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Comments by DotNetSteve (Top 22 by date)

DotNetSteve 3-Mar-16 7:37am View    
The other posts are correct, look for SignalR
DotNetSteve 2-Mar-16 22:41pm View    
Can you clarify? Do you want to notify the web client when an event occurs on the server or notify the server when event occurs on the web client?
DotNetSteve 26-Feb-16 22:27pm View    
The following needs to be re-examined - What I have tried:

First the UserData class was opening the connection with a using clause. Removing this helped solving the 'connection already opened exclusively by an other user'-error but created the above descibed problem.

When you say that something is fixed by not doing something correct, you fail the 'smell' test. You need to re-examine this issue and correct the root cause.
DotNetSteve 26-Feb-16 22:18pm View    
Does the site you are going to list the file by name and filesize? If so look for this rather than trying to download.
DotNetSteve 13-Feb-16 10:14am View    
It seems as though you have two issues your trying to address. 1. How can I store a phone number to send a password to and 2. I want to decrypt the password and send it back via sms.

I personally would re-think sending a password. Your opening yourself up to an attack vector for stealing passwords. You should create a new password and force a password reset on login.