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Comments by Jassim Rahma (Top 17 by date)

Jassim Rahma 22-Feb-20 12:50pm View    
Yeah but let's say I am hosting the salary certificate under:

then anyone guessing (for example) the URL will be able to access it using a browser even if they are not logged on to my portal with authenticated user ID and password
Jassim Rahma 21-Feb-20 16:10pm View    
How with a URL? I know how to do it with a web service only. but this is just a regular url?
Jassim Rahma 18-Feb-20 13:02pm View    
But if I take the then all links within the head won't be included, e.g. CSS or scripts?
Jassim Rahma 18-Feb-20 11:53am View    
Then what's the best way if I want to use my own page (own head and meta tags) with just embedding other pages? my main purpose is to provide a header with a back button or my page logo

How can I do that without having to use frames?
Jassim Rahma 18-Feb-20 6:58am View    
But I am still having the problem even with using htmlentities.

Here is the test link and you can see two problems:

1. there is an output test shown on the top.
2. The format is not exactly as per the original page.

The Link:

The Original Page: