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Zaf Khan 19-Feb-19 19:32pm View
Thank you, now I know I will be careful next time.
Zaf Khan 28-Dec-12 22:01pm View
My javascript isnt too tough and neither is my ajax, but i'm sure if the upload event completes without errors then the file path and contents fo file (data) would be saved on the server somewhere most likely in your session object.
Zaf Khan 28-Dec-12 21:21pm View
What version of .NET platform are you using on your website?
Meaning what is the .NET platform SUPPORTED by your hosting?
Zaf Khan 28-Dec-12 21:18pm View
What resolution are you working with (natively)
and what resolutions do you expect to use your application in too?
Zaf Khan 28-Dec-12 21:16pm View
You shouldn't have to change anything.
Did you ACTUALLY Try the code???

Did you place many controls on a form and RESIZE the form by dragging the form BORDERS?

Did you CHANGE your SCREEN RESOLUTION and check the form again?

Maybe if you do those things then you will see it works okay it resizes ALL the controls proportionally.

You must LIMIT the MINIMUM size of the form allowable or text will become unreadable!

Thats not too difficult once you have your form controls laid out nicely where you want them.

Finally if your still stuck POST your Forms DESIGNER file which is usually named as follows and lives in the relevant project folder.


Zaf Khan 28-Dec-12 21:08pm View
I forgot to add.... to my solution...
The fileupload will let you upload to ANY location you say as long as it is WRITEABLE location... but you would upload it to a SECRET/NON-PUBLIC area as you dont want everyone to drop just any file in your important folders, so its best to nominate an uploads folder and empty it before/after uploads. off course if your server is busy then there may be several uploads happening at once! so then you cant empty it before/after but using a sequential numbering system helps keep track of the files and you can remove the temporary files once the user ok/cancels their uploaded file, and ALSO you would have the file path for preview once uploaded too.
Zaf Khan 21-Dec-12 12:28pm View
You can read up here

Zaf Khan 20-Dec-12 18:12pm View
Seems very non-standard, is there a reason why you want to use bits and not pixels?
Zaf Khan 20-Dec-12 17:54pm View
Hello did you check the sample I posted? It does EXACTLY what you asked for, to recogniseand raise an event on the mouse click on an image object in a popup in javascript?
Zaf Khan 20-Dec-12 3:25am View
I thought there are notification settings in your profile? Check your profile page and read the FAQ which can be found under the HELP menu
Zaf Khan 20-Dec-12 3:20am View
Really you should test to see if the record exists FIRST, then decide upon the basic of the existance test wether your doing an update or adding a new record.
but anyway i've added the test at the bottom after your record field assignments to give you an idea...
Zaf Khan 20-Dec-12 0:36am View
Maybe encryption is a better option, as you may not always be in the office to protect your code. You can always disconnect your pc from the network and remove any wireless devices but that doesnt stop tamperers from plugging a usb dongle/hdd/thumb drive into the pc/laptop when no one is around.
Zaf Khan 19-Dec-12 9:01am View
The difference is that the TEXTual value that your using like PROFESSINAL,ENTERPRISE Etc makefora more USER FRIENDLY experience so that humans can easily understand the item they are selecting, and you have chosen to define the values as numbers as opposed to string values, no one option is better than the other strings or numbers, you use whatever method suits your needs best.

So as you have defined the values for the option items in the list/dropdown in a numeric format so you should use NMERIC format when testing for the results....

If you had used values with a text format like value="cat" or value="dog" so then you would test for a textual result such as .... If Something="cat"...

Hope that explains a little better. I find the MSDN website is a good source of information, though some of the deeper stuff takes some reading over and over.
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 23:17pm View
With ref to my solution (solution 1) the same applies to your code in your FORM_Load event code.... use the numbers instead of the text professional, enterprise etc etc.....
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 23:03pm View
to display the data in thelabel (the data you collect from all the rows) simply assign the concatenated resulting string in the label using the relavent property.

if the label is server side label then use label.text property if its clientside label then use label.innerhtml property.
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 22:59pm View
The sample i provided is in CSS and can work with ANY number of controls, wether textboxes or panels butons or any other HTML element that can accept style.backgroundcolor property (which is practically 99% of them)
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 22:51pm View
I should think you will be fine with port 80
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 5:18am View
Oh the second time its decided to do it properly hahaha as my last code block is correct as intended AND includes both double and single quotes.

The bit i deleted basically said to replace the double quotes inside your append staements with single quotes, but when my sample got screwed up i thought....

