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Comments by Nitin S (Top 19 by date)

Nitin S 2-Jan-19 1:34am View    
can you create a fiddle of what you have done?
Nitin S 5-Jul-18 2:45am View    
Remove the existing Migrations folder in your project. DROP the table "__MigrationHistory" from the existing database. Now you can rebuild this history table:

PM> enable-migrations
PM> add-migration Initial -IgnoreChanges
PM> update-database
-IgnoreChanges creates empty Up() methods and it doesn't make any changes to existing objects.
Nitin S 5-Jul-18 1:40am View    
you created the tables manually, right? not through migration
Nitin S 5-Jul-18 1:19am View    
then try deleting the tables and running update-database again
Nitin S 4-Jul-18 7:27am View    
delete the migration file and generate it again