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Comments by kankeyan (Top 26 by date)

kankeyan 13-Feb-15 0:17am View
For Example i given that same query.
I need to screenshot the query and result in two different location based on the condition.
kankeyan 12-Feb-15 12:47pm View
But in a else part it's running everytime. if cnt > 0
kankeyan 18-Dec-13 3:02am View
Use Trigger
kankeyan 7-Nov-13 7:26am View
not in group by i said in inner table
select* from
select *
CASE When EarlyPayment.Amount=NULL or EarlyPayment.Amount='' then 0 else EarlyPayment.Amount END
from tblname (is inner table)
)a (is outer table)
kankeyan 7-Nov-13 6:25am View
select @date= urstoreddate
Select * From TableName Where convert(datetime, myDate, 103) >= convert(datetime, @date, 103)
kankeyan 7-Nov-13 6:11am View
case when EarlyPayment.Amount='' then 0 else EarlyPayment.Amount END as Amount
use in inner table
kankeyan 7-Nov-13 6:05am View
Most Welcome
kankeyan 7-Nov-13 5:52am View
use derived tables
kankeyan 7-Nov-13 5:35am View
use self join
kankeyan 1-Nov-13 3:28am View
use where condition for update and delete, for particular record
kankeyan 1-Nov-13 3:26am View
kankeyan 22-Oct-13 6:44am View
Use Top 1 or distinct. If sal is 1000,999,999,998. If you use RowNumber third highest salary is 999 is it correct?
kankeyan 22-Oct-13 4:23am View
This case we need to use dense_rank not row_number. If rate is equal row_number will not work properly dense_rank is right solution.
kankeyan 21-Oct-13 8:07am View
Copied solution only for this case we need to use dense_rank not row_number. If rate is equal row_number will not work properly dense_rank is right solution.
kankeyan 14-Aug-13 3:58am View
Concat the two columns
kankeyan 4-Jan-13 8:31am View
I worked on this query it will work fine.
kankeyan 4-Jan-13 6:58am View
Then use a Begin transaction and Rollback Transaction in two different Sp's you can try to insert a multiple rows by calling multiple times, once error found in particular record call rollback Sp if not then Call Commit Sp.
kankeyan 4-Jan-13 6:53am View
BY using the above procedure u need to call multiple times to Insert the record
kankeyan 4-Jan-13 6:07am View
If your logic will change in future what will you do? you will create or alter query in .net and the code begin larger and larger. Then surely it make u distortions. If in Stored procedure means you can just input the param and get the result set and display it. Make this as a practice for your career growth. Good luck to you my Friend.
kankeyan 4-Jan-13 4:27am View
Hi ,
I think he forgot to compare with Where clause in Select Statement and i think there must be a input param.
kankeyan 19-Dec-12 4:50am View
Whether the table contains NULL values.
kankeyan 7-Nov-12 7:09am View
Once the transaction is commiteed it not possible while transaction only we can do. Otherwise if u have Log Files try to Rollback from that With the help of DB Admin
kankeyan 7-Nov-12 2:39am View
You need to execute every statement
kankeyan 7-Nov-12 2:23am View
We have written a function for this case in our project. Hope this will help.
kankeyan 2-Nov-12 9:05am View
above query will work
kankeyan 27-Oct-12 1:47am View
select order1, order2
from transaction_Master tm
Join ordering_master om ON tm.group_1= om.group1 and tm.group_2=om.group2
order by order1, order2