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Stefan_Lang 31-Jul-22 6:32am View    
My five. Good code suggestions and good catch on that '\/'!
Stefan_Lang 18-Jul-22 8:51am View    
Sorry for the late answer. I've been disconnected for quite some time.

The short answer is no. Just to be clear, the software mentioned in this topic does not add any security, it only provides an API to access the dongle. You can think of it as a device driver. It's the dongle itself which provides the protection, as each is individually manufactured for this particular purpose.

However, if you're looking for software based protection, you could use an asymmetric encryption scheme, e. g. PGP ( see ) to achieve a good level of security.
Stefan_Lang 25-Jan-22 8:02am View    
indeed, i missed the '>' . Well spotted.
Stefan_Lang 25-Jan-22 7:51am View    
You should really post your question at the very beginning. The "What have I tried" section is the very last place anyone will go looking for it!

Moreover, most questions can be answered very quickly, if we can know what information to watch out for when reading the details. Not knowing what to look for requires reading the entire text, and that does cost a lot of time.

And every single person willing to help you out will have to go through all that! Why?? You are just one person, and it takes you a lot less time to provide the single most bit of information in your posting, than it takes one hundred people to scan your entire text for it!

This section is called "Quick" for a reason! Please help posting questions in a manner that can be answered quickly.
Stefan_Lang 24-Jan-22 10:07am View    
What is the question? That's a big wall of text, but no clear indication of the problem.