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pkarthionline 24-Oct-18 4:10am View
select top 10 * membertable
where col71 is not null and col72 is not null and col73 is not null and col74 is not null and col75 is not null and
col76 is not null and col77 is not null and col78 is not null and col79 is not null and col80 is not null and
col81 is not null and col82 is not null and col83 is not null and col84 is not null and col85 is not null and
col86 is not null and col87 is not null and col88 is not null and col89 is not null and col90 is not null and
col91 is not null and col92 is not null and col93 is not null and col94 is not null and col95 is not null and
col96 is not null and col97 is not null and col98 is not null and col99 is not null and col100 is not null

but it display all to change query?
pkarthionline 21-May-14 4:56am View
Are you got result or not?
pkarthionline 8-May-14 8:00am View
can you access gridview values to check empty or not in jquery?
pkarthionline 8-May-14 7:45am View
i want to check dataset value empty or not use jquery code.
pkarthionline 8-May-14 5:04am View
i am got small error.i am solved error.but i need client side code.below the code was in server side code.

Where i will change to it?

pkarthionline 8-May-14 1:37am View
i am got error above the code
pkarthionline 7-May-14 9:11am View
ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "MessagePopUp", "courseApprove();", true);

function courseApprove() {
modal: true,
buttons: {
Ok: function () {
<div id="dialog-message" title="Message">
<span style="float:left; margin:0 7px 50px 0;"></span>
Your files have downloaded successfully into the My Downloads folder.


can we use this?
pkarthionline 6-May-14 9:28am View
ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "MessagePopUp", "alert('Module value approve to Admin');", true);


string js = null;
js = "<script language='javascript'>alert('Following Courses have been approved for your Admin')</script>";
Page.RegisterStartupScript("js", js);

this is correct way.
pkarthionline 6-May-14 4:54am View
how to write the code without use ajaxtoolkit?
pkarthionline 2-May-14 6:17am View
i can't do image this disable.
pkarthionline 2-May-14 5:22am View
but i need disable.i don't need to write code?
pkarthionline 9-Apr-14 9:24am View
--RId_Identity INT IDENTITY(0,1),
--RefCourseId INT NOT NULL,
--RefCourseName varchar(max),
declare @intrefCrid int
SET @intrefCrid = 0
SELECT @intrefCrid=max(CRModule_RefCourseId)
FROM CR_Modules
INNER JOIN CR_Levels on CRModule_LevelId = CRLevelID
INNER JOIN Course on CourseID = CRLevel_CourseId
Where CourseID=5273

RId_Identity INT IDENTITY(1 ,1),
RefCourseName varchar(max)

--INSERT INTO @TempRC (RefCourseName,RefCourseId)
SELECT distinct(CRModule_RefCourseName),CRModule_RefCourseId
FROM CR_Modules
INNER JOIN CR_Levels on CRModule_LevelId = CRLevelID
INNER JOIN Course on CourseID = CRLevel_CourseId
Where CourseID=5273

--update @TempRC set RefCourseId=(select RefCourseId+1 from #TempRC)

select * from @TempRC
pkarthionline 9-Apr-14 6:04am View
i am updated question.this query i have modification

update CR_Modules set CRModule_RefCourseId = (select (max(CRModule_RefCourseId)+1) CRModule_RefCourseId
FROM CR_Modules
INNER JOIN CR_Levels on CRModule_LevelId = CRLevelID
INNER JOIN Course on CourseID = CRLevel_CourseId
Where CourseID=5273
from CR_Modules
INNER JOIN CR_Levels on CRModule_LevelId = CRLevelID
INNER JOIN Course on CourseID = CRLevel_CourseId
Where CourseID=5273
pkarthionline 9-Apr-14 5:29am View
see screen shot
pkarthionline 9-Apr-14 0:59am View
pkarthionline 27-Mar-14 7:09am View
hi i have some changes extra can update our code

15 records in modulename columns

i am duplicate 5 new (5 old) so records 10 duplicate.error alert msg show 10 times.

note 1: i need to show 1 time only alert "You must specify ModuleName" .if no empty modulename then only show "Duplicate Entry".

note 2:
if alert msg show related control, text box show border color red color border.

module 6 : is empty "You must specify ModuleName" [textbox6] should be red color border.
if enter value is duplicate
module 7 : is "duplicate entry" [textbox7] should be red color border.

save button click

pkarthionline 27-Mar-14 4:49am View
thanks Tadit Dash, saved my life.
pkarthionline 27-Mar-14 3:38am View
thanks Tadit Dash.

but get one more error

Module 1
module 1
module 2
Module 2

it is not show duplicate.
how can i check it both are duplicate.

pkarthionline 27-Mar-14 2:08am View
when i am saving (gridview) data should not duplicate.jquery code




Module2,Module3 duplicate .when i am save time should display msg "duplicate entry"
pkarthionline 27-Mar-14 0:36am View
thanks your' working good.
and how to check duplicate?
pkarthionline 26-Mar-14 7:47am View
i have same problem =>
pkarthionline 25-Feb-14 2:37am View
have you got answer?. I am also have same query.
pkarthionline 25-Feb-14 2:13am View
pkarthionline 25-Feb-14 2:01am View

pkarthionline 25-Feb-14 1:53am View
i am using Telerix Date Picker in .Net . But now I will replace to Jquery Date picker.Same UI.
pkarthionline 18-Feb-14 0:46am View
thanks Astika.
but i am currently using Jquery, JQuery Dateformat how to make changes to do?
pkarthionline 18-Feb-14 0:46am View
but i am currently using Jquery, How to solve in this issue?
pkarthionline 6-Feb-14 6:48am View
pkarthionline 28-Feb-13 7:23am View
oldnews.html was deleted.i have newnews.html have there.

