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Scubapro 25-Oct-19 1:28am View    
Hi Madhu158,

You are lucky that my email is still active and valid
after 9 years and I'm still active in IT.

If your textfile is always stored in the same directory,
you could use something like this:

For Each file As String In Directory.GetFiles("Your Directory")
If Path.GetExtension(file).ToLower = ".txt" Then

tRead = IO.File.OpenText(file)
'and so on, but you'll get the idea

End If

Kind regards,
Scubapro 19-Apr-18 5:37am View    
You might want to check out (VS2008/VS2010):
Scubapro 3-Dec-12 13:22pm View    
I'm guessing the dtp is your datetimepicker? Then use:

TextBox1.Text = Format(dtp.value,"yyyy-MM-dd")
Scubapro 27-Jan-12 1:58am View    
I hope your checkbox column isn't the first column of your datagridview, or else your 'string s = row.Cells[0].Value.ToString();' will be either "true" or "false".
Scubapro 25-Jan-12 2:35am View    
Next time be specific in your question about GridView or DataGridView, as they are totally different objects!