Oh wait maybe the guy entered it right (as i did too!) but it got screwed up and single quotes got replaced with double quotes!
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 4:00am View
Where is your connection string? that your using to connect to the data source?
Convert the code block above is not a problem.
but it doesn;'t neccessarily answer your question which is termed.....

How to convert ADODB connection to SQL.
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 3:56am View
There is a video tutorial STEP by STEP here ......

Video turorial

As wordpress is PHP its not really my forte, i only know VB or i would have been happy to help.

The database tables/fields in the tutorial are below

article id
article title
article likes

Like id
user id
article id

User id

So as you can see its really not that bad.
I'm sure the tutorial should be fine as long as you know PHP
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 2:54am View
This Question is the same more or less as how to give permissions to restricted pages as this one

Have you posted it twice?
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 2:46am View
The link goes back to the code project list
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 2:41am View
Taking myself as an example...
When I make any changes to my mailing components,
there is no facility for me to test it from my development server.
My service provider states i MUST upload it and use the script on the server.
When i say my mail service provider what i mean is my HOSTING provider.

So i don't know if thats worth looking into for yourself?
Are you sending it from your HOSTING providers webspace in your account?
And using your mailing account credentials they gave you or you set up?
If you answer Yes then its best you get on the phone it may save you LOTS of time.

Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 2:36am View
In that case, the best solution is as aspnet_regiis said in his/her comment....

aspnet_regiis -i - 33 mins ago
contact your email host

To ascertain whats up with their mail server.
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 2:26am View
Could you clarify your question?
There are many types of gateways related to trading.

Do you mean payment acceptance?
In which case millions of users use PayPal to mention just one.
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 2:18am View
Yes some code would help
Zaf Khan 18-Dec-12 1:52am View
Unable to view the page as it requires a login!
Zaf Khan 14-Dec-12 8:06am View
Hello Prashant,

I have a question?

What is the significence of the text coloring?
Lets say the text in Violet/Purple "Does Not Appear" in String1

And the text in red?? Isnt it the same? "Does Not Appear" in String1?
So why color them different if they are the same???

after all you have used "Strikeout" font decoration to show that text which is in "Strikeout" does not appear in string 2!!!!
Zaf Khan 13-Dec-12 18:16pm View
in your view page change your existing code to....

<img src='<%=Server.mappath(Model.AppetizerImagesist[i]) %>' width="245px" height="175px" />
Zaf Khan 13-Dec-12 1:52am View
Clientside data from input fields wether hidden or not are easily available on the serverside when the form is submitted!
its when you go the other way that its dificult.

If the user is clicking on a save button.....
why not just replace it with a SUBMIT button and use the request.form("Fieldname") or request("fieldname") to get the data on the serverside?

It seems to be the easist and most common way by far.
Zaf Khan 13-Dec-12 1:46am View
Only RECOGNISED colors will be Recognised!

If you name a color something like Silver Ribbon or Jet Blue if its not recognised then it wont be of any use because it wont be recognised.

You can find recognised colors on

Zaf Khan 12-Dec-12 7:18am View
Hello Shaikh Adil,

I think your post is in the wrong section as it seems to be attached to the foot of someone elses question.

Maybe one of the site moderators will be kind enough to re-locate it to the correct area.
Zaf Khan 10-Dec-12 23:23pm View
With reference to Solution 1...
If i is intially set to a value of more than 0 (zero) then the program will not enter the main loop because the statement...
Do while i < 1
is ALWAYS going to be FALSE
so you will NEVER reach the statement
i = i - 1
Zaf Khan 10-Dec-12 23:10pm View
I agree with ProgramFox, The best way to see if an email EXISTS is to send an email to to the address - taking for granted that the FORMAT of the email address is correct.

The best way to VALIDATE if an email is FORMATTED correct is probably the way ashokmmrk says.
Zaf Khan 9-Dec-12 5:10am View
My Apologies to you
Zaf Khan 8-Dec-12 16:21pm View
You have to post your code so that someone can help you find the issue.
Without it theresnt way of knowing where your going.

Zaf Khan 8-Dec-12 6:40am View
When and IF you change the READ/WRITE acces permission.
Make SURE it is ONLY for YOU and not for EVERYONE!!!!!!
Zaf Khan 8-Dec-12 5:22am View
Shouldn't your line.....
which says.......
if (result == MessageBoxResult.Yes) {}

return a value?

if (result == MessageBoxResult.Yes) {return true;}
Zaf Khan 7-Dec-12 14:32pm View
Hello Pete,

No i dont hink your blind, its just not an easy thing to find,
I tried to find out myself and spent close to an hour looking through the help (which isnt helpful)...

