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TweakBird 22-Oct-11 4:12am View
My Vote also to Second option.
TweakBird 23-Jul-11 17:33pm View
can you show your effort? (sharing code will help you to get quick responses)
TweakBird 23-Jul-11 17:22pm View
P.S: Please try your own created webform (Take Manas answer as reference). please avoid code copying from URL(given in below answer).
TweakBird 23-Jul-11 17:20pm View
Good answer! My 5!
TweakBird 23-Jul-11 17:16pm View
Please use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 20-Jul-11 12:55pm View
Nice effort. My 5!
TweakBird 20-Jul-11 12:54pm View
Good Article. CP Rocks. My 5!.
TweakBird 20-Jul-11 12:54pm View
Good call. My 5!
TweakBird 19-Jul-11 6:04am View
Agreed. well said. my 5!
TweakBird 6-Jul-11 1:45am View
Try Uday P.Singh answer.
TweakBird 6-Jul-11 1:40am View
Did you tried in Google ?
TweakBird 29-Jun-11 11:39am View
Welcome. Happy coding.
TweakBird 20-Jun-11 12:20pm View
Thank you.
TweakBird 20-Jun-11 1:20am View
Well explained. My 5!
TweakBird 6-Jun-11 11:49am View
Welcome & All the best.
TweakBird 5-Jun-11 3:05am View
Good answer. my 5!
TweakBird 5-Jun-11 3:03am View
TweakBird 4-Jun-11 14:29pm View
Good answer. My 5!
TweakBird 4-Jun-11 14:28pm View
Good call. My 5!
TweakBird 2-Jun-11 14:31pm View
Good Answer. My 5!
TweakBird 2-Jun-11 14:21pm View
Default best one for beginners. My 5!
TweakBird 2-Jun-11 14:20pm View
Great Tool. My 5!
TweakBird 2-Jun-11 14:19pm View
My 5!
TweakBird 2-Jun-11 14:19pm View
Good call. My 5!
TweakBird 2-Jun-11 13:03pm View
I am using that since from 6 years, to design markup pages.
TweakBird 1-Jun-11 15:46pm View
It's ok. No problem. Try Dreamweaver. It might helpful.
TweakBird 1-Jun-11 15:39pm View
Post your markup code here. I will try to help you.
TweakBird 1-Jun-11 15:35pm View
Yes.You can.
TweakBird 29-May-11 14:34pm View
Thank you Monjurul.
TweakBird 29-May-11 13:42pm View
Thanks Manfred R.Bihy for Edit.
TweakBird 29-May-11 13:40pm View
Thanks Raja.
TweakBird 29-May-11 13:35pm View
Hey, This is not GIT man.
TweakBird 29-May-11 10:03am View
My 5!
TweakBird 29-May-11 7:03am View
Countered. My 5!
TweakBird 29-May-11 6:59am View
Huge Information.My 5!
TweakBird 29-May-11 0:37am View
Good Links. My 5.
TweakBird 29-May-11 0:36am View
Countered. 5+
TweakBird 28-May-11 15:23pm View
Good answer. my 5!
TweakBird 28-May-11 15:13pm View
Thank you
TweakBird 27-May-11 13:21pm View
:) Thank you.
TweakBird 22-May-11 14:48pm View
Thank you.
TweakBird 20-May-11 15:27pm View
Thank you.
TweakBird 20-May-11 12:57pm View
Try this, cmbTCTackName.DataSource = dt2.DefaultView . Rest of same.
TweakBird 20-May-11 11:04am View
Can you show your code ?. i will try to help you.
TweakBird 12-May-11 3:04am View
TweakBird 12-May-11 3:01am View
See this one also:
TweakBird 5-May-11 11:35am View
Yes true. I too agreed. My 5.
TweakBird 5-May-11 11:32am View
Good call. Proposed as answer with 5.
TweakBird 5-May-11 11:29am View
Good links. My 5
TweakBird 3-May-11 10:56am View
Good links. My 5.
TweakBird 30-Apr-11 14:12pm View
Good links Ravi. My 5
TweakBird 30-Apr-11 13:48pm View
Thank you Ravi
TweakBird 30-Apr-11 13:17pm View
Thank you.
TweakBird 30-Apr-11 10:56am View
Validate datetime format before doing insert. is your application winforms or
if C# with winforms see here :
otherwise (ASP.Net) see this
TweakBird 30-Apr-11 10:37am View
What is error you got ?
