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AshishChaudha 9-Dec-14 1:10am View
Thanks..This I know very well..I want that value in @paidstatus variable when the table name is also dynamic..
AshishChaudha 9-Dec-14 1:08am View
yes I declared variable

SET @ERROR_MSG='You are not registered'
AshishChaudha 24-Sep-13 7:18am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n good
AshishChaudha 10-May-13 1:01am View
My +5 for good explanation..
AshishChaudha 3-May-13 5:40am View
have you tried anything ?? please share your code here..
AshishChaudha 15-Apr-13 3:05am View
what problem you are getting??
AshishChaudha 12-Mar-13 7:27am View
put all the values in hidden field.
AshishChaudha 12-Mar-13 7:19am View
What code you have written in page load???
AshishChaudha 2-Mar-13 4:34am View
have you tried anything..where you get stuck?
AshishChaudha 2-Mar-13 2:00am View
The data should be saved in database like following
Date Name
1/3/2012 Ram
1/3/2012 suresh
AshishChaudha 1-Mar-13 23:39pm View
Welcome rohit...
AshishChaudha 1-Mar-13 3:48am View
can't understand your question, please elaborate and show us what you have tried so far.
AshishChaudha 1-Mar-13 0:14am View
need more explanation.didn't understand your question..
AshishChaudha 28-Feb-13 23:17pm View
What you have done so far. to access javascript you have to include js file in your webpage.
AshishChaudha 28-Feb-13 6:35am View
welcome Deenuji
AshishChaudha 28-Feb-13 6:34am View
What about if you write like following
string server1 = ((DropDownList)gvr.FindControl("Eligible")).SelectedItem.value;
AshishChaudha 28-Feb-13 4:36am View
first value means the first item of dropdownlist?? its not returning the selected value??
AshishChaudha 27-Feb-13 23:07pm View
what error you are getting..paste your code.
AshishChaudha 26-Feb-13 23:20pm View
what you have tried so far..and but obvious OriginalGriff is saying the right words everytime..
AshishChaudha 26-Feb-13 23:18pm View
some of the texboxes means?? some are getting filled and some are empty..which textboxes are empty??
AshishChaudha 21-Feb-13 23:48pm View
yes you can do like this...
AshishChaudha 21-Feb-13 23:05pm View
what you have tried so far??
AshishChaudha 21-Feb-13 4:06am View
need more explanations about the javascript file
AshishChaudha 19-Feb-13 6:51am View
didn't understand your problem..explain more
AshishChaudha 12-Feb-13 4:24am View
from the control panel grant permission to the target folder where you suppose to upload image file.
AshishChaudha 7-Feb-13 23:06pm View
make it solution if it works so that others can refer to the solution
AshishChaudha 5-Feb-13 1:03am View
why you are using HTML..?? why not gridview??
AshishChaudha 1-Feb-13 3:05am View
Did not understand your question!! please elaborate your question with some code sample.
AshishChaudha 1-Feb-13 2:14am View
Please update your question, what exactly you need to resolve..
AshishChaudha 1-Feb-13 2:11am View
if your problem is solved, then close your query please
AshishChaudha 1-Feb-13 2:10am View
have you tried to debug your code??
AshishChaudha 31-Jan-13 23:08pm View
my +5
AshishChaudha 31-Jan-13 5:57am View
didnt understand your problem.please elaborate your question.
AshishChaudha 31-Jan-13 5:34am View
I reposted the same.
AshishChaudha 31-Jan-13 5:31am View
how you are saving your data?? using stored procedure or parameterized query of inline query..please elaborate your question by using Improve question.
AshishChaudha 31-Jan-13 4:57am View
I think so..but this solution I had reposted and deleted the first one.The same solution I had given first. I am pasting it as I can view the deleted one

You should take Datetime datatype in your database.