So i have posted this question here...
how to message another user

So when i get an answer there, i will be able to tell you how (if its possible at all) to message another user.

You can always contact me via on the contact page and then i can send you my email address and recive the zipped sample log ascii files.

in the meantime i have emailed some of the websites that deal with that area (mining and logging and so far have recieved the ONLY following reply from one of sevral parties.

Basically I requested a DEFINITIVE list of the Mnemonics used in the log ascii standard v.30

Hi – LAS version 3.0 definition is at . However most people use version 2.x. Recommended formats for both are on that site - ~V ~W, ~C, ~A are typical section designators for an LAS file. Others are documented on the XWLS site. The curve name mneumonics (eg ILD, SP, GR) are not part of the standard and are designated by the logging service company, digitizing company, or software user. There is no definitive list. Google ``log curve``+nmeumonic to find the current list from some service companies, but these are not up to date or complete, and may not be online.

Best Regards
Zaf Khan 4-Dec-12 7:55am View
Hello again Pete,

I'm having some issues with the sample log ascii file im using to test the import routine. If its at all possible please provide 2 or 3 sample files I can import.

The issue im having is that some of the field names in the sample file do not comply with the information in the LAS 3 PDF which is at

its to do with the spacing between the end of the last character in the fieldname and the following period after the field name.

You can email the LAS 3.0 sample files in a zip to my member account here.

Zaf Khan 3-Dec-12 5:18am View
Zaf Khan 3-Dec-12 5:16am View
I think the link n Solution explains it beautifully and its a lot a write.
You should follow the link in Solution #3.
Zaf Khan 3-Dec-12 5:08am View
The reason its not working is because yur trying to make an object type comparision the difference being your comparing a DATAROW to a LISTITEMEVNTARG to see if they are the same type, which obviously they're not.

And to clarify with you...
What your saying is that you have a drop down list and a listbox.
The dropdownlist is popultaed from the Database and you wish to populate the list from the dropdownlist, a type of filtering so-to-speak.

I dont think you need to COMPARE the "e as ListViewEventArgs" to a DATAROW, but to simply check that the parameter "e asLIstViewEventArgs") exists.

As Im not sure of C coding i canot tell you how
but if i was doing it in VB then i would write...
If ((e is nothing) = False) Then
Zaf Khan 2-Dec-12 10:15am View
Which browser are you using?
Zaf Khan 2-Dec-12 9:51am View
Take a look at the MSDN documentation for the HTTPUtility.HtmlEncode Method which van be found on or by clicking here
Zaf Khan 1-Dec-12 21:30pm View
Sorry..... Replace the "&" symbol with the "+" symbol.
Zaf Khan 30-Nov-12 15:45pm View
Well I couldnt see the method PSET listed for the C++ picturebox but the graphics attribute/property of the picture does make the feature available.

Maybe this page at MSDN can help you
Zaf Khan 30-Nov-12 15:43pm View
Zaf Khan 30-Nov-12 15:41pm View
Well I couldnt see the PSET method listed as part of the picturebox itself but I think the graphics attribute/property of the picturebox offers a similar/equivalent method.

maybe this page at msdn can help you?
Zaf Khan 30-Nov-12 3:54am View
Hello Excuse me for being simple,
is user smp234 the same person as user smiths3?
or is it a cross post?
Zaf Khan 29-Nov-12 13:49pm View
Hello Amritha444,

Im not sure if im choosing the correct words to explain, but let me try again.

Because you are using fully qualified paths like below:
there is no problem with the links.
If the page exists in the folder named it should be displayed
if not, then you will likely get a 404 error.

And because they are fully qualified, they are valid for use anywhere in your website regardless of the location (contrary to what i said earlier - sorry for misunderstanding your problem).

Keep in mind that the sitemap control only allows navigation backwards up the hierarchy of the map it does not permit forward traversing to a node lower down in the map.

Quote from MSDN Website
Link to Msdn
The SiteMapPath control enables users to navigate backward — from the current page to pages that are higher in the site hierarchy. However, the SiteMapPath control does not enable users to navigate forward — from the current page to another page that is lower in the site hierarchy.

So are you traversing backwards/upwards all the time when clicking a link?
or are you attempting to traverse forwards to a node lower down your list?

