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Koppelgaard 17-Jan-23 10:46am View    
Thank you for your info about the Power Query. It's new for me. I will certainly use it in future. Correct me if I'm wrong, but power query is more if you have the data in table form like in a database. The workbooks I'm extracting data from, are very unstructured and data are to be found spread out over the whole worksheet.
set wb = nothing or wb = nothing
didn't not make any change.
It's actually the same, if I open a workbook manually - the VBproject stays in memory after I closed the workbook. I can see it in the macro window
Improve solution
Koppelgaard 10-Jan-16 6:02am View    
sorry to be bothering you, again, but there a so many possibilities.. Which link exactly?
Koppelgaard 10-Jan-16 5:32am View    
You want me to install Visual Basic 6.0 - correct?
I visited: Visual Basic 6.0 downloads
Which of the 4 links am I going to use?
Koppelgaard 8-Jan-16 17:30pm View    
try it tonmorrow :)
Koppelgaard 8-Jan-16 16:55pm View    
Now I managed to find the control. I selected ‘Microsoft communication control’ and then the control was visible. BUT when I try to drag it into the Userform I get following message:
‘The control could not be created because it is not properly licensed’