30pm View
IF there is no error at all , Can you post the Mark up code for the Report?
JoCodes 23-Feb-14 23:25pm View
Whats the current behaviour now? Any error or the Report is not at all displaying?
JoCodes 23-Feb-14 23:14pm View
Now the code seems ok.Have you debugged the Session contains value?
JoCodes 23-Feb-14 12:04pm View
Debug and see whether you have values in gvrow.Cells[0].Text
JoCodes 23-Feb-14 11:27am View
Cant see any effort from your end
JoCodes 23-Feb-14 10:58am View
Refer this , you can use css for this
JoCodes 22-Feb-14 10:31am View
Your Question is not clear. What exactly you are trying to achieve.Are you trying to assign the looped values for certain intervals?
JoCodes 22-Feb-14 10:04am View
Can you please make the question bit clear? UrlImage?
JoCodes 20-Feb-14 22:30pm View
Are you trying to move the Javascript call to codebehind?If so can you show where are you doing this in your code?
JoCodes 20-Feb-14 0:50am View
Debug and see whether this gvadd.DataSource = (DataTable)ViewState["Temp"] code returns 3 rows?
JoCodes 19-Feb-14 4:30am View
Not clear what you need. What you meant by full row? We should add column wise.
JoCodes 19-Feb-14 3:39am View
Thanks Karthik :)
JoCodes 19-Feb-14 2:40am View
Can you make the question bit clear?
JoCodes 19-Feb-14 2:20am View
And what you tried?
JoCodes 18-Feb-14 1:23am View
25 repeaters binding and showing together atonce?
JoCodes 17-Feb-14 23:01pm View
Anurag , Updated the Answer as per your question. Can you try it out and revert.
JoCodes 17-Feb-14 22:38pm View
Not clear . Please make the question clear
JoCodes 17-Feb-14 10:52am View
Mark it as a accepted solution if you already solved it yourself.
JoCodes 17-Feb-14 10:47am View
Which line the exception occurs and whats the Complete error description. Debug and see before it reaches the Catch block.
JoCodes 17-Feb-14 9:20am View
Where and how you are trying to display it?
JoCodes 17-Feb-14 9:13am View
Whats the properties obj consist of? and approx how many rows your query consists?
JoCodes 17-Feb-14 9:10am View
Check whether DateWiseIP is referenced in your project
JoCodes 17-Feb-14 1:23am View
You are welcome .
JoCodes 17-Feb-14 1:15am View
It evaluates the string before converting .Refer the below simple example.
JoCodes 15-Feb-14 8:05am View
Display all record at once?
JoCodes 15-Feb-14 3:24am View
Try rep.SetDataSource(ds);
JoCodes 15-Feb-14 2:41am View
JoCodes 15-Feb-14 2:29am View
You are welcome. :)
JoCodes 15-Feb-14 2:07am View
Are you sure tb1Val is assigned value in ImageButton1 Click event? The PlaceHolder1 seems to be commented in the markup too.
JoCodes 15-Feb-14 1:19am View
Share your SQl Query.
JoCodes 15-Feb-14 1:12am View
Have you created table in the same DB you are using in the Connectionstring?
JoCodes 15-Feb-14 1:08am View
Not clear
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 5:48am View
No, as already you are checking ispostback condition.
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 5:22am View
Rahul ,change the static int to int only, it will work.Try and revert to me.
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 5:12am View
Just tried to simulate the same but seems to be working for me.Have debugged and checked the Linkdisable() method is not getting called on Postback conditions?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 5:07am View
Can you explain the question little bit clearly?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 5:04am View
5 Nice one Sampath. Was about to post it . :)
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 5:00am View
"Master page again load" in your question means PostBack right?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 3:51am View
What are those controls that you try to hide in Linkdisable()?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 3:35am View
Can you just tell how have you referenced the Jquery in master as well as content page?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 3:34am View
Make the question bit more clear
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 3:31am View
Where and how are you binding the Dropdownlist which is in the Gridview ?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 1:35am View
Have you tried to set the Jquery reference into an anonymous funtion ? like $jq13 = jQuery.noConflict(true);?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 1:32am View
Now tell me are you using Image control dynamically? or you have already added teh image control in your aspx page?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 1:26am View
Can you repost the code which u modified using my solution?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 1:22am View
Have you tried the solution i have posted?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 0:29am View
Are you getting the value in Textbox in MainPage?
