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Thank you Nelek. I will do just that. 19-Apr-12 18:42pm View
Ha ha ... exactly what I was doing when you sent this. Yes. I think that is the best solution. Too bad it is not possible to send message directly ,.. but from a spam perspective I guess I can understand it. 19-Apr-12 18:28pm View
Thank you,.. I know. Unfortunately then I must do that from another article. Which is fine if I really, really need to. Its just a little weird to contact from another articles posting and refer back to a comment in another article. 6-Dec-11 11:50am View
Thank you Richard. I am accepting the modified solution by John as that is partially right. It was good advice to go to the Article Writing forum. I guess that would have been the right place for this question to start with,. 6-Dec-11 11:45am View
Hi John, I will modify the answer for the benefit of others and I will change my vote from a 1 to a 3.

Obviously you are partially right: If you have sufficient rights to edit an article it will probably be as you wrote. If you on the other hand is a relative CP newbie with only 1-2 articles written then the answer was not correct.

I can see that you and Mark got frustrated with me but the advice you gave me simply does not work unless you have sufficient privileges.

A correct answer then would be something in the style of:
"Depending on your member status you could either do this yourself or someone has to help you.

If you do not have sufficient editing privileges then you should contact a CP member with sufficient privileges to either give you the right to edit your own article or ask them to do it for you

If you do have sufficient editing privileges then you can simply update it. In the top/right corner of the screen (under the green menu bar), there's an icon that looks like a pad of paper with a pencil hovering over it. Click that icon, and you can edit your article.". 5-Dec-11 21:31pm View
I am sorry I do not know what you mean Mark with
"Its on the next page"?

I do not want to be difficult with you guys I am just trying to understand this. I am grateful that John fixed the text but if I click that "update article" icon I cannot get to direct editing of that "introductory text" only to update the article by sending a zip file to an editor.

My hunch is that John has direct editing while I do not. If that is correct than Johns answer is correct for someone who has more than basic editing privileges but for most members (like me) his answer is not correct.

A more correct answer would be "If you have editing privileges you could ....". Right?


PS: Sorry for the bad pictures. I have updated them so it is easier to see what I mean.

PSS: @Mark:
"there is a selection for whom you allow to edit the article. It defaults to Platinum members "
Yes I see that is available if you use the wizard. I didn't so that is why I was not aware of this. Thank you for pointing it out. 5-Dec-11 19:10pm View
Just a couple of questions John before I change the vote. I would like to be sure of this befor I close it. I hope you understand that.

First off: I am using Firefox www-browser, not IE, in case that is of importance for the editing functionality.

1) When I click that Icon I get to a page where I can upload one zip file and give comments to the editors. Is that the one you mean? I have used that before. But I don't see how I can update my "introductory text" through that. Unless you have other *editing* privileges than I have?
Here are pictures to the icon I clicked and the "editing" page that I think you mean

2) How can YOU change my article? I thought only editors or the author him/herself could do that?
.... update: but then again maybe you DO have other editing privileges? At least it looks that way when I check your profile 5-Dec-11 16:18pm View
Nope, that is not it. That is to edit the article, not the "introductory text"