You can modify the link at runtime in memory by using the relavant method:
How to: Programmatically Modify Site-Map Nodes in Memory

To modify the path you use the SitemapResolve event which is documented here
Zaf Khan 29-Nov-12 13:21pm View
Hello Pete,

Thank you for your reply, I have to be honest and admit I know nothing of drilling or wells or bores, but i'm prety sure I can import the data from a flat file,

After a quick glance at the file found on the CWLS website I have created a rough structure outline for the data fields, which i have included below. I may to shuffle some of the structures around but unless you can provide the data structure classes in which to persist the imported data, I will create structures based upon the outline below and you may need to cross reference them into the application structures you already have in your application.

Listing: Please exscuse any typo's as i roughed the file out in notepad,
and i've listed it here just to show how i broke down the LAS V3 document structure

Additionaly, Im having problems pasting stuff into these boxes,
so much so that i had to delete two posts.
So there is a possibility the formatting maybe all screwed up because of my in-experience on this website.



RunX where X is the run number

NuetronMatrixDepthIntervalX where X is the run number
DensityMatrixDepthIntervalX where X is the run number

MaterialX 'type of material at depth X
MaterialDensityX 'density of material at depth X

RunXParams 'parameters that occur once for each run
PhFactor ' assume mud PH value

'Im not sure about the meaning of some of the field names in this section
DepthTransiTime 'SonicTransitTime
RHOB 'BulkDensity
NPHI 'NuetronPorosity
SFLU 'some form of shallow depth resistivity
SFLA 'some form of shallow depth resistivity
ILM 'some form of medium depth resistivity
ILD 'some form of deep depth resistivity

RotationsPerMinute 'RPM



TO BE FINALISED - One set of core data for each run







Zaf Khan 29-Nov-12 13:17pm View
Hello Pete,

Thank you for your reply,
I have to be honest and admit I know nothing of drilling or wells or bores, but i'm prety sure I can import the data from a flat file,

After a quick glance at the file found at:

I have created a rough structure outline for the data fields, which i have included below. I may to shuffle some of the structures around but unless you can provide the data structure classes in which to persist the imported data, I will create structures based upon the outline below and you may need to cross reference them into the application structures you already have in your application.

Please exscuse any typo's as i roughed the file out in notepad,
and i've listed it here just to show how i broke down the LAS V3 document structure

Additionaly, Im having problems pasting stuff into these boxes,
so much so that i had to delete two posts.
So there is a possibility the formatting maybe all screwed up because of my in-experience on this website.


<provovince />
<licence />

<runx> <!-- where X is the run number -->

<nuetronmatrixdepthintervalx> <!-- where X is the run number -->
<densitymatrixdepthintervalx> <!-- where X is the run number -->

<materialx> <!-- type of material at depth X -->
<materialdensityx> <!-- density of material at depth X -->

<runxparams> <!-- parameters that occur once for each run -->
<phfactor /> <!-- assume mud PH value -->

<!-- Im not sure about the meaning of some of the field names in this section -->
<depthtransitime> <!-- SonicTransitTime -->
<rhob> <!-- BulkDensity -->
<nphi> <!-- NuetronPorosity -->
<sflu> <!-- some form of shallow depth resistivity -->
<sfla> <!-- some form of shallow depth resistivity -->
<ilm> <!-- some form of medium depth resistivity -->
<ild> <!-- some form of deep depth resistivity -->
<2DArrayElement> <!-- appears mulitple times -->

<rotationsperminute> <!-- RPM -->
<pumppressure />

Zaf Khan 28-Nov-12 22:33pm View
With reference to what Mathlab said in his comment above, you can find on this site an article here
Zaf Khan 28-Nov-12 21:48pm View
The operating systems you mentioned, please can you tell me are they all 32bit or maybe 64bit or is one different different from the other two?
Zaf Khan 28-Nov-12 3:20am View
Hello Again Amritha444,

I think its not working because you would need a separate xml sitemap for each file page.

How do you generate your xml site map?
Do you generate it each time a new page is loaded?
because ultimately the paths to the various folders will change based upon the current location within the website.
Zaf Khan 27-Nov-12 14:59pm View
You need to post your code as without it its diifcult to see where the problem may lie.

Sounds like a simple typo
Zaf Khan 27-Nov-12 14:24pm View
What version is your Log Ascii file?
Zaf Khan 27-Nov-12 2:45am View
Have a look at the last post on this forum thread there maybe a possible solution for you...

let me know how you got on

Thank you
Zaf Khan 26-Nov-12 13:20pm View
The link you provided leads to ASP.Net PERFORMANCE counters page.
It specifies you can find information related to the PERFORMANCE of the server.

Do you mean how many VISITORS visited a website?
Do you mean how many SESSIONS are Active?
Do you mean something else completely?
Zaf Khan 26-Nov-12 11:58am View
Your welcome