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Comments by Eric Ouellet (Top 20 by date)

Eric Ouellet 15-Jan-18 11:17am View    
I understand that you will not use it now. But it could be useful for anyone with the same need in the future :-) !
Eric Ouellet 2-Dec-14 14:18pm View    
Thanks! I didn't know.
Eric Ouellet 2-Dec-14 13:49pm View    
I expect that the person who correct what should be corrected will also do whatever should be done. He should know better than me, what should be done.
Eric Ouellet 2-Dec-14 13:37pm View    
Done! I think it is also solved -> Article removed... I think.
Eric Ouellet 2-Dec-14 12:49pm View    
Thanks. I accepted the 3rd one because it appears to me more complete but I don't know what I should do "Ethically" when a previous answer was also excellent?