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thanh_bkhn 7-Nov-13 5:25am View
I noticed your onclick event is written as "önclick". Is that the reason?
thanh_bkhn 6-Nov-13 20:39pm View
I couldn't find your code for displaying images. Simply code some more.
thanh_bkhn 30-Oct-13 2:42am View
So what is your problem?
thanh_bkhn 29-Oct-13 22:45pm View
Try to replace your cell value assignment with these code
thanh_bkhn 11-Oct-13 4:15am View
What are your data structure and your expected result?
thanh_bkhn 22-Aug-13 9:04am View
Ok this is one result of the above link
There is a very close tutorial in it.
thanh_bkhn 22-Aug-13 8:38am View
What a painful when looking at your code. Could you tell exactly where are you stuck at, or somewhere you are suspecting?
thanh_bkhn 22-Aug-13 5:27am View
Thanks Maciej
thanh_bkhn 19-Aug-13 4:11am View
Thanks :)
I just cannot imagine why this silly question got a lot of interest :D
thanh_bkhn 13-Aug-13 10:50am View
You can use Java bean to do this. There are a lot of examples of how to use bean to get values from servlets.
thanh_bkhn 13-Aug-13 10:42am View
Use echo to write down your SQL string, and paste into phpMyAdmin, then see the result, you can know if your log in information is correct or not.
thanh_bkhn 13-Aug-13 10:32am View
What do you want exactly to do when you click on chkActivity?
thanh_bkhn 3-Aug-13 9:00am View
Then you have some problems in your code. I think you should review your code at the server side.
thanh_bkhn 2-Aug-13 21:14pm View
If you want to group by something, don't select others.
If you must use other field in functions, you can wrap entire your SQL in a new Select statement.
thanh_bkhn 15-Jul-13 21:23pm View
Thank you for your answer. I read this article before. It seems that I have still a lot of thing to do :) Thanks anyway.
thanh_bkhn 14-Jul-13 21:40pm View
You should use Improve question and make your question more clearly. I completely don't understand what did you want to ask?
thanh_bkhn 13-Jul-13 20:03pm View
How did you use your index, and what is your error message?
thanh_bkhn 12-Jul-13 11:17am View
I think it's impossible to enable users to go to their email from your page, because some email servers don't have web interface. Others have various web URL that you cannot look up them at all.
thanh_bkhn 10-Jul-13 3:30am View
So how did you code? You should use "Improve question" to post your code here and we may find something wrong
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 11:03am View
See my updated solution :)
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 10:43am View
When there is no error, so there is a possibility that you forgot to call Commit
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 6:29am View
Yes the problem is with your relationship, but I don't understand why it still error after you remove it?
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 5:59am View
You can use a List of browser to store browsers for each tab.
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 5:35am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice work :)
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 4:22am View
Currently what is your error message?
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 4:16am View
I'm thinking like that :) :thumbup:
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 3:42am View
After the loop, numb itself is the array you need.
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 3:37am View
Then you must create a User table, in which you declare user id, password, privilege. Then create an admin page, where an admin can create, modify, grant permission to users.
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 3:31am View
Is you testing in your local PC? Then if you try to upload a small file, is it uploaded completely? Then when uploading a large file, what is exactly the error message?
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 3:14am View
For more information about httpRuntime config, take a look at
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 3:13am View
In IIS you could set the maximum upload file size in the web.config file
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="100000000" />
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 3:09am View
VS requires you to upgrade both solution and project files, so there isn't a work around here, you must convert all of them.
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 2:35am View
I thought you want to align your controls, but it seems that you want to do another thing. What does exactly "align" mean?
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 2:23am View
You should add a customErrors tag into the web.config to see what is the error
thanh_bkhn 5-Jul-13 1:05am View
What is exactly error message you got?
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 23:27pm View
When you encounter an error, the entire SQL statement will be roll backed, includes the Update command.
So your error is in the Insert statement. You should check the relation of sort table with the table in which you're inserting.
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 7:04am View
(shape, size, place, weight is similar to type) -> I mean these element should be coded similarly to the "type" item, such as
"shape = '" & TextBox4.Text & "', " &
"size = '" & TextBox5.Text & "', " &
and so on
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 6:54am View
Don't you understand the Update syntax? So you could take a look at
The essential thing to keep in mind is, the update command requires a Where clause, in your case it is the lot_no is the previously selected combobox's value, otherwise you will update entire the database.
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 6:14am View
If you want the new values to be updated into the database, you must use Update command.
Try this:
cmd.CommandText = "Update Sort set " &
"type = '" & TextBox3.Text & "', " &
(shape, size, place, weight is similar to type)
"name = '" & TextBox2.Text & "', " &
"issue_dt = '" & TextBox8.Text & "'" &
"Where lot_no = '" & ComboBox1.SelectedItem & "'"
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 5:03am View
Yes, the display is automatic. But I'm thinking of a "featured article pool", the a staff would manually picks up some articles as featured, then they will be displayed randomly each time we open?
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 4:28am View
Maybe your current version of .NET framework is not the loaded ASP.NET version
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 4:14am View
I think, "featured" means manually selected :)
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 4:13am View
Try to use AfxMessageBox instead, and tell me the result?
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 4:05am View
What is the problem with the scrollbar? Does Print Screen button not work?
Or if you want to capture the entire web page's content, you could use SnagIt.
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 3:55am View
What is the error message?
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 3:17am View
What does "next previous buttons" mean?
If you just want to connect multiple text files, so read them and dump to another file.
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 2:39am View
Your code seems fine. Is your gridTimeTable is properly declared?
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 2:18am View
I think no one would give you the code. You should code on your own, and post your question here if there is any problem.
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 2:09am View
Sorry there is a redundant ")" :)
I edited my answer.
thanh_bkhn 4-Jul-13 1:04am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Great and useful tip!
thanh_bkhn 3-Jul-13 6:04am View
So I think the problem is your file is at the wrong place, not in your code.
thanh_bkhn 3-Jul-13 6:04am View
So I think the problem is your file is at the wrong place, not in your code.
thanh_bkhn 3-Jul-13 4:27am View
Can you tell what is the error message?
thanh_bkhn 3-Jul-13 4:06am View
I think 50,000 item will not be a problem.
thanh_bkhn 3-Jul-13 3:32am View
Sorry but I cannot understand your data name, data sheet, and its name in your code (InputData or DataInput, what is ProductRouting?...) Can you use Improve question and edit their name that I can understand how the correct result could be?
thanh_bkhn 3-Jul-13 2:23am View
What is the ProdConfirm table structure, and what is the rule of copying? You have to copy data from Serials to a record of the same "ID", or the ProdConfirm table is just empty, and you can copy 2 columns of all records into it?
thanh_bkhn 1-Jul-13 22:28pm View
Thank. I think your solution could help me.
thanh_bkhn 28-Jun-13 1:29am View
I really need A to contains B and C. I might replace the direct access to local variable of C from B by a set/get accessor. But I'm worndering is this cross reference structure OK?