.htaccessfile can use?
pkarthionline 14-Dec-12 6:36am View
yes i got result.thanks very much.
pkarthionline 14-Dec-12 6:05am View
i need only :is

not need other chars
pkarthionline 14-Dec-12 5:56am View
Yes i want remove \r and after other chars
pkarthionline 14-Dec-12 5:49am View
i get one result like this way how toremove '\r and other string'

example 1:


remove string: '\rstring'

but i need result only like this.



pkarthionline 14-Dec-12 5:36am View
pkarthionline 3-Dec-12 7:12am View
pkarthionline 3-Dec-12 7:04am View
I want local path picture to add watermark in picture box .
pkarthionline 3-Dec-12 6:47am View
web code to winform code?
pkarthionline 19-Nov-12 5:21am View
i need two tables update
and with 1 condition.

any table1 and table2

how write query?
pkarthionline 16-Nov-12 10:01am View
Not normal scroll bar some more style look Scroll Bar
pkarthionline 16-Nov-12 0:54am View
Only sql server alter,create .i Get this error .

A transport-level error has occurred when sending the request to the server. (provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 - An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.)
pkarthionline 15-Oct-12 7:13am View
winforms only.
pkarthionline 15-Oct-12 7:04am View
pkarthionline 9-Oct-12 6:58am View
code format of DateTimePicker:

this.txtTime.CustomFormat = "HH:mm:ss";
this.txtTime.Format = System.Windows.Forms.DateTimePickerFormat.Custom;
this.txtTime.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(174, 218);
this.txtTime.Name = "txtTime";
this.txtTime.ShowUpDown = true;
this.txtTime.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(81, 21);
this.txtTime.TabIndex = 5;
pkarthionline 9-Oct-12 6:46am View
already I have retrieve it.but now i need clear time for default time for (hh:mm:ss) to set datetimepicker (00:00:00) or txtdate.text="00:00:00";
pkarthionline 9-Oct-12 6:38am View
starting date and ending date , I have use DateTimePicker only for time.

when I clear the time it not clear, it means set time(00:00:00) .
it show same time only.

so,how do clear time like this way (00:00:00).or set the time this way(00:00:00)
pkarthionline 9-Oct-12 6:26am View
no.It also not working.
pkarthionline 4-Oct-12 10:06am View
This way also got error.

alter table [Person]
alter column ID bigint not null Identity(116,1)

Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Identity'.
pkarthionline 29-Sep-12 0:56am View
// ImageType
this.ImageType.HeaderText = "ImageType";
this.ImageType.Name = "ImageType";
// Attachment
this.Attachment.HeaderText = "Attachment";
this.Attachment.Name = "Attachment";
this.Attachment.Resizable = System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewTriState.True;
this.Attachment.SortMode = System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewColumnSortMode.Automatic;
this.Attachment.Width = 130;
// DeleteImg
this.DeleteImg.FillWeight = 50F;
this.DeleteImg.HeaderText = "Delete";
this.DeleteImg.Name = "DeleteImg";
this.DeleteImg.Resizable = System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewTriState.True;
this.DeleteImg.Width = 50;


code :
if (File.Exists(imagePath))
string result = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(imagePath);
string[] row = new string[] { result, imagePath };
pkarthionline 27-Sep-12 0:55am View
Thanks.It is working.
pkarthionline 24-Sep-12 6:33am View
I don't need today date, DateTime.Now.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy");

I need Birth that(01-Jan-1985)(12-Sep-1989)
pkarthionline 15-Sep-12 3:07am View
i have two images 1.CameraOn Image 2.CameraOff Image.
Pageload => CameraOff Image Show.
I want to take photo when i click CameraOff Img to CameraOn Img it should take photo.

After take photo it will change to CameraOff Image.
pkarthionline 5-Sep-12 8:34am View
i am trying foreach loop to create dynamic control create label and textbox.
pkarthionline 4-Sep-12 3:26am View
pkarthionline 4-Sep-12 3:00am View
String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace is not show.

only show this one

if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(txtFieldName.Text))

how i check more whitespace ?
pkarthionline 14-Aug-12 7:25am View
Yes.I want which location temp table or database stored?
pkarthionline 18-Feb-11 7:31am View
i have grid bind problem
pkarthionline 4-Feb-11 10:22am View
pkarthionline 4-Feb-11 10:05am View
For Your Helps.

pkarthionline 14-Jan-11 4:17am View
pkarthionline 14-Jan-11 4:04am View
not working. Same problem.If i give if condition it will go full right.
pkarthionline 13-Jan-11 7:37am View
But How?
pkarthionline 13-Jan-11 7:29am View

In this page have a problem .
pkarthionline 13-Jan-11 6:41am View
but i can't solve this problem,
any idea.
pkarthionline 13-Dec-10 6:28am View
Previous i got this error.
Unable to cast object of type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.ListItem' to type 'System.IConvertible'.

now ok.
pkarthionline 29-Nov-10 4:29am View
.net applications create website in that page add music file add then file will particular song play.
pkarthionline 18-Nov-10 5:01am View
yes different music file but if you close means close, otherwise continue the music full.
pkarthionline 17-Nov-10 4:15am View
pkarthionline 16-Nov-10 8:01am View
pkarthionline 16-Nov-10 8:00am View
pkarthionline 11-Nov-10 9:11am View
Which version of framework i will learn?
pkarthionline 11-Nov-10 9:10am View