TweakBird 27-Apr-11 14:52pm View
Good answer. my 5.
TweakBird 27-Apr-11 14:52pm View
Where is your code?
TweakBird 26-Apr-11 9:34am View
Could you provide more information. What is your problem?
TweakBird 24-Apr-11 1:08am View
Not clear. Where is the problem.? what is the problem.?
TweakBird 18-Apr-11 2:38am View
Thank you Tarun
TweakBird 17-Apr-11 13:34pm View
Hmm. :)
TweakBird 17-Apr-11 6:17am View
Thanks SA
TweakBird 17-Apr-11 2:27am View
Thank Albin
TweakBird 16-Apr-11 17:06pm View
That's okay. I have little bit experienced with Spring.NET, NHibernet.Net only.
TweakBird 16-Apr-11 16:55pm View
Edited for spell correction & formatting.
TweakBird 14-Apr-11 12:20pm View
TweakBird 14-Apr-11 12:19pm View
Good Link. My 5.
TweakBird 14-Apr-11 12:17pm View
Thank you.
TweakBird 14-Apr-11 12:17pm View
Thank you.
TweakBird 13-Apr-11 15:19pm View
TweakBird 13-Apr-11 14:45pm View
Yeah, well said.
TweakBird 13-Apr-11 14:39pm View
Did you know google ?
TweakBird 13-Apr-11 14:11pm View
TweakBird 13-Apr-11 13:22pm View
MSDN is always great reference. My 5.
TweakBird 13-Apr-11 13:21pm View
Good Answer. my 5.
TweakBird 13-Apr-11 13:20pm View
Good Link. My 5
TweakBird 13-Apr-11 13:01pm View
Please use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 10-Apr-11 14:26pm View
Good link. My 5.
TweakBird 8-Apr-11 14:23pm View
Thank you Saneep
TweakBird 3-Apr-11 14:02pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice one.
TweakBird 2-Apr-11 1:30am View
Good answer. my 5
TweakBird 2-Apr-11 1:29am View
Good Link. my 5.
TweakBird 2-Apr-11 1:29am View
Good Answer. My 5
TweakBird 24-Mar-11 13:58pm View
Thank you
TweakBird 24-Mar-11 4:06am View
My 5
TweakBird 24-Mar-11 4:06am View
My 5
TweakBird 24-Mar-11 4:05am View
My 5
TweakBird 24-Mar-11 3:57am View
My 5
TweakBird 24-Mar-11 3:56am View
My 5
TweakBird 23-Mar-11 23:53pm View
Simple thing dear, you can apply conditional operator. already Mike given.
TweakBird 23-Mar-11 15:30pm View
This not depend on column location.
bool boolResult= dataReader.GetBoolean(dataReader.GetOrdinal("BOOL_FLAG"));
int intResult= dataReader.GetInt32(dataReader.GetOrdinal("INT_VALUE"));
TweakBird 23-Mar-11 15:01pm View
Did you noticed that explorer looks like a 'TreeView' control.
TweakBird 23-Mar-11 13:09pm View
Good Answer Dalek. Have a 5.
TweakBird 23-Mar-11 9:14am View
Please choose suitable Tags for your question. In title, you asked about 'Windows Form Application' but in tags you added ASP.Net. Please use 'Improve question' option to change tags.
TweakBird 22-Mar-11 12:27pm View
Thank you Sandeep.
TweakBird 18-Mar-11 16:15pm View
Thank you RaviSant
TweakBird 18-Mar-11 13:20pm View
Cross post
TweakBird 18-Mar-11 13:08pm View
you can see this also URL:
TweakBird 18-Mar-11 9:06am View
May i know your application in Winforms or web(
TweakBird 17-Mar-11 14:35pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good tip for beginners 'How handle the session object'
TweakBird 17-Mar-11 14:33pm View
Good answer. 5+
TweakBird 17-Mar-11 2:21am View
can you share your effort.?
TweakBird 15-Mar-11 12:02pm View
Thank you Espen Harlinn.
TweakBird 14-Mar-11 14:18pm View
Thank you AlbinAbel.
TweakBird 14-Mar-11 13:42pm View
I thought on OP: He need some samples (available there, i.e source code with C#), by doing practice OP can learn about design patterns usage. with out practice design patterns always tough to understand & easily got confused. ok thanks, i will update my answer as per your suggestions.