Improve solution Permalink

Posted 21 hrs ago
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 7:15am View
Please share your code.
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 7:08am View
Please share code of rowcommand too.
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 4:16am View
my 5+
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 4:14am View
didnt understand your question, please elaborate..
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 3:21am View
Thanks sisir
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 2:17am View
what exception occurs??
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 2:02am View
sowmya..have you tried something..?
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 2:00am View
Is this your solution..please update your question by clicking on improve question.dont put your question in solution.
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 1:24am View
Thanks Marcus
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 0:36am View
share your code please..
AshishChaudha 30-Jan-13 0:35am View
Please share your stored procedure..
AshishChaudha 29-Jan-13 2:24am View
didnt understand..please elaborate your question..and please share what you have tried..
AshishChaudha 29-Jan-13 2:23am View
yes it is possible..have you tried something??
AshishChaudha 29-Jan-13 2:21am View
didnt understand your question...please elaborate it
AshishChaudha 28-Jan-13 6:55am View
didnt understand what you have explained..
AshishChaudha 28-Jan-13 6:54am View
what you tried please share
AshishChaudha 27-Jan-13 23:54pm View
my 5+
AshishChaudha 27-Jan-13 23:52pm View
what you have tried??
AshishChaudha 27-Jan-13 23:19pm View
my 5+
AshishChaudha 27-Jan-13 23:18pm View
my +5
AshishChaudha 24-Jan-13 6:21am View
have you used any CSS??
AshishChaudha 24-Jan-13 6:14am View
my +5
AshishChaudha 24-Jan-13 6:13am View
Thanks Mitesh
AshishChaudha 24-Jan-13 2:24am View
what you have tried so far??
AshishChaudha 24-Jan-13 2:14am View
This is not a proper question and not able to help anything.Please share your code..
AshishChaudha 15-Jan-13 7:34am View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 15-Jan-13 7:29am View
Don't repeat the question please.
AshishChaudha 10-Jan-13 3:46am View
please explain your question properly.
AshishChaudha 10-Jan-13 3:39am View
could you please share your code of javascript
AshishChaudha 7-Jan-13 23:14pm View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 5-Jan-13 7:09am View
didnt understand the question, please elaborate your question.
AshishChaudha 5-Jan-13 6:28am View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 4-Jan-13 5:47am View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 4-Jan-13 4:15am View
you can use Edit Item Template in datagridview easily.Is there any motive behind using Repeater??
AshishChaudha 3-Jan-13 23:55pm View
could I see anything from your side? or some example..
AshishChaudha 3-Jan-13 23:54pm View votes! :)
AshishChaudha 1-Jan-13 0:42am View
Accepted and downvoted !!! :(
AshishChaudha 31-Dec-12 6:07am View
what you are doing??? are you saying about the register.aspx page??
AshishChaudha 31-Dec-12 6:07am View
what control you are using???
AshishChaudha 31-Dec-12 3:30am View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 31-Dec-12 1:34am View +5!
AshishChaudha 31-Dec-12 0:28am View
you want preview of data before click on update??
AshishChaudha 28-Dec-12 1:31am View
AshishChaudha 28-Dec-12 1:31am View
AshishChaudha 27-Dec-12 23:41pm View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 27-Dec-12 5:44am View
need more explaination!!what you have tried ??
AshishChaudha 27-Dec-12 5:43am View
which line??
AshishChaudha 22-Dec-12 6:06am View
have you tried something??
AshishChaudha 22-Dec-12 5:07am View
Is there contentPlaceholeder in your page?
AshishChaudha 22-Dec-12 3:52am View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 22-Dec-12 3:49am View
I can't see any marquee there
AshishChaudha 22-Dec-12 3:40am View
Share the code block of Javascript please
AshishChaudha 21-Dec-12 6:20am View
have you tried anything? dont expect from anybody to write code for you. here all are help if some one getting problem or got stucked..
AshishChaudha 21-Dec-12 4:19am View
still you are getting error??
AshishChaudha 20-Dec-12 2:11am View
Could you please share your code??
AshishChaudha 20-Dec-12 1:11am View
Share your Code please..
AshishChaudha 20-Dec-12 1:09am View
have you tried to debug your code??
AshishChaudha 19-Dec-12 7:20am View
Have you tried to search it Google. All the solution are provided via search only.
AshishChaudha 19-Dec-12 7:18am View
are we here to do your homework..try something by yourself..and if you get stuck anywhere then ask for the solution.
AshishChaudha 19-Dec-12 7:00am View
What you are doing?? Please share your code.
AshishChaudha 19-Dec-12 6:44am View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 19-Dec-12 6:16am View
What you have tried so far??
AshishChaudha 19-Dec-12 5:41am View
Didnt understand the problem. Could you please show us what you have tried??
AshishChaudha 19-Dec-12 1:55am View
I am sorry for this but not giving the proper result. It should be DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1).ToString("ddMMyyyy");
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 7:34am View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 5:49am View
what error you are getting??
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 5:29am View
have you tried debugging??? Please share your stored procedure.
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 5:09am View
What problem you are facing?? are you getting any exception??
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 3:55am View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 3:55am View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 3:54am View
what you have done so far?? please elaborate your question.
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 3:50am View
Need some more in your question. Insufficient data
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 2:11am View
Please elaborate your question for better help.
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 2:03am View
Perfect!! my +5!
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 1:31am View
my vote
AshishChaudha 18-Dec-12 1:30am View
Perfect!!my !5+
AshishChaudha 17-Dec-12 5:59am View
What when user direct close the window?? and not clicking your logout button..
AshishChaudha 17-Dec-12 5:55am View
What exception you are getting
AshishChaudha 17-Dec-12 5:55am View
my +5!
AshishChaudha 17-Dec-12 5:54am View
Marked the solution as your answer ritika, as you got your solution..

