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Comments by Abhinav S (Top 200 by date)

Abhinav S 3-May-16 2:02am View
Abhinav S 6-Apr-16 22:44pm View
It worked for me!
Abhinav S 1-Feb-16 2:44am View
5! But item is optional.
Abhinav S 31-Jan-16 8:43am View
What error?
Abhinav S 21-Jan-16 1:53am View will help you dyynamicaly configure a service using a config file. Restarting the service will be necessary to apply these config changes.
Abhinav S 21-Jan-16 0:43am View
Yep. It was :doh:
Abhinav S 20-Jan-16 12:14pm View
Thanks SA (for your options) but I understand exception handling quite well and would not want to have a discussion on it. :)
Abhinav S 20-Jan-16 11:35am View
Please see my fist comment in the answer. The application will crash so there is no question of returning anything.
Abhinav S 20-Jan-16 3:50am View
In addition, irrespective of whether the caller method is interested in the return or not, if the error is handled, the method does return.
Move the return inside the try part of your code and the compiler will complain that the catch does not have a return statement.
Abhinav S 20-Jan-16 3:42am View
Sorry SA, I'm not sure what provokes you to start this discussion (if you have read my answer at all - or for that matter the question itself)
1) No advice is shared with the poster of this question. Only an answer to his query is provided.
2) Handling errors (or debating about try-catch) is a totally different topic of discussion and it would not be right to discuss it as a part of this question.
3) There CAN be return statements inside the catch block. In many places, adding a return inside catch is considered good coding practice. The one con with this approach is readability of code and so this depends on the individual.
I would also suggest you look at the compiled code in both cases where you will notice that both approaches (having return inside catch or outside the try catch) generate the same code.
Abhinav S 16-Jan-16 4:20am View
Abhinav S 16-Jan-16 4:12am View
5! Or the user could implement authentication and authorization.
Abhinav S 14-Jan-16 5:43am View
Post some code here.
Abhinav S 14-Jan-16 3:02am View
If you are trying to upload the same image set, upload the fourth image in another upload box. COuld be an issue with the image format.
Abhinav S 14-Jan-16 2:57am View
Check the data you are passing. Something could be wrong with the count query.
Use a unique constraint on non-primary fields.
Abhinav S 11-Jan-16 11:53am View
Oh ji. Accha. I did not see that.
Abhinav S 11-Jan-16 10:49am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 10-Jan-16 21:44pm View
Thank you SA.
Abhinav S 7-Jan-16 5:47am View
I'm a little confused. You are not deleting a record but rather updating right?
Abhinav S 7-Jan-16 5:31am View
I do agree that this code is dangerous. So I shall accept the 1-vote.
Abhinav S 7-Jan-16 4:54am View
Ok. Fair enough.

Though I had understood the reason for the down-vote even before you posted your comment, I felt it was not fair that this answer be voted 1.
If course, command parameters is the best answer. But then this need not be down-voted since this answer too will work for the user.

