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Comments by Abhishek Sur (Top 94 by date)

Abhishek Sur 20-Dec-15 14:09pm View
Something like this :

$(window).bind('beforeunload', function(){

function clearCache() {
url: "/clearCache/delete",
type: "post",
console.log('cache deleted');
}); //ajax
Abhishek Sur 19-Dec-15 12:55pm View
But the code you written is just the Server.MapPath. Can you post the code which reads the file in Excel. Can you check File.Exists on the server path ?

Also Server.MapPath will only get you a disk path if the file is uploaded in server and written to the disk. Have you already written the content of File to the disk ?
Abhishek Sur 31-Oct-12 16:51pm View
Are you talking about ASCII ?

I mean are you looking for some message converted to a sequence of ascii equivalent of each characters? The question seems to be not understandable. Please assist.
Abhishek Sur 5-Sep-11 15:25pm View
Why do you want to use it in win32. Any specific reason ? WPF supports Transformation on its core.
Abhishek Sur 31-Aug-11 8:45am View
Thanks Abhijit... :)
Abhishek Sur 25-Aug-11 20:04pm View
Why dont you use MVVM ? I think it would be better to load the same grid with 15 set of Data collection if possible ? Even you can load different DataTemplate for each of these DataObjects ?
Abhishek Sur 16-Aug-11 6:29am View
Actually WPF and Winforms works totally differently. In case of WinForms each of the controls you define has its corresponding HWND associated. Hence two controls cannot share the same pixel in Windows application.

In case of WPF, on the other hand, controls are actually drawn over a canvas with the same HWND. Hence even though you send back a control, it still becomes visible depending on the opacity of the control above it. And also the control sent to back might also be functional.

So I would recommend to use Visibilty to Collapse the parent object altogether rather than just sending back and forward.
Abhishek Sur 15-Aug-11 16:21pm View
Yes of course it is possible. Just create the UI in two panels / grids. When the Next button is clicked, change the Existing Grid with the other one.

Grid1.Visibility = Visibility.Collpsed;
Grid2.Visibility = Visibility.Visible;

Sounds good ?
Abhishek Sur 18-May-11 15:10pm View
Abhishek Sur 18-May-11 13:58pm View
That is very simple, use T as Return type argument rather than explicit int. Also remember, if you are to specify any type as Func return type in Invoke other than Targs and TResult, you need to specify it here as well.
Abhishek Sur 18-May-11 3:07am View
Yes, Actually Binding in XAML gives you a better chance to handle your data. If you are using MVVM patter, you can always store your Collection object and update the UI whenever required. Arrays are good, but they dont follow the rules with Binding, say it need to invoke INotifyCollectionChanged otherwise it needs to bind the whole Listbox again (means creating the Visual again altogether) Rather if you use a Collection which has INotifyCollectionChanged implemented, the control is capable of updating itself in part.

Yes arrays will work but only when the data is somewhat static for the current run.
Abhishek Sur 18-May-11 2:55am View
Oops. You found my bug. I thought myGroup does not hold a single value. Of course you need to pass an Enumerable, may be better to use ObservableCollection to the DataContext to make it work.
Abhishek Sur 29-Jan-11 14:49pm View
@marileena You said when you step through the TextArea1.Text it shows the value, is it right?
For this can step through InsertOnSubmit or open Sql Server Profiler to see what Insert statement it creates ?
Abhishek Sur 29-Jan-11 11:50am View
Can you check weather TextArea1.Text has value?

What is the data type of ReqReason ? is it String ?
Abhishek Sur 16-Jan-11 8:10am View
Are you trying to drag and drop the DevExpress SimpleButton on the form ?
Abhishek Sur 16-Jan-11 3:13am View
The service will not work now. It had expired subscription.
Abhishek Sur 2-Nov-10 16:50pm View
Not possible from your own application.
Abhishek Sur 26-Oct-10 10:38am View
@Anton, No, AFAIK, bcos of browser security, Javascript cannot have this priviledge programmatically.
Abhishek Sur 17-Oct-10 16:22pm View
Added as comment
Abhishek Sur 17-Oct-10 16:21pm View
From Avinav : I'm afraid your question is not very clear.
Can you explain what you require a little more precisely?

