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Comments by hmanhha (Top 9 by date)

hmanhha 23-Apr-18 9:45am View
Normally, Internet Explorer does not refresh and can not load the link.I have to close Internet Explorer then end the code and rerun it.
hmanhha 18-Apr-18 16:25pm View
I mean here is that. Normally web site have element with classname ("alert-block")
but obnomal it dont have and your code will have error. and how can I detect this obnomal situation when getelementbyClassName and getElementbyID.
hmanhha 17-Apr-18 21:32pm View
If user have do something then the data have been delete the IE will have the class "alert-block" and if user did not delete IE will not have this class.

So cannot use getElementByClassName("alert-block")
hmanhha 16-Apr-18 9:16am View
It have.

div id="num-bids" class="text-blue larger bold">


hmanhha 16-Apr-18 9:07am View


No it have.
hmanhha 16-Apr-18 5:36am View
Set Bid = appIE.document.getElementById("num-bids") ' <-- error code 424, object required
hmanhha 16-Apr-18 5:35am View
Function FuncUpdateBid(ByVal Plink As String) As String
Dim appIE As InternetExplorer
Set appIE = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application")
With appIE
.navigate Plink
.Visible = True
End With
Do While appIE.Busy
Dim sbid As String
'Dim Bid As Object
Dim Bid As IHTMLElement
Set Bid = appIE.document.getElementById("num-bids") ' <-- error code 424, object required
'Set Bid = appIE.document.getElementsByTagName("num-bids")
sbid = Bid.innerText
FuncUpdateBidV1 = sbid
'FuncUpdateBid = Bid.innerText
Set appIE = Nothing
End Function
hmanhha 10-Apr-18 2:52am View
If I press tab it doesnot swich control as normal and in some textbox if you press tab it does not swith to another control, it create a tab character in the textbox control.
hmanhha 27-Mar-18 3:23am View
I am don't know how to resize the pictures to fit the range that user select. Thanks.