It is most likely
Abhinav S 3-Jan-16 11:43am View
No i did not actually. *groan*
Abhinav S 3-Jan-16 10:23am View
Abhinav S 3-Jan-16 0:18am View
I don'[t totally agree with this. An excel can still be copied and the copy can be opened.
FileShare.ReadWrite can also be tried.
Abhinav S 3-Jan-16 0:17am View
Well in that case, the excel can still be copied.
So a copy of the excel can still be opened!
Abhinav S 2-Jan-16 4:58am View
Abhinav S 8-Dec-15 12:05pm View
Thank you SA.
Abhinav S 8-Dec-15 8:05am View
Abhinav S 24-Nov-15 6:42am View
Strange. The link worked for me -
Abhinav S 18-Nov-15 11:12am View
Shukriya BillWoodJi.
Abhinav S 18-Nov-15 1:20am View
Can you check if the update query works in sql server?
Abhinav S 17-Nov-15 11:18am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 17-Nov-15 10:47am View
Abhinav S 16-Nov-15 4:37am View
What have you tried so far?
Abhinav S 16-Nov-15 4:33am View
That's probably it. 5.
Abhinav S 14-Nov-15 5:18am View
Abhinav S 13-Nov-15 11:34am View
You cannot convert List view to SelectList implicitly.
Abhinav S 13-Nov-15 11:22am View
Oops. The return type of the method does not match the type returned. This this solution will still not resolve the problem.
Abhinav S 13-Nov-15 5:06am View
Sure. Mark as answered if it helped.
Abhinav S 13-Nov-15 3:57am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 13-Nov-15 3:16am View
Countered the down vote. Regex could do the trick.
Abhinav S 12-Nov-15 23:57pm View
XML can be used. Though writing into two tables with large column sets can become cumbersome.
Abhinav S 12-Nov-15 23:55pm View
I will leave compilation to the poster... :)
Abhinav S 12-Nov-15 5:47am View
What did you try?
Abhinav S 12-Nov-15 5:44am View
Thank you
Abhinav S 12-Nov-15 1:01am View
Thank you BillWoodJi.
Abhinav S 11-Nov-15 5:46am View
Maybe the setup guide can give more information -
Abhinav S 21-Oct-15 10:16am View
Abhinav S 19-Oct-15 4:32am View
Post the query here so that someone may try and help you.
Abhinav S 19-Oct-15 3:17am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 18-Oct-15 12:41pm View
Thanks. Though I think your vote is missing! :)
Abhinav S 13-Oct-15 12:11pm View
Thank you SA.
Abhinav S 13-Oct-15 3:32am View
Ok. Check the order of blue green and red to the FromARGB() method once.
Abhinav S 13-Oct-15 3:31am View
SA - i think its the difference in result that is bringing up this question.
Its not the alpha value which could have been causing the difference.
Abhinav S 13-Oct-15 3:29am View
Mark as answered if it helped.
Abhinav S 13-Oct-15 2:57am View
Thank you SA.
Abhinav S 10-Oct-15 0:29am View
Try a filter like this "myColumnValue = 25010010". More help on filters - Filters.
Abhinav S 8-Oct-15 1:59am View
Another approach. 5.
Abhinav S 8-Oct-15 1:59am View
Abhinav S 8-Oct-15 1:59am View
Thanks. Updated.
Abhinav S 6-Oct-15 22:11pm View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 6-Oct-15 12:53pm View
Use Int32.Parse
Abhinav S 6-Oct-15 12:49pm View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 6-Oct-15 8:26am View
Abhinav S 6-Oct-15 4:48am View
Abhinav S 6-Oct-15 4:48am View
Thanks. I added click once deployment to the solution. It could solve the "update" issue.
Abhinav S 6-Oct-15 2:42am View
Where is the exception? You could debug to figure out the exact location.
Abhinav S 6-Oct-15 2:06am View
If it is not shared then maybe not.

Try something like \\myserver\C$\foo\bar\.
Note the drive name and the $.
Abhinav S 5-Oct-15 4:36am View
I dont know your exact requirements but sending an sms update to web page does not make sense (the web page may not be open all the time).
If at all, you may want to send some information to the server.
Abhinav S 23-Sep-15 22:21pm View
Abhinav S 22-Sep-15 22:12pm View
Or you could download the codec / driver that runs mp4 on media player.
Abhinav S 22-Sep-15 21:51pm View
Thank you Maciej.
Abhinav S 22-Sep-15 1:42am View
Abhinav S 21-Sep-15 2:17am View
Debug and try to find the exact location of the error.
Abhinav S 20-Sep-15 13:03pm View
Abhinav S 20-Sep-15 13:03pm View
Abhinav S 20-Sep-15 0:35am View
Try removing and adding it again. Sometimes xaml does not reflect data properly.
Abhinav S 20-Sep-15 0:23am View
Sorry your question is really not clear. Do you want to split the array?
Abhinav S 19-Sep-15 14:09pm View
Abhinav S 19-Sep-15 14:09pm View
Abhinav S 19-Sep-15 12:22pm View
Ok. I will remove my answer.
Abhinav S 19-Sep-15 12:21pm View
Abhinav S 19-Sep-15 2:02am View
Agree. 5.
Abhinav S 19-Sep-15 2:02am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 19-Sep-15 2:01am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 19-Sep-15 1:20am View
Abhinav S 18-Sep-15 23:37pm View
Thank you SA.
Abhinav S 18-Sep-15 5:11am View
Not required IMO. Simple one line query should be enough.
Abhinav S 18-Sep-15 0:25am View
Abhinav S 17-Sep-15 14:02pm View
Whats the error?
Abhinav S 17-Sep-15 3:45am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 13-Sep-15 4:23am View
Mark as answered if it helped.
Abhinav S 30-Aug-15 14:33pm View
Abhinav S 20-Aug-15 12:59pm View
Thanks Maciej.
Abhinav S 17-Aug-15 3:41am View
What does not work? Do you get an error?
Abhinav S 17-Aug-15 3:40am View
Then obviously your query is wrong.
sql = "update Staffs set Dept_Name='" & TextBox2.Text & "' where Dept_No=" & TextBox1.Text
Abhinav S 11-Aug-15 2:04am View
Thanks. Read your solution.
Abhinav S 11-Aug-15 2:04am View
5. Agreed without Javascript there is no JQuery.
Abhinav S 10-Aug-15 5:41am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 30-Jul-15 6:37am View
What have you tried so far?
Abhinav S 28-Jul-15 8:02am View
Abhinav S 28-Jul-15 8:02am View
Yes with Hashset count is not required. With dictionary, it is. :)
I've updated my answer to add more detail. I will stick to dictionary because, irrespective of performance, its slightly easier to understand. :)
Abhinav S 28-Jul-15 7:54am View
Looking at, even for large amounts of data, dictionary is slightly better though both show almost identical results.
Abhinav S 14-Jul-15 12:03pm View
Abhinav S 10-Jul-15 3:11am View
Abhinav S 8-Jul-15 4:58am View
Is TotalPrice numeric?
Abhinav S 8-Jul-15 3:28am View
Sorry but your question is not clear. "Combination only keys"?
Abhinav S 5-Jul-15 1:11am View
Abhinav S 5-Jul-15 1:04am View
Run the same query in sql lite to check whether you get some output.
Abhinav S 29-Jun-15 7:05am View
Which type of controls? Web, WPF or Windows forms?
Abhinav S 26-Jun-15 14:50pm View
Abhinav S 26-Jun-15 14:49pm View
Thank you SA.
Abhinav S 23-Jun-15 23:14pm View
Abhinav S 23-Jun-15 4:24am View
Abhinav S 20-Jun-15 23:39pm View
Abhinav S 20-Jun-15 23:39pm View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 20-Jun-15 7:37am View
Then get this information and store it in another table. You can add more of this information whenever you need to add more locations.
Abhinav S 20-Jun-15 5:12am View
What have you tried so far?
Abhinav S 18-Jun-15 0:32am View
Abhinav S 17-Jun-15 12:55pm View
Abhinav S 17-Jun-15 4:46am View
Abhinav S 11-May-15 7:46am View
Abhinav S 7-May-15 4:55am View
Same problem. You need quotes outside strings.
Abhinav S 7-May-15 4:34am View
You have few days left to the deadline. So you better start coding!
Abhinav S 7-May-15 4:34am View
Abhinav S 7-May-15 2:41am View
In this link,, an image is written to drive using FileStream.
Abhinav S 6-May-15 2:20am View
Sorry. In this case, maybe 'never too early' sounds better. Either way...
Abhinav S 6-May-15 2:14am View
'Even though your concern is not completely baseless' sounds weird in the context of the question.
Abhinav S 6-May-15 2:13am View
Just say 'its never too late'. ;D
Abhinav S 6-May-15 2:06am View
You could probably have said it in a nicer way? :)
Abhinav S 6-May-15 1:27am View
Both are. Depends on what you want to do.
Abhinav S 5-May-15 2:29am View
Well then in that case, I don't think this is what the user is looking for, but as long as one of the answers help him, it should be cool.
Abhinav S 5-May-15 2:11am View
If the question is about generating a unique set from 1 to 35 then yes, a Hashset can be used.
Alternatively, a dictionary or a list will work equally well, so long as it is maintained by in this collection.

However, I don't think that is the question.
Abhinav S 5-May-15 2:10am View
The question is about generation of random numbers only. Seeding can be achieved by using GUIDs.
Abhinav S 4-May-15 2:58am View
Abhinav S 4-May-15 1:53am View
Thank you
Abhinav S 1-May-15 12:06pm View
Thank you SA.
Abhinav S 1-May-15 1:38am View
5 indeed
Abhinav S 30-Apr-15 15:18pm View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 30-Apr-15 10:52am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 30-Apr-15 7:33am View
Abhinav S 30-Apr-15 2:32am View
Just replace Math.Round(double.Parse(dr["star"].ToString()), 1).ToString(); with the result value you get from TryParse.
Try it out.
Abhinav S 29-Apr-15 23:00pm View
Is the value of txtID empty or null?
Is ID of a different type than a number?
Abhinav S 29-Apr-15 11:07am View
Good comments. 5.
Abhinav S 29-Apr-15 4:39am View
Add the handler inside Button1_click.
Abhinav S 29-Apr-15 3:40am View
So long as your connection string is stored in a configurable location, then no extra coding is required.
Abhinav S 29-Apr-15 3:24am View
Run it and find out.
Abhinav S 29-Apr-15 1:51am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 28-Apr-15 13:26pm View
Abhinav S 28-Apr-15 12:46pm View
As far as WPF is concerned, maybe you can consider it over windows forms if you are planning to do new development.
Windows forms is not supported anymore.
Abhinav S 28-Apr-15 12:06pm View
Abhinav S 28-Apr-15 9:44am View
Taken care of :)
Abhinav S 28-Apr-15 8:20am View
Make sure the file is not open by you or by someone else.
Abhinav S 28-Apr-15 1:04am View
Are you talking about devexpress the third party vendor or Express the Visual Studio edition?
Abhinav S 28-Apr-15 0:41am View
Abhinav S 28-Apr-15 0:36am View
I agree with you. If your answer is useful to the user, that is obviously the better choice.
However, if the user wants to loop through the rows in a table, cursor can be one of the ways to do this.
Abhinav S 27-Apr-15 2:38am View
What have you tried so far?
Abhinav S 24-Apr-15 3:52am View
There are many different solutions for the poster to try now.
Abhinav S 24-Apr-15 3:43am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 24-Apr-15 3:39am View
Abhinav S 24-Apr-15 3:39am View
Abhinav S 24-Apr-15 3:39am View
Abhinav S 23-Apr-15 4:55am View
Does events contain a string or date type? Is its string, don't convert 04/21/2015 into date.
Abhinav S 23-Apr-15 4:18am View
Check the error again. It may not have anything to do with the size of the data.
Abhinav S 22-Apr-15 13:03pm View
Run as administrator. Is that a good idea?
Abhinav S 22-Apr-15 9:40am View
Abhinav S 22-Apr-15 5:26am View
object o = MyArrayList[index];
Abhinav S 22-Apr-15 1:15am View
What element are you pushing into the array? Is it an array too?
Abhinav S 21-Apr-15 10:02am View
Perfect. 5.
Abhinav S 21-Apr-15 2:51am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 20-Apr-15 2:12am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 20-Apr-15 2:01am View
What error?
Abhinav S 19-Apr-15 4:20am View
Try something and post your queries here. Someone may help you.
Abhinav S 19-Apr-15 4:07am View
Try something and post your questions here.
Abhinav S 19-Apr-15 3:46am View
Abhinav S 19-Apr-15 3:18am View
Thank you!
Abhinav S 19-Apr-15 3:10am View
Can you be a little more specific? What is not incrementing?
Abhinav S 19-Apr-15 3:09am View
Abhinav S 18-Apr-15 6:48am View
Abhinav S 17-Apr-15 8:55am View
Yep of course.5.
Abhinav S 17-Apr-15 8:55am View
Mera 5.
Abhinav S 17-Apr-15 5:52am View
That's the general idea. You will have to write your own code!
Abhinav S 17-Apr-15 3:35am View
Abhinav S 16-Apr-15 13:30pm View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 15-Apr-15 5:59am View
Workaround. Make the method protected. It will only be accessible in overriden classes.
Abhinav S 15-Apr-15 5:49am View
What have you tried so far?
Abhinav S 14-Apr-15 11:53am View
Abhinav S 14-Apr-15 2:20am View
Did you check if the number has spaces or some other characters that are not present in the list?
Abhinav S 12-Apr-15 11:57am View
This is your question. "I mean may be it has a few functions not able to create something big or no? "

You have been answered as appropriate.
If you cannot ask a question properly then I suggest you don't ask!!!
Abhinav S 12-Apr-15 4:38am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 11-Apr-15 11:58am View
Of course! 5.
Abhinav S 11-Apr-15 11:58am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 10-Apr-15 4:58am View
Thank you.
Abhinav S 10-Apr-15 3:54am View
Abhinav S 9-Apr-15 4:44am View
Ok. Try using Convert.ToIn64.

A phone number can be stored as a varchar and that will allow you to store special characters as well.
Abhinav S 9-Apr-15 3:20am View
btnSave.Enabled = false; is already there.
Are you sure your code is hitting the else part?
Abhinav S 9-Apr-15 0:14am View
Abhinav S 7-Apr-15 8:06am View
What technology are you working with? XAML and CSS have different ways of styling.

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