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Comments by Jordy "Kaiwa" Ruiter (Top 6 by date)

Jordy "Kaiwa" Ruiter 3-Jun-10 8:49am View    
Thank you so much, the last one fixed my issues! I tried this before but it would never run from CD :)
Jordy "Kaiwa" Ruiter 3-Jun-10 7:46am View    
Well because those tags are part of my problem. .NET and C# are not suitable for AutoRun Applications, thus my point.
Jordy "Kaiwa" Ruiter 7-May-10 8:09am View    
The link does not work...
Jordy "Kaiwa" Ruiter 7-May-10 5:13am View    
Thats a way better explanation, thank you. Just make it more clear next time please :)
Jordy "Kaiwa" Ruiter 7-May-10 4:25am View    
I didn't know that one but it kind of scares me :O