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Ramanujam Shankar 18-Jun-14 23:43pm View    
It's not like thread. It's like some class objects crated and initialized then assign the some values using list objects etc....
Sometimes these objects not cleared then it's occupied memory also not cleared.
I want to check these objects (i.e. which are all objects holding memory)
Ramanujam Shankar 18-Jun-14 2:16am View    
Unable to find the root of the crash. I don't want to check specific type of object. Just want to know what are all objects running in application and have to know each objects how much memory consumed. Then easily to handle that particular object (i.e. clear that object values or uninitialized it)
Ramanujam Shankar 7-Mar-12 0:24am View    
strTest is an variable, can't give Session["Test"]=strTest; directly in javascript
Ramanujam Shankar 29-Feb-12 0:29am View    
I have one application,
my actual url is:
when i tried to link the actual url it takes me to\?GCLID=9823492374ds32god3298

with this url my site not loaded properly i.e. images not shown
i have to access GCLID in my application i.e. when user tried the url with gclid, i have to remove gclid in my application.

Please any one provide me with sample code or application using GCLID

Thanks in advance.....
Ramanujam Shankar 10-Feb-12 5:19am View    
I think records not available in your Joining Table. check it from your database.