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Comments by jimmson (Top 121 by date)

jimmson 15-Jun-20 4:19am View    
Can you show us the code you have so far?
jimmson 15-Jun-20 3:11am View    
Please don't repost the same question:
jimmson 1-Jun-20 8:12am View    
This is not free coding service. If you need a help, you need to do some work by yourself.
jimmson 12-May-20 9:25am View    
Yes, but I was assuming you would use your condition "if(GuessLenght == WordLenght)" first, what would be FALSE.
It is not difficult to do it way you just suggested, but you need different algorithm - just count number of characters in each word and compare that.
jimmson 4-Mar-20 7:31am View    
Textbox doesn't save anything by itself.