AshishChaudha 17-Dec-12 5:46am View
could you please elaborate your question, exactly what you are trying to do or what you have tried so far?
AshishChaudha 4-Dec-12 23:48pm View
I think the error is not generated from the code mentioned...please debug your code..The error is generated where you have used the cultureInfo object.
AshishChaudha 4-Dec-12 3:29am View
show us the HTML code please..
AshishChaudha 4-Dec-12 3:29am View
have you tried anything??
AshishChaudha 4-Dec-12 3:24am View
what you have tried so far?? where do you get stucked??
AshishChaudha 4-Dec-12 3:22am View
could you please show us what you have tried so far??
AshishChaudha 8-Nov-12 4:31am View
Share your code for better help..
AshishChaudha 8-Nov-12 0:14am View
Could you please share your code for better help..
AshishChaudha 3-Nov-12 7:51am View
Didn't understand your problem, please elaborate your question.
AshishChaudha 2-Nov-12 0:29am View
What you are asking, as per my understanding the code snippet is not related to your problem..
AshishChaudha 1-Nov-12 1:22am View
AshishChaudha 31-Oct-12 0:51am View
Insufficient information, could not understand "Mouse over on this pages, it must stay mouse over till the user goes for another page."
AshishChaudha 30-Oct-12 8:14am View
Whats the issue??
AshishChaudha 30-Oct-12 1:33am View
Please elaborate your question more. There is insufficient information.
AshishChaudha 30-Oct-12 1:18am View
Provide your HTML Code.
AshishChaudha 26-Oct-12 1:07am View
share code snippet of dropdown bind.
AshishChaudha 25-Oct-12 6:53am View
Could you please share your code.
AshishChaudha 25-Oct-12 6:52am View
Share your code please.
AshishChaudha 23-Oct-12 7:30am View
I also tried the same code, not working when browser is closed..I redirecting on page load only.
AshishChaudha 23-Oct-12 7:02am View
Question Repeated
AshishChaudha 23-Oct-12 6:56am View
window.location.href wont work when there is unload event..
AshishChaudha 23-Oct-12 3:42am View
The one who is downvoting the solution may be perfect dumb. Please verify the reason for downvoting.
AshishChaudha 23-Oct-12 2:42am View
Good one
AshishChaudha 23-Oct-12 2:30am View
most welcome
AshishChaudha 23-Oct-12 2:23am View
I didnt understand your Question previously, I updated my solution. Mark it as answer if your problem get solved.
AshishChaudha 22-Oct-12 8:12am View
my +5
AshishChaudha 22-Oct-12 8:09am View
AshishChaudha 22-Oct-12 8:07am View
AshishChaudha 22-Oct-12 7:28am View
I didnt understand your requirement..Post Property and Post your Requirement page..what is the meaning of this
AshishChaudha 22-Oct-12 6:40am View
AshishChaudha 22-Oct-12 5:44am View
what issue???
AshishChaudha 22-Oct-12 1:00am View
Update your question..What is your problem?
AshishChaudha 22-Oct-12 0:50am View
Share your code for better help..
AshishChaudha 20-Oct-12 0:30am View
thanks for updating solution
AshishChaudha 19-Oct-12 1:15am View
Very happy to know your have you tried something??
AshishChaudha 19-Oct-12 0:02am View
Post your Javascript Function for validation.
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 23:55pm View
Thanks Marcus..I will update my self..
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 7:06am View
share your code please..
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 7:00am View
Give error in your query??
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 6:57am View
Share your code please.
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 6:06am View
Have you tried something??
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 4:55am View
What actually you want?? An alert message after requirefieldValidator validation..
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 3:20am View
Whats the issue in this??
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 2:48am View
What problem you are facing??
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 0:41am View
have you tried something??
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 0:39am View
my +5
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 0:39am View
No one here to code for you.
AshishChaudha 18-Oct-12 0:37am View
From where this Exception is raising?? Could you please elaborate your question.
AshishChaudha 17-Oct-12 7:43am View
Then is your problem solved??
AshishChaudha 17-Oct-12 6:00am View
my +5
AshishChaudha 16-Oct-12 7:23am View
Incomplete question. What you are trying to say, please elaborate your question. and also provide some code snippets..about what you are trying to do.
AshishChaudha 16-Oct-12 7:21am View
please provide us the could we know where the error is coming without the code.
AshishChaudha 16-Oct-12 7:04am View
After trying by myself I gave you solution. Its working fine for me..anyways could you please show us the code of your gridview??
AshishChaudha 16-Oct-12 6:53am View
Lets start with you code...
AshishChaudha 16-Oct-12 6:48am View
Code copied from

