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saini arun 6-Nov-12 8:13am View    
That is all I needed. :)
saini arun 20-Oct-12 2:02am View    
Reason for my vote of 1
Voted 1 as I agree with this
saini arun 31-Mar-12 6:29am View    
Split the string by comma, this will give you an array which will have each line you want as its items.
Run a foreach loop on the array and generate the target string by appending new line character or <br /> in each iteration.

This is the logic, you need to convert it into code.
saini arun 31-Jan-12 6:16am View    
See the solution posted by maheshkumar.adarsh below. You just need to place your drop downs in between contentTemplate tags.
saini arun 31-Jan-12 5:07am View    
If both the drop downs have items at the time of page load, you can do it using javascript.
If the items in the second drop down depends upon the item selected in the first one, then you have to use ajax.