JoCodes 14-Feb-14 0:10am View
You can post the code in the Question and the issue you facing. We can help you to resolve it.
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 23:42pm View
Thanks alot Snehasish :)
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 8:21am View
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 8:08am View
Thanks :)
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 6:49am View
Thanks :)
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 6:31am View
Thanks Sampath :)
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 6:03am View
Check the solution
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 5:55am View
Please make the question clear?
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 5:51am View
Is your Javascript references correct? or getting any error?
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 5:27am View
What you mean by didnt give expected answer? whats the issue?
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 2:18am View
Not that , The Error message you are getting.
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 2:15am View
Whats the error?
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 2:12am View
Can you make this bit clear "f i pass one string means that parameter wants to send and then the appropriate page would be open"?
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 2:09am View
Refer these too
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 1:37am View
You are welcome.
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 1:17am View
Check the solution added.
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 1:11am View
Whats the error?
JoCodes 13-Feb-14 0:22am View
I m curious to know what you are trying to achieve in that scenario.Is that you mean , without DataSource Control like SqlDatasource etc. and to use DataView/Datatable etc to be assigned as DataSource?
JoCodes 12-Feb-14 11:26am View
Try Changing the OutputStream.Write(pict, 78, pict.Length - 78); to OutputStream.Write(pict, 0, pict.Length)
JoCodes 12-Feb-14 10:50am View
5 ,Was good one , Tadit.
JoCodes 12-Feb-14 9:38am View
JoCodes 12-Feb-14 8:42am View
Update details on it?
JoCodes 12-Feb-14 8:40am View
Thanks Soren
JoCodes 12-Feb-14 8:37am View
Welcome :)
JoCodes 12-Feb-14 0:32am View
Update the Code in the question so that CP members can notice it and will be to help you. Also , specify what error you are getting.
JoCodes 11-Feb-14 22:22pm View
Welcome.You are on the right track Rahul. Check this wonderful article in CP which will help you to understand the overall basics of Javascript.
JoCodes 10-Feb-14 9:35am View
Whats the issue you are facing?
JoCodes 10-Feb-14 8:26am View
You are Welcome.
JoCodes 9-Feb-14 7:41am View
Search and try with something before you ask.
JoCodes 9-Feb-14 4:41am View
Posted for almost 2 years old question. :)
JoCodes 9-Feb-14 3:01am View
Whats the Page markup code of viewadsentlist contains?
JoCodes 9-Feb-14 1:07am View
Thanks Rahul, Have added a complete reference link too in the Solution. Check it out.
JoCodes 8-Feb-14 4:31am View
Do the Image1 control has an entry in aspx.designer.cs page?
JoCodes 8-Feb-14 4:25am View
Need more clarity
JoCodes 8-Feb-14 2:30am View
Check Karthik's solution ..Take the Text from linkbutton which will be a string value which you ned to convert to int.
JoCodes 8-Feb-14 2:20am View
Thanks :)
JoCodes 8-Feb-14 2:18am View
5 , for the quick code resolution. :)
JoCodes 8-Feb-14 2:17am View
Can you tell what exactly you want input and output example so will be easy to help
JoCodes 8-Feb-14 1:55am View
Its fine Joginder. Just thought if you posted something additional would have added more value . :)
JoCodes 8-Feb-14 1:45am View
Need more clarity. Is it a JqueryDataTable,JQgrid etc. ?