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GPUToaster™ 27-Jul-12 6:33am View
Reason for my vote of 4
I still prefer the Windows L.. :)
GPUToaster™ 28-Feb-12 3:44am View
...may be he wants to read the screen and print the same in file or the printer itself...Not sure though!
GPUToaster™ 10-Feb-12 11:37am View
Hi pietvredeveld, I appreciate what you think. FYI This trick has been useful for many CP'ians and they have appreciated it.

GPUToaster™ 27-Jan-12 3:50am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Seems nice...will give it a try!
GPUToaster™ 25-Jan-12 2:08am View
You might want to change your vote to 4/5. I am guessing its "Excellent"! :)
Vote of 1 seems contradictory!!
GPUToaster™ 25-Jan-12 2:07am View
Thanks thatraja.
GPUToaster™ 24-Jan-12 5:38am View
This solution works perfectly allright. Thanks for suggesting it! :)
GPUToaster™ 8-Nov-11 0:07am View
Can you be more specific? That would help us in figuring out your problem!
GPUToaster™ 7-Nov-11 0:27am View
Can you be more specific? That would help us in figuring out your problem!
GPUToaster™ 25-Oct-11 6:32am View
What is you Emulator Configuration? Just check whether you have allocated less RAM to it? Kindly reconfigure the AVD.
Might help.
GPUToaster™ 25-Oct-11 6:18am View
This is a repost....Administrators please note this.
GPUToaster™ 25-Oct-11 6:14am View
Hi Rakesh,
First of all, the Biometric data are binary information unless you store using some other mechanism. Generally the usual formats are derived from ISO/IEC 19794-5 formats and even WSQ.

Secondly, Do you mean comparing a live Biometric with Database?

Thirdly, Are you capturing thumb data fingerwise or as in like a flat scanner?
GPUToaster™ 25-Oct-11 5:07am View
Beautifully explained!!
GPUToaster™ 25-Oct-11 4:52am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Simple to understand! 5 from me.
GPUToaster™ 21-Oct-11 5:51am View
Completely Agreeing with OriginalGriff, what would anyone make out of your question, its totally incomplete and beware of the gateway operations.
GPUToaster™ 21-Oct-11 5:47am View
Have a look here.
GPUToaster™ 21-Oct-11 5:46am View
I would recommend you starting of with motion detection algorithm that are published in CP. There are many of them and you would not regret. Stop jumping to Matlab itseld, as it is only a tool which will assist you in completing your "Project"!!!
GPUToaster™ 21-Oct-11 5:43am View
Unusual behavior.
GPUToaster™ 21-Oct-11 5:40am View
I am not talking about Android itself, but a general idea, you have to figure it how to do it. :). However kindly look into the glcube example in the android SDK, that might help you setting up the whole thing.
GPUToaster™ 21-Oct-11 5:35am View
Check you page default encoding, seems like a valid 'utf8' character.
GPUToaster™ 21-Oct-11 5:33am View
Try a google search, here are some links:
GPUToaster™ 21-Oct-11 5:06am View
This shouldn't be a question, please explore the Java Doc before posting such questions.
GPUToaster™ 21-Oct-11 5:04am View
Load the desired 2D map, set up a camera that is always pointing towards say z-axis or parallel to this map, restrict your movement only in XY plain. Set your camera near enough to the map, so that you can see the required portion of the map at any time.
GPUToaster™ 4-Oct-11 5:51am View
Instead of using opengl inbuilt function glREctf, use your own geometry. Try to do ray tracing. Checking with pixel wont help you, and even if you get some result, wont be accurate and your program will become slower. After all its all math.
GPUToaster™ 13-Sep-11 5:33am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Loved it...
GPUToaster™ 5-Sep-11 1:01am View
Yes, But you need to change

<targetframeworkversion>v4.0</targetframeworkversion> to <targetframeworkversion>v3.5</targetframeworkversion>

Or you can change it from the project properties, as you wish!
GPUToaster™ 24-Aug-11 5:07am View
Are you trying to access any exposed DLL method which is in some unmanaged area?
GPUToaster™ 24-Aug-11 5:07am View
Are you trying to access any exposed DLL method which is in some unmanaged area?
GPUToaster™ 24-Aug-11 5:02am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Something Different...Like it!!
GPUToaster™ 24-Aug-11 5:00am View
Reason for my vote of 5
GPUToaster™ 17-Aug-11 4:34am View
GPUToaster™ 11-Aug-11 5:29am View
..and that is same as "Virtualization" :)
GPUToaster™ 2-Aug-11 4:34am View
interesting. :)
GPUToaster™ 30-May-11 7:54am View
GPUToaster™ 7-May-11 1:00am View
Hey very nice and very precise explanation. Have a look at this too...

Also if you like VS to highlight your code, then append the content of "usertype.dat"(can be found in the SDK) to the previously opened "usertype.dat" file from "Microsoft Visual Studio 10\Common7\IDE". Finally register your .cu extension with the IDE by going to Tools -> Options->Text Editor -> File Extension tab.
GPUToaster™ 7-May-11 0:53am View
GPUToaster™ 24-Mar-11 14:12pm View
Yes, I checked and found a minor spelling mistake while mentioning action URI for SOAP header.
Thanks alot. :-)
GPUToaster™ 22-Mar-11 1:53am View
Real nice work! Ultimate man!
GPUToaster™ 7-Mar-11 1:02am View
Reason for my vote of 5
You Deserve the full!!
GPUToaster™ 22-Feb-11 0:18am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Seems nice!
GPUToaster™ 4-Feb-11 4:23am View
As I understand you have created a room model and enabled collision detection on it. And you are not able to go inside the room because of the collision detection.Right?
GPUToaster™ 3-Feb-11 0:30am View
Reason for my vote of 5
you really hacked it! By the way nice tip.
GPUToaster™ 2-Feb-11 6:35am View
Have a look at
GPUToaster™ 2-Feb-11 6:31am View
You can use Bitmap.Save() method...
GPUToaster™ 28-Jan-11 9:47am View
It was just a summary ... thats all! :)
GPUToaster™ 25-Jan-11 4:33am View
In reality this is all related to behaviors and patterns which are quite specific.
GPUToaster™ 25-Jan-11 4:17am View
you should consider reading basics of OOPS related to .NET.
GPUToaster™ 22-Jan-11 0:02am View
Very Close...But there is one more factor. The internal components like logic gates, should be able to handle the voltage changes. In OC'ng the recommended hardware voltage is changed which is a very crucial stage. If you are unable to provide proper change in voltage then you might hurt your card as well. Temperature is a secondary concern which is Controllable. Even a blower like a "Fox 1" having a rating of 45CFM(Cubic feet per Minute) can cool down your hardware in no time.
GPUToaster™ 21-Jan-11 7:42am View
Oh yes...OC'ng is my favourite part I do with my GPU. Till now i have just toasted them not roasted!! (Bad Joke I guess!!) :)
GPUToaster™ 20-Jan-11 13:00pm View
I'm not an optimization master...but you might want to refer to some common OpenGL pitfalls.
Here you go:

Hope it helps! Best luck.
GPUToaster™ 20-Jan-11 8:28am View
I never used lib3ds. I can only say probable causes. So i guess you have answered your own query, thats remarkable!
And i'l try to follow what you have here.
GPUToaster™ 20-Jan-11 3:56am View
Provide a screen shot so that it will help members to identify problem and reply promptly.
GPUToaster™ 20-Jan-11 1:01am View
I'm in complete agreement!
GPUToaster™ 19-Jan-11 2:14am View
Reason for my vote of 5
good info!
GPUToaster™ 7-Jan-11 4:19am View
Use Flash!! or Silverlight!
GPUToaster™ 4-Jan-11 3:51am View
What happens if two or more pen drives are plugged in! You need to enumerate through the mounted devices and know there mount points.
GPUToaster™ 31-Dec-10 2:09am View
Reason for my vote of 4
GPUToaster™ 24-Dec-10 0:30am View
The thing you have specified as "Smooth Line" is called as Anti-Aliasing. There are plenty anti-aliasing algorithms available. Try using search engine for same.
GPUToaster™ 9-Dec-10 1:29am View
Specify the API please!!
GPUToaster™ 25-Nov-10 9:05am View
Yes you are right. Ideally you should perform it while designing. As I'm not a master of WPF, but when you want to dynamically load the components, then this method is prefferable. But as you said XAML should be used, AFAIK, using XAML it wont be possible. But It would be great if you could suggest a better (only for dynamic loading) method.
GPUToaster™ 22-Nov-10 1:42am View
Reason for my vote of 5
GPUToaster™ 18-Nov-10 2:13am View
First thing, what information you want to display?
GPUToaster™ 18-Nov-10 1:57am View
Reason for my vote of 3
Nothing new...
GPUToaster™ 17-Nov-10 5:59am View
Your query is same as your heading!! Try to explain what you actually don't understand so that the members may help you.
GPUToaster™ 15-Nov-10 0:28am View
Yes...rather than being spoon fed, try exploring and do some research on it. Every one has different logic to do different things and if your logic doesn't work then go for samples, etc.
GPUToaster™ 11-Nov-10 1:21am View
It will be better if you first read the in's and out's on MSDN or get some online help. That will actually clear your development process on what to do and what not to.
GPUToaster™ 11-Nov-10 1:10am View
very basic but good for beginners.
GPUToaster™ 11-Nov-10 1:10am View
Very basic..but good ref for beginners.
GPUToaster™ 11-Nov-10 1:08am View
Really great to have JSON with .NET. Going to try this! Thanks.
GPUToaster™ 10-Nov-10 6:42am View
"In Page i am Placing YouTube Video and under that i'm uploading some more videos in .Net
when i click the video it will display the Video in that particular YouTube" --->This line is TOTALLY CONFUSING!!
GPUToaster™ 27-Oct-10 4:38am View
Yes.I completely agree.
GPUToaster™ 23-Oct-10 7:16am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Ok..i Have to admit..This is great. Well done.
GPUToaster™ 22-Oct-10 8:28am View
Does your list contain same type of objects? If yes then make sure you cast the correct object to type Student.
Also it is a good practice to use Generics to avoid this confusion.
GPUToaster™ 22-Oct-10 1:52am View
Reason for my vote of 1
You have repeated my tip. Please read before posting. Refer to "If using C /Win32" in my tip.
GPUToaster™ 20-Oct-10 7:15am View
You mean to say....The code you have mentioned is not working!! Right. If it is so then you may not be having a flash player installed. The code "new SWFObject" searches for the "player.swf" in your system which may not be there. In order to use this code you can install a flash player. Use any link from below and
GPUToaster™ 18-Oct-10 8:44am View
public static extern uint Function(IntPtr pStructure, uint* pNum);

public static extern uint Function(IntPtr pStructure, IntPtr pNum);
GPUToaster™ 17-Oct-10 10:18am View
considering your specification, it is really hard to believe that a webserver with RSA key exchange and triple DES encryption and SHA1 hash feature could exist on such a small piece of memory. We would like if you could share your experience with, because the work you are doing could be a great use to security softwares. Best luck with your work.
GPUToaster™ 30-Sep-10 1:28am View
Hi Ivan, I remember you were trying open hardware monitor! What happened to that?
GPUToaster™ 28-Sep-10 7:38am View
Use Sqlite database....If that answers your question.
GPUToaster™ 27-Sep-10 3:02am View
AFAIK JOONE was last released in 2007. Since then no updates. JOONE is not at all stable. However there's one more interesting tool you want to give a try...Its called as Encog 2.
GPUToaster™ 21-Sep-10 6:51am View
This will always return 4! even if it is compiled in x64 mode.
GPUToaster™ 17-Sep-10 4:52am View
Turbo C died a long back!!
GPUToaster™ 13-Sep-10 1:31am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Basics of 3D Application....good you pointed it out!!
GPUToaster™ 13-Sep-10 1:28am View
This alternative doesn't hold true if judging Bitness of OS. It only informs if the program is being run in 32/64-bit mode
GPUToaster™ 8-Sep-10 6:09am View
You have already asked this question....Please do not repost.
GPUToaster™ 7-Sep-10 21:19pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks fot the tip.
GPUToaster™ 3-Sep-10 7:30am View
What are you trying to achieve? Can you explain it more!!
GPUToaster™ 3-Sep-10 4:43am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Very Nice .... :)
GPUToaster™ 31-Aug-10 2:17am View
Is it possible to debug Android Application on the device without installing it? I think it may be possible if we could do a SSH to the device or something similar to directly run on it. You see that would be very helpful. (Though i am not sure if it is possible on Android based devices, as i have seen on some linux based devices).
GPUToaster™ 27-Aug-10 7:04am View
Nice to know...
GPUToaster™ 25-Aug-10 4:38am View
Surely i too want to know how its done. Will wait for your article. Good luck!!
GPUToaster™ 25-Aug-10 2:45am View
No i have no idea how GPU-Z Works. And if you want to know then you might considering contacting them. See these people might help you but will incur some fee ofcourse. In mean while you might take a look at another tool: EVGA Precision (Latest is 1.9). This tool runs a server in the background that gets the GPU temperature info and other things and hooks up with any DirectX/OpenGL application to raster infomation directly to the window. If you can somehow get this hook, It may solve your problem.
GPUToaster™ 23-Aug-10 4:44am View
I'm sorry to say that you have to incorporate different logic for different vendors to do that. You may even consider visiting Search for ZoomAPI which provides very interesting functionality. But the API is NOT FREE!!!
GPUToaster™ 23-Aug-10 2:18am View
use http handlers for specific urls!!
GPUToaster™ 23-Aug-10 2:15am View
Why not use Integer.Parse or double.parse??
GPUToaster™ 12-Aug-10 5:35am View
Reason for my vote of 1
That is not even a question, how can you expect an answer!!! VOTE 1 or may be 0.
GPUToaster™ 12-Aug-10 5:33am View
It seems like Assembly version has been changed. Try falling back to original version. It is basically due to the Version problem.
GPUToaster™ 12-Aug-10 5:30am View
Try finding out the 2010 header file. See its declaration and how to use it. May be the declarations have changed in 2010. :)
GPUToaster™ 12-Aug-10 4:56am View
Which Technology and would it be a Web based or stand-alone?
GPUToaster™ 9-Aug-10 3:26am View
Sorry i didn't see the F# Tag.
GPUToaster™ 9-Aug-10 1:39am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Out of the Box thinking..
GPUToaster™ 6-Aug-10 7:34am View
You mean to say that just by scanning the .H files, Python script will generate CPP files????? Kindly elaborate your query.
GPUToaster™ 6-Aug-10 7:31am View
Try launching your devenv.exe (VS executable suite) as Administrator.
GPUToaster™ 4-Aug-10 5:09am View
Thanks Pallini. That helped me Solve it. Thanks Again!! :)
GPUToaster™ 4-Aug-10 5:06am View
I'm not able to put a break point at __purecall in purevirt.c. It tried including the file as well but no hit. Need Help.
GPUToaster™ 22-Jul-10 5:59am View
can you post the snippet of your code? Also in what format your Decklink card accepts input?
GPUToaster™ 22-Jul-10 1:27am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Learned a new thing today. Thanks for the code.
GPUToaster™ 21-Jul-10 1:27am View
Comment by "E.F. Nijboer" should have been the Answer!!
GPUToaster™ 21-Jul-10 1:26am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Nice Idea!!
GPUToaster™ 21-Jul-10 0:54am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Very general and Basic question.
GPUToaster™ 21-Jul-10 0:53am View
Read a basic book on C#. It covers everything.
GPUToaster™ 20-Jul-10 7:42am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Nice Info...
GPUToaster™ 19-Jul-10 2:19am View
Enable "Double buffering" on the Form. This should solve you problem.
GPUToaster™ 19-Jul-10 2:16am View
"surface in my form"...Is it a Windows Form? If it is then you need to create a Direct3D context and attach it to the Windows Form. Once you are done with it you can use the Terrain Brute Force to create Land using some height maps. To create context i guess you need to create a GDI object which can actually render the Direct3D Drawing. (For 3d land you need to get a 3D height map and Wrap the texture around it)
GPUToaster™ 18-Jul-10 12:56pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
I must admit that i didn't knew it...
GPUToaster™ 15-Jul-10 8:24am View
"i havent any idea :-??" ...This is about "Assembly Code" or something else?
GPUToaster™ 15-Jul-10 8:22am View
can you elaborate it a little more....
GPUToaster™ 15-Jul-10 8:13am View
Post a snippet of code which you tried. Any problem relating to it will be quickly answered by code-project members. Or if you don't have idea about Generics then i suggest you to first explore generics and then write sample programs. This is a very general problem & doesn't point out what you exactly need.
GPUToaster™ 9-Jul-10 5:31am View
Reason for my vote of 4
GPUToaster™ 9-Jul-10 5:25am View
Reason for my vote of 3
I was looking for such tools...will give it a try.
GPUToaster™ 9-Jul-10 5:19am View
The one you indicating is not a menu...Its (in XP terms) is known as "Common Tasks window". On Vista and 7 its known as "Explorer Panel"
GPUToaster™ 30-Jun-10 7:53am View
I hope you meant WMV or AVI. Because WMA is an Audio format for Windows Media Formats. Please update the Topic. I guess you should point out only specific problems rather than posting a general problem. There are tutorials available for Windows Media SDK on MSDN.
GPUToaster™ 29-Jun-10 5:56am View
It has Malayalam Language Support. Look at this:
GPUToaster™ 29-Jun-10 2:37am View
If it is a COM/.NET Dll then adding reference should not be a problem.
GPUToaster™ 29-Jun-10 2:21am View
I think you better do a search on google/ any other search engines. It would help you a alot. For your time saving read this:
GPUToaster™ 29-Jun-10 2:14am View
what is "var1"? is it var or var1? Just check what you have asked.
GPUToaster™ 29-Jun-10 0:47am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Very Nice info.
GPUToaster™ 29-Jun-10 0:47am View
Nice Info :)
GPUToaster™ 21-Jun-10 8:23am View
Reason for my vote of 1
beyond relevance
GPUToaster™ 20-Jun-10 1:41am View
There are C# libraries available for FFMPEG.(sharpffmpeg, i guess). OR else. Write a C++ library and use its functionality through Interop services.
GPUToaster™ 20-Jun-10 1:37am View
Thats what i meant over here...You directly cannot COMPARE two IMAGES("You cannot compare an image, IT REQUIRES IMAGE PROCESSING. Or else compare with the image names.").
GPUToaster™ 18-Jun-10 7:10am View
Please elaborate more so people can understand and help you solve your problem.
GPUToaster™ 12-Jun-10 23:59pm View
Hi pallini, great info.
GPUToaster™ 11-Jun-10 6:58am View
I ported my application from MinGW Project to VS 2008 and Upgraded GLEW from 1.4 to 1.5. While compiling in MinGW i had to put the References declared in glew.h to main project.

Thanks for pointing out the error. :)
GPUToaster™ 11-Jun-10 2:08am View
nice worked!!
GPUToaster™ 27-May-10 8:15am View
yes i had seen it, but it doesnt point to my problem. Can you provide me solution to this specific problem. Also its related to C# (System.IO.Pipes namespace)

Thanks again.. :)
GPUToaster™ 24-May-10 2:01am View
Nice code...i had been looking for this! Great code. Thanks.
GPUToaster™ 20-May-10 6:59am View
I have around 20-30 Constants which need to be included and they are not going to change. So i guess Static class would do for me. Thanks for clearing my doubts. :)