Please give refrence to the link from where you got the solution.
AshishChaudha 16-Oct-12 6:29am View
same question

Dont ask same question again and again.
AshishChaudha 16-Oct-12 4:37am View
Mitesh have you tried anything from yourself??
AshishChaudha 16-Oct-12 3:06am View
whats the problem??
AshishChaudha 16-Oct-12 0:40am View
This Error comes when there is problem in IIS Configuration of your server. and I think this Exception not comes everytime.
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 23:46pm View
It may be the issue of browser compatibility. Try to develop your website browser compatible.
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 7:46am View
not clear..What you expect from us??
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 7:04am View
I didn't understand your question. Please share your code for better help..
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 6:58am View
Didn't understand your issue..what exactly you are expecting from us..
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 6:40am View
my +5 Ambesha
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 5:59am View
Yours welcome. Please mark it answer if it get solved..
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 5:21am View
and?? what the problem is??
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 5:03am View
If the problem is not solved then paste your code for better help..
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 4:59am View
Make it 1000px. and if your gridview column is more so that the page is getting scrolled then use div with scrollbars.
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 4:54am View
could you show us you code??
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 3:08am View
Please show us your HTML code.
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 2:57am View
at which line you are getting the error?? have you debugged your code??
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 2:54am View
have you tried something?
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 2:33am View
Didn't Understand your question...Please elaborate your question by using Improve question
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 2:29am View
Could you please share your code??
AshishChaudha 15-Oct-12 2:28am View
What problem do you have in web.config??
AshishChaudha 12-Oct-12 8:22am View
and?? what the problem??
AshishChaudha 12-Oct-12 5:17am View
Please elaborate your question by using "Improve question". Didn't understand your question "Is this possible to redirect on another page with parameter 'slash'
AshishChaudha 12-Oct-12 4:58am View
Yours always welcome.
AshishChaudha 12-Oct-12 4:51am View
Have you tried something??? I didn't understand "headers of the rows in a short format"
AshishChaudha 12-Oct-12 0:45am View
Please have a look on your code of onpageindexchanging="GridView_NewStaff_PageIndexChanging"...
AshishChaudha 12-Oct-12 0:31am View
Have you tried something from yourself..?
AshishChaudha 11-Oct-12 5:43am View
Could you show your code so that help you better....
AshishChaudha 11-Oct-12 1:52am View
Please specify the line exactly where you are getting the exception.
AshishChaudha 11-Oct-12 1:47am View
Have you debugged your code..?