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Comments by krumia (Top 157 by date)

krumia 10-Dec-12 0:29am View    
I strongly believe that this is your homework. Correct me if I am wrong.

The first thing you can do to spot the problem is to compile it. The compiler will give some helpful error messages. For example:

<quote>Identifier ****** is not defined
krumia 4-Dec-12 6:12am View    
By the way, are you blond/blonde?
krumia 4-Dec-12 6:11am View    
Didn't tell you to rewrite. "Rebuild" as in this:
krumia 4-Dec-12 6:03am View    
Rebuild your project and try to open the forms in designer view again.
krumia 18-Jul-12 2:24am View    
Please post your code. Can't tell anything from this description.