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wrappingduke 14-Nov-14 13:07pm View
Hi Suraj,

With the responses you've provided and the tone in some those responses, I'm inclined to believe that you're more impassioned or concerned with in engaging in circular thinking rather than resolving the issue. As a result, I'm going to have to disregard your responses.
wrappingduke 13-Nov-14 16:47pm View
I've stated on two separate occasions why there are two script tags. This is now the third. An error occurs that the function can't be found if the function is placed following the html. Placing a breakpoint inside click function to debug serves no purpose because the click function is not set. The purpose on the javascript is to set the click event.
wrappingduke 13-Nov-14 15:10pm View
Hi Suraj,

Per your request, I have updated the post with the code of the javascript function in question. Thanks again for your help!
wrappingduke 13-Nov-14 14:24pm View
Hi Suraj,

Yep, here's the error "JavaScript runtime error: 'setHelpTopic' is undefined". Error occurs when function follows </html> tag.
wrappingduke 13-Nov-14 12:36pm View
Hi Suraj,

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I've tried placing the JavaScript function in two different places:

1. Before the <html> tag, which was the original location of the function. For example,

function setHelpContext(sUrl){


2. After the </html> tag, in which case the function can't be found when called from code-behind. For instance,

function setHelpContext(sUrl) {

I've tried invoking the function from the Page_LoadComplete and Page_PreRender events, and the results were the function executes when it is located before the <html> tag and the function can't be found when located after </html> tag.

Help is appreciated.
wrappingduke 12-Nov-14 23:32pm View
Hi Suraj,

Thank you for your suggestion. It is appreciated. However, I am not sure I follow what your suggesting. Can you provide an example?

Your help is appreciated.
wrappingduke 26-Mar-12 22:35pm View
That did it. Thank you for your help. It's appreciated!
wrappingduke 24-Mar-12 13:50pm View
Thank you for your reply. It's appreciated. My apologies if my inquiry was vague. What I trying to find out is how to duplicate the same event calls in the OutlookBar class but in For example, in the PanelIcon constructor OutlookBar, the following code appears in C#:


MouseEnter+=new EventHandler(OnMouseEnter);
MouseLeave+=new EventHandler(OnMouseLeave);
MouseMove+=new MouseEventHandler(OnMouseMove);