If you want to add a new line to the file, before closing it just do a tw1.WriteLine("Add my text here");
Abhishek Sur 11-Oct-10 14:55pm View
I cant get the question properly.
Abhishek Sur 10-Oct-10 10:17am View
doesnt the TabStop works for you ?
Abhishek Sur 6-Oct-10 4:55am View
Yes, it is important to specify the actual exception before anybody can help you.
Abhishek Sur 25-Sep-10 15:09pm View
I am unable to understand your problem. Cut-copy-paste should be implemented within the UserControl. Please make it a bit clear what you are looking for.
Abhishek Sur 25-Sep-10 14:43pm View
Didn't know. Good call.
Abhishek Sur 23-Sep-10 15:48pm View
Oh ... I think you need recursion in your query.
There are few examples of Union All recursion which might help you
Abhishek Sur 23-Sep-10 6:49am View
Use Proper formatting to post your code.
Abhishek Sur 22-Sep-10 16:04pm View
I think you need to create the listview dynamically.
Abhishek Sur 22-Sep-10 15:42pm View
I think please enable line by line logging on your server code, and see if the server is actually called or not.

If you see that the server is called but still the issue, you might recreate the server code to cure the issue.
Abhishek Sur 22-Sep-10 15:40pm View
thank for reply Abhishek Sur I terminated httpwerequest using
but still having same problem - john8182
Abhishek Sur 20-Sep-10 18:25pm View
@Marc ha ha .. Hope not 2012 comes soon. :)
Abhishek Sur 20-Sep-10 16:24pm View
Does history.clear works ?
I think it does not work in most of the browsers
Abhishek Sur 20-Sep-10 7:23am View
Do you think Windows ListBox control needs DataBind?
Abhishek Sur 17-Sep-10 15:01pm View
Yes, I guess, you can easily select a portion of data for Paged Data Source.
Abhishek Sur 16-Sep-10 19:16pm View
Most welcome and glad you like my article.
Abhishek Sur 16-Sep-10 18:16pm View
Good Explanation...
Abhishek Sur 14-Sep-10 4:46am View
MenuItems does not allow DataBinding. So Loop is the only option to create menu.
Abhishek Sur 14-Sep-10 4:33am View
This should be comment not an answer.
Abhishek Sur 14-Sep-10 4:33am View
From Mohangbits :
your code looks superb :P

ultimately what matters is the functionality. Code is working or not
Abhishek Sur 13-Sep-10 18:14pm View
Good alternate for Ping.
Abhishek Sur 13-Sep-10 17:15pm View
No one is going to code for you. Rather you need to code for yourself, and let us know where you find the problem.
Abhishek Sur 13-Sep-10 16:32pm View
I think byte[] is capable of storing the images very easily. I have been using byte[] for several times and did not find any problem.
Abhishek Sur 13-Sep-10 6:30am View
Updated site link.
Abhishek Sur 13-Sep-10 6:17am View
Could you let us know which code you have downloaded and what does not work for you? Otherwise it would be difficult to help.
Abhishek Sur 13-Sep-10 5:44am View
I think you shouldn't be putting a database file within Properties folder.
It is better to put it in Debug folder directly.
Abhishek Sur 13-Sep-10 3:16am View
Here is the actual link :
Abhishek Sur 13-Sep-10 3:13am View
Links not working.
Abhishek Sur 12-Sep-10 13:12pm View
Abhinav S wrote :
Unfortunaetly, your question is not very clear.

If you would like to post this question in Hindi, use the Indian language forums.
Abhishek Sur 12-Sep-10 13:11pm View
Ha ha ... Good joke ....
Abhishek Sur 12-Sep-10 13:11pm View
Not very clear about the actual question.
Abhishek Sur 12-Sep-10 12:37pm View
Good to see this too... Cheers.
Abhishek Sur 12-Sep-10 12:36pm View
It is the same link which I provided for say 100 times in codeproject .. . :)
Abhishek Sur 12-Sep-10 12:23pm View
Most welcome.
Abhishek Sur 12-Sep-10 12:07pm View
I think there is nobody who will create the complete UML design for you. Rather you need to try out first then others can help you if you make mistakes.
Abhishek Sur 12-Sep-10 11:39am View
Always use pre tag to format the question properly.
Abhishek Sur 12-Sep-10 7:56am View
Thank you Dalek.
Abhishek Sur 11-Sep-10 16:40pm View
what does the answer mean?
Although you specified the user not to spam, but does it makes sense to send him a small line like this?
Abhishek Sur 11-Sep-10 15:53pm View
I cannot understand your problem. Is it regarding the layout in VS Studio?
Abhishek Sur 11-Sep-10 15:48pm View
What does the question mean?

Why do you need to send the IP address to second computer? Do you need to log ?
Abhishek Sur 11-Sep-10 15:47pm View
Posting the same question again and again will not help.
Abhishek Sur 11-Sep-10 15:36pm View
You should be posting this as comment rather than creating a new Answer for the post.
Abhishek Sur 11-Sep-10 15:27pm View
Most welcome my friend.
Abhishek Sur 7-Sep-10 12:34pm View
Are you using Navigation window ?
Abhishek Sur 5-Sep-10 18:55pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good answer.
Abhishek Sur 5-Sep-10 18:50pm View
thanks for your answer

yes i have multiple Web.Config file but other Web.Config file in subfolder and the root folder have only one Web.Config file.

