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jgspeeddemon 11-Oct-13 13:21pm View
I enjoy playing old DOS adventure games, like AD&D, and would like to create a program that would detect the arrow keys and then create a map from the arrow key. The old games do not have a mapping function available and I want to create my own map intercepting the arrow keys. I guess I can download the source files to "DosBox" and try to figure out a way to do this within the program itself. I was wanting to create a program outside of the "DosBox" environment. I do not know how to achieve this though.
jgspeeddemon 30-Sep-13 0:49am View
You misunderstand. DOSBox is a DOS-emulator for old DOS programs. It is available from
I wish to intercept the arrow keypresses in that program to be able to utilize a mapping system in a windows program.
jgspeeddemon 29-Sep-13 15:27pm View
I am very new to C++. How would I go about doing what you describe? Can I use C++ or would I need to use assembly language?