TweakBird 14-Mar-11 13:30pm View
Good Answer.
TweakBird 14-Mar-11 13:13pm View
are tried in google?
TweakBird 10-Mar-11 3:28am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice one Raja.
TweakBird 9-Mar-11 14:33pm View
Good Link Have 5+
TweakBird 9-Mar-11 14:26pm View
Please use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 9-Mar-11 14:18pm View
Change FileName, Header & Content Type like Here,
string fileName = "attachment;filename= UserProdReport_" + DateTime.Now.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy-hh-mm-ss") + ".xlsx";

Response.AddHeader("content-disposition","attachment;filename="+ fileName);

Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.xlsx";

Try this way.
TweakBird 9-Mar-11 14:06pm View
Try this free one
TweakBird 8-Mar-11 13:28pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good to see my name in that way (i tested with my name). Thanks for sharing Raja
TweakBird 8-Mar-11 13:23pm View
Thank you.
TweakBird 8-Mar-11 12:43pm View
Did you tried Bulk insert option?
TweakBird 6-Mar-11 12:12pm View
Thank you Raja.
TweakBird 4-Mar-11 15:45pm View
Thank you SA.
TweakBird 4-Mar-11 15:04pm View
Are tried in google?
TweakBird 4-Mar-11 15:01pm View
This is also good. But OP asked in

P.S: But same User posted CP Article also with more images:
TweakBird 4-Mar-11 14:57pm View
Good suggestions Raja. 5+
TweakBird 4-Mar-11 13:54pm View
What you have tried.? any effort?
TweakBird 1-Mar-11 13:16pm View
You can check through 'intelligence' of ((TextBox) gv1.Rows[e.RowIndex].Cells[1].'Here you will get lot properties'.
TweakBird 1-Mar-11 12:43pm View
Thank you Abhinav
TweakBird 1-Mar-11 12:19pm View
My vote to you 5!.
TweakBird 1-Mar-11 12:17pm View
Good one, my 5.
TweakBird 1-Mar-11 12:09pm View
Thank you.
TweakBird 26-Feb-11 1:01am View
are you googled it.?
TweakBird 25-Feb-11 10:51am View
Not Clear? Can you provide more details like put some code or what you have tried.?
TweakBird 23-Feb-11 22:57pm View
Removed unnecessary <pre> tag.
TweakBird 23-Feb-11 13:54pm View
Please use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 23-Feb-11 13:49pm View
are you tried in google ?
TweakBird 23-Feb-11 13:47pm View
Not Clear? Can you use 'Improve question' option, Update with information like where you stuck or got error?
TweakBird 23-Feb-11 13:28pm View
No effort?
TweakBird 23-Feb-11 13:05pm View
Are you tried in google ?
TweakBird 22-Feb-11 5:55am View
Have a 5+
TweakBird 22-Feb-11 5:54am View
Re-Post ?
TweakBird 22-Feb-11 0:23am View
Edited for formatting.
TweakBird 22-Feb-11 0:17am View
Use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 22-Feb-11 0:15am View
Try in google with 'struts 2 project samples' as search string.
TweakBird 22-Feb-11 0:11am View
Did you tried in google with keyword "serial com port in mfc"
TweakBird 21-Feb-11 22:57pm View
Edited for code formatting. Please use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 15-Feb-11 23:17pm View
Edited for code blocks.
TweakBird 14-Feb-11 8:31am View
Good Link. 5+
TweakBird 12-Feb-11 13:34pm View
What is your problem. Did you get any error or exception?. P.S: Please use 'Improve question' and edit the question add some more details like (error or exception or if stuck, where it is ?).
TweakBird 12-Feb-11 13:05pm View
Well answered. The way you said is awesome. OriginalGriff. have a 5.
TweakBird 12-Feb-11 7:45am View
P.S: Please try in google.
TweakBird 12-Feb-11 5:58am View
Please Use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 12-Feb-11 5:56am View
Please uncheck 'Ignore HTML' Check box. If your post contains code blocks.
TweakBird 11-Feb-11 13:44pm View
Good one. have a 5.
TweakBird 11-Feb-11 1:26am View
Did you get any error or exception?
TweakBird 11-Feb-11 1:23am View
What is this? please use 'improve question' option, Edit and ask properly.
