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Comments by Dima Popov (Top 40 by date)

Dima Popov 3-Jul-11 4:37am View
That's what they called themselves :)
Dima Popov 1-Jul-11 3:42am View
You're welcome :)
Dima Popov 30-Jun-11 10:08am View
I would also like to see more protest activity, but not a revolution, certainly. The government should let loose the opposition, so that there would be legit ways to influence the politic situation. They seem to be creating a fictitious opposition party instead.
Dima Popov 30-Jun-11 7:59am View
It's hard to say whom I see as the next president as the opposition is weak and its image is distorted through media. The 'choice' is Putin or Medvedev? That's funny.
The last elections that had some meaning took place in '96. The choice was democrat Eltsin or communist Zyuganov. Eltsin was oligarchs' candidate, and thus had the media support and won. After that, the result was known long before the elections. Actually I had a bet in 2006, which I won two years later, when Medvedev was elected. It's as easy as that: you turn on TV and the man that is shown on all the channels is the next president.
I really think that we need a change, and we need to take the European direction, free elections and multi-party system, you know. Now it seems impossible though.
Dima Popov 30-Jun-11 5:07am View
Yes, the president Medvedev's first name is Dmitry too. Speaking of who will be the next president of Russia, I think it will be Putin (not that I want it). Russian politics are actually very predictable. There's only Putin and his people. Back in 2008 he let Medvedev to be in charge for 4 years as he understood that changing the constitution would not be appreciated in the West. So he saved the image of democratic country, but now it'll be his turn again, 6 years now, due to the change of constitution which came almost unnoticed.
It is so clear, who is Batman and who is Robin (a comparison that came from Wikileaks).
Dima Popov 30-Jun-11 1:29am View
Devoted to goddess Demetra :) I knew that
Dima Popov 30-Jun-11 1:29am View
Vera, Nadezhda, Liubov - I didn't think of those names. That's because they became unpopular in the 70s, I suppose.
Dima Popov 29-Jun-11 15:27pm View
Dima is short variant of Dmitry, which is a slightly modified Greek name. So it doesn't seem to have any meaning in Russian, though initially had one. There's an article on Wikipedia: What I can tell you is that it's a very common name. Russian names that do have decent meaning are quite rare.
Dima Popov 29-Jun-11 12:40pm View
I realized that when reading Abhinav's answer. Still thanks, I really appreciate your comments.
Dima Popov 29-Jun-11 8:14am View
Thanks :)
Dima Popov 12-Mar-11 5:40am View
Thanks :)
Dima Popov 12-Mar-11 5:35am View
I didn't notice that you refer to "App Paths". So, I agree now that it's possible. But your answer is incomplete then. We must filter out preinstalled programs (that's easy as they use enviroment variables in their paths) and then group the executables by ProductName.
Dima Popov 11-Mar-11 15:37pm View
Just run regedit and look at the paths, maybe it's just my baboushka computer :)
Dima Popov 11-Mar-11 15:35pm View
Well, I knew that, but when I add this column in the Control Panel Programs, it's empty for all the programs. I thought that I could get the paths to executables from the registry, but only uninstallers have their paths set (more often it's msiexec.exe). Many programs do not have InstallLocation set, so that's my point. Good answer, but does that really work?
Dima Popov 11-Mar-11 11:12am View
There are only uninstallers paths.
Dima Popov 11-Mar-11 5:17am View
I doubt that it's possible. You can access the list of installed software using the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall. As you can see it doesn't contain the information you need.
Dima Popov 11-Mar-11 5:04am View
The try/catch block can be omitted.
Dima Popov 6-Mar-11 1:45am View
It's not deleted, I just didn't post it :) There are three kinds of exception that SetText can throw. We're not interested in ArgumentNullException as we can check it on our own. I'm not sure if it was ExternalException or ThreadStateException that was thrown when I copied text to the clipboard. It happened only once and I have no idea how to reproduce it.
Dima Popov 5-Mar-11 2:48am View
This is a good answer, but there should be a try/catch block as sometimes Clipboard.SetText throws exceptions caused by native method calls.
Dima Popov 5-Mar-11 1:50am View
You're welcome.
Dima Popov 4-Mar-11 12:20pm View
Dima Popov 4-Mar-11 3:53am View
I wanted to joke about this, "sayz no method tosring????" but thought it would be too stupid. Oh well...
Dima Popov 4-Mar-11 1:48am View
Thank you for taking your time to answer. I learned a lot.
Dima Popov 3-Mar-11 16:56pm View
SA gave you the full answer. What I meant was that you can't declare a class like C: B, A though C: B is actually C: B, object. Please, correct me if I'm wrong
Dima Popov 3-Mar-11 16:51pm View
SA gave you a full answer. The object inheritance
Dima Popov 3-Mar-11 16:23pm View
Is that just irrelevant or technically incorrect?
Dima Popov 3-Mar-11 16:19pm View
Surely a better answer.
Dima Popov 1-Mar-11 15:35pm View
Thanks! Your answer really made me laugh too :)
Dima Popov 1-Mar-11 15:31pm View
But we still can leave some metadata. Give me code,TAG=JOKE,ACTION=LAUGH
Dima Popov 1-Mar-11 15:25pm View
That's cool, but where's the code?
Dima Popov 1-Mar-11 15:21pm View
Well, just choose another name :)
Dima Popov 1-Mar-11 15:18pm View
Well, it depends. Please, provide more information about your program.

Try this link:
Dima Popov 1-Mar-11 4:14am View
Give me code
Dima Popov 1-Mar-11 3:14am View
Thanks! I don't mind answering questions like this. We all know that it's useless at some point but eh.. why not? :)
Dima Popov 18-Feb-11 4:40am View
You can prepare the string for parsing by checking each char in it with Char.IsDigit. And do not forget negative numbers' preceding minus and floating point (it's value is stored as string in System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator, but in fact it's only '.' or ',').
Dima Popov 18-Feb-11 4:39am View
You can prepare the string for parsing by checking each char in it with Char.IsDigit. And do not forget negative numbers' preceding minus and floating point (it's value is stored as string in System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator, but in fact it's only '.' or ',').
Dima Popov 18-Feb-11 4:03am View
You're right.
Dima Popov 18-Feb-11 4:00am View
System.Convert.ToInt32 itself checks if value is null and returns 0. Then it calls int.Parse() which throws the exception.
Dima Popov 8-Sep-10 4:16am View
Reason for my vote of 1
This is so wrong
Dima Popov 3-Aug-10 8:04am View
That's a variable you should define in your form class.
DataGridViewColumn columnBeingResized;

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