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Comments by Senthil Sambandam (Top 4 by date)

Senthil Sambandam 15-Nov-14 5:39am View    
yeah, he is not specific in its words. But in general the he speeks about database to database..
Senthil Sambandam 15-Nov-14 4:09am View    
Yes, If the destination system is configured with network and system is able to communicate to the db then installed application start work automatically.
Senthil Sambandam 15-Nov-14 2:52am View    
Okay use app.config instead of web.config.
Senthil Sambandam 15-Nov-14 1:25am View    
- The setup will create in bin folder of the setup project
- Normally for external database, we use web.config file for connectionstring declaration. The web.config file need to add as like reference file setup project. So after installing the setup, you will get web.config file also, From the web.config file you can connect to the external db.