Please any one can help me please
Abhishek Sur 4-Sep-10 12:33pm View
I think ASP.NET can easily do this without even specifying this event handler. Just specifying the EventHandler in ASPX page will be a better approach.
But this should definitely be within Page_Load. One cannot run expression outside any method.

Got my 5 Mark.
Abhishek Sur 4-Sep-10 12:18pm View
Why delegates? I think delegates are intended to pass methods rather than passing the variable.
Abhishek Sur 3-Sep-10 15:28pm View
Its good to check whether line has # in it before you split. :)
Abhishek Sur 3-Sep-10 15:25pm View
I was talking about just that... It would be a horrible implementation if the user generates the exception threw from a thread. I just gave him a rough code to show how horrible the scenario can be. The code is not actual.
I was talking about
Abhishek Sur 26-Aug-10 15:19pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
Abhishek Sur 26-Aug-10 15:19pm View
Nothing in it. Why do you answer crap here in Codeproject.
Abhishek Sur 26-Aug-10 15:18pm View
You are talking about ASP.NET file upload control. You must tag the question with ASP.NET to get people interested in ASP.NET to get your question quickly.
Abhishek Sur 18-Aug-10 16:22pm View
Not urgent for us my friend. And to get books try Amazon.
Abhishek Sur 18-Aug-10 16:20pm View
Thanks for your input. I have never tried Resharper. I hope I would try it definitely, if I get chance.
Abhishek Sur 18-Aug-10 16:18pm View
Did you tried Custom installation forms ?
Abhishek Sur 14-Aug-10 13:27pm View
XML tags cannot be seen properly.
The problem might be because of RichTextBox1.Lines(i)
You need to use CData here.
Abhishek Sur 14-Aug-10 6:53am View
You tagged it to be CSS. I think this is not a CSS issue.
Abhishek Sur 14-Aug-10 6:51am View
Sorry, just mistakenly clicked Delete button. :(
Abhishek Sur 10-Aug-10 15:41pm View
Yes. Dragon is the most convenient and great software for Speech recognition.
Abhishek Sur 10-Aug-10 15:39pm View
Yes, string is immutable while StringBuilder is mutable. So if you go on changing the size of string, it will create more and more memory location to store the same. So as John suggested, you should use StringBuilder always.
Abhishek Sur 31-Jul-10 17:07pm View
The most easiest. But need browser flash player.
Abhishek Sur 18-Jul-10 13:33pm View
Where did you find those code?
what carrier do you use.
Abhishek Sur 10-Jul-10 18:53pm View
If the answer helped you, you should mark as Answered.
Abhishek Sur 8-Jul-10 15:22pm View
Yes. It is not always good to create a class in such scenarios where you are in. Expose common method, that might look similar to what you might what using factory method (which is much approved way of getting object nowadsys)... and will definitely suit your requirement as well.

Before calling the constructor check for the file. After you check the file, you can send the file object to the constructor directly.
Abhishek Sur 7-Jul-10 4:21am View
I dont know why do you need this in your email. This is a community, there is no way people will send you emails.

And also it is not good to type your email address to protect your email id from spams.
Abhishek Sur 6-Jul-10 17:14pm View
I think you are talking about Back Button (history.Back). Backspace is a keyboard button, there is nothing to deal with backspace with logouts.
Abhishek Sur 5-Jul-10 6:43am View
I dont know why you need to run a JS code in winforms application? What type of facility you get using JS?
Abhishek Sur 30-Jun-10 18:10pm View
Thank you so much.
Abhishek Sur 13-Jun-10 16:33pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
Yes. This is not an answer. Should be made as comment
Abhishek Sur 13-Jun-10 16:32pm View

I think this is a smart answer. You shouldnt be voting as 1 for this.
Abhishek Sur 28-May-10 16:16pm View
Reason for my vote of 2
Didnt get the Right Answer here. Sorry.
Abhishek Sur 28-May-10 16:16pm View
Wow kunal, it worked...

The only thing that I missed out was Mode=TwoWay. I made it work without UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged.

Thank you so much for your help. I have marked it as answered. Cheers.
Abhishek Sur 24-May-10 5:44am View

Even though I have tried the same, but it isn't working for me.

I think there must be something wrong inside the UserControl, or something I missed out. Can you download the Code and take a look.

Thanks in advance.
Abhishek Sur 19-May-10 5:13am View
Thank you Pete.

I have already solved the issue using ObservableCollection. I was not aware of INotifyCollectionChanged that time. But I already did this and its working great.

Thanks anyway for your help.

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