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_ProgProg_ 31-May-20 17:04pm View    
Thanks a lot. I will mark this as the right answer.
Do you have a working example with google reCaptcah?
_ProgProg_ 22-Jan-19 0:32am View    
Now i save all tokens in a DB Table then i am validating only the latest one. But if there is a way to get all tokens using identity with each token date that will be better.
_ProgProg_ 21-Jan-19 0:47am View    
The current behavior is:
You can generate many tokens, but when you use one of them for resetting, the others are disabled. I want to disable all previous while generating new.
_ProgProg_ 7-Jul-18 5:25am View    
Could you please give me example?
_ProgProg_ 7-Jul-18 4:58am View    
I simply have data from data base not exported to any file format.
I want to export it to .xlsx format.