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Comments by Jonathan Davies (Top 6 by date)

Jonathan Davies 31-Oct-13 15:43pm View    
If you want to write the C your self I suppose you either need to find out how to call the Matlab functions, if you still want to call them, or call them then gradually replace them with your own code - if that's what you want to do. Or start completely from scratch in C. It sounds a big job whichever you choose. Perhaps you could find out if there's a way of speeding up your use of Matlab to avoid all the work of writing in C as you already seem to have the Matlab code.
Jonathan Davies 5-Oct-13 11:19am View    
I've written a PHP MySQL comment and reply system myself a month ago, see if you're interested.
Jonathan Davies 3-Oct-13 5:37am View    
To, for instance, display a count of 'likes' on your pages, you could to store the count in a MySQL database on your webserver. When your page is loaded read the value of that and display it. Also when the user clicks 'like' use jQuery and Ajax to call another .php page which will increment your count in the database and return the new count to be displayed. There are a lots of examples, tutorials and videos on doing these things around on the net.
Jonathan Davies 20-Sep-13 7:09am View    
You don't say what the VB is running on, but is it's Windows use PortMon to see what's really going on underneath your code at the serial port. It should at least let you decide which end of the wire the problem is. With hardware like your board you need it to have a means of letting you know what's happening, or rather why it's not happening, to ensure you can get things working: output to Log file, output to a display, leds etc.
Jonathan Davies 26-Jun-13 6:04am View    
Presumably the m_cxSplitter includes the width of the borders and as you have 1 border on each side it has to be at least equal to m_cxBorder x 2. Same for Y.