TweakBird 11-Feb-11 0:25am View
Edited for code blocks. Removed unnecessary <pre> tag.
TweakBird 8-Feb-11 23:38pm View
Good call Yusuf.5+
TweakBird 8-Feb-11 23:06pm View
Thank you Espen.
TweakBird 8-Feb-11 0:59am View
Good Suggestion & Solution. Have 5 +
TweakBird 7-Feb-11 22:44pm View
Can you post your code?
TweakBird 7-Feb-11 7:37am View
Where is effort? Show me. or did you googled it.
TweakBird 7-Feb-11 7:17am View
Did you tried in google..?
TweakBird 7-Feb-11 7:10am View
Thank you Manfred R.Bihy
TweakBird 7-Feb-11 7:10am View
Thank you
TweakBird 7-Feb-11 6:51am View
I am unable fix formatting, Can you edit your question & Update it.
P.S: Please un check Ignore HTML check box & Post it again.
TweakBird 7-Feb-11 2:37am View
Edited for code blocks. Please use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 7-Feb-11 1:29am View
Please use <pre> tag only for code blocks. not for text.
TweakBird 6-Feb-11 14:03pm View
Well said Sandeep.
TweakBird 6-Feb-11 13:59pm View
Addition to SA, Have a look on these also 1) 2)
TweakBird 6-Feb-11 13:57pm View
No such property. It having only ScrollBars as Property and it's enum(RichTextBoxScrollBars) values are "None,Horizontal,Vertical,Both,ForcedHorizontal,ForcedVertical,ForcedBoth"
TweakBird 5-Feb-11 7:54am View
Edited for formatting.
TweakBird 5-Feb-11 7:43am View
Avoid asking for code without trying and showing your effort.
TweakBird 5-Feb-11 1:56am View
Re-Post?. Ask in comments of your previous POST @
TweakBird 4-Feb-11 6:50am View
Edited for formatting. Please use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 4-Feb-11 6:42am View
Re-Post! You already asked same question, Please be patient.
TweakBird 1-Feb-11 23:09pm View
Use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 1-Feb-11 4:11am View
P.S: Please change display name to other than email id.
TweakBird 1-Feb-11 4:09am View
What is this.?
TweakBird 1-Feb-11 4:09am View
Use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 1-Feb-11 4:08am View
Please use <pre> tag for code blocks.
TweakBird 1-Feb-11 1:05am View
Good link.
TweakBird 30-Jan-11 2:55am View
Edited for capitalization.
TweakBird 30-Jan-11 2:52am View
Edited for formating.
TweakBird 28-Jan-11 6:12am View
What type of features you want.?
TweakBird 24-Jan-11 5:10am View
Good link Ravi.
TweakBird 22-Jan-11 7:11am View
see the link for Menu control
TweakBird 22-Jan-11 5:29am View
Did you Googled it.
TweakBird 22-Jan-11 2:13am View
Edited for Capitalization & Spells.
TweakBird 22-Jan-11 1:55am View
Edited for Code blocks.
TweakBird 20-Jan-11 1:41am View
Edited for code formating.
TweakBird 19-Jan-11 13:26pm View
Edited for code blocks.
TweakBird 19-Jan-11 13:24pm View
Good links & valuable information. Have a 5
TweakBird 19-Jan-11 7:49am View
Hi Hiren. This is your 500th Answer. Keep rocking Man!
TweakBird 18-Jan-11 1:18am View
Edited for code blocks & Capitalization
TweakBird 17-Jan-11 6:58am View
Welcome Neha427.
TweakBird 17-Jan-11 6:55am View
Yes Hiren. I forget to mention. This is also good one & easy to practice(best way to avoid SQL Injection also).
TweakBird 17-Jan-11 6:46am View
can you share your code(what you have tried).
TweakBird 17-Jan-11 6:33am View
Edited for code blocks.
TweakBird 17-Jan-11 5:34am View
Please change to username(not a emailid) to avoid receiving spam mails.
TweakBird 17-Jan-11 3:02am View
Good Link.
TweakBird 16-Jan-11 22:58pm View
Good call.
TweakBird 16-Jan-11 6:44am View
Good Answer. 5+
TweakBird 16-Jan-11 6:28am View
Good Link
TweakBird 16-Jan-11 6:27am View
Minor change: corrected spellings.