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Comments by Maideen Abdul Kader (Top 100 by date)

Maideen Abdul Kader 25-Jan-23 2:30am View    
Thank you for your reply OriginalGriff.
I have done as per your advice. Now can generate json. But once the post to API url,
It will throw error
"$error": "[ISS.0086.9249] Missing Parameter: document",
"$pipeline": [
because the json start with '[' but API accept without '[' ,
how to solve this, pls advice me.
Code start with
Dim root As List(Of Root) = New List(Of Root)()
code end with
root.Add(New Root With {
.manifestRequest = manifesto

Where did I wrong.? Pls let advice me.
Thank you OriginalGriff.
Maideen Abdul Kader 31-Dec-22 22:11pm View    
Thank you for prompt reply Mr.Sandeep
when I run this code, I got the result like this
"SenderName": "ABC",
"ShipmentServiceType": "Standard Delivery",
"RecipientName": "XYZ"
"ShipmentAddressFrom": [{
"SenderName": null,
"CompanyName": "ABC ENTERPRISE",
"UnitNumber": "6,",
"Address": "Jalan TP2,"
"ShipