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Comments by Dominic Burford (Top 99 by date)

Dominic Burford 1-Oct-19 3:30am View    
Unfortunately, without seeing your code, we have no idea how / why you are getting the error.
Dominic Burford 16-Sep-19 10:13am View    
Is this even a question? I don't even know where to start with this.
Dominic Burford 23-Jul-19 3:14am View    
What have you tried and why were they not worth it? There are several ways of achieving this, but you haven't stated which ones you've already tried and why they were no good.
Dominic Burford 22-Jul-19 7:21am View    
The user is not returned in the query when you add the WHERE clause. Are they there before you add the WHERE clause?
Dominic Burford 19-Jul-19 12:23pm View    
What exactly is your question? For starters I would re-write your SQL query to use a stored procedure and pass in your cell value as a paramerter. This is safer and best practice as you're not directly executing a SQL string (which can be tampered with). In fact, never execute SQL strings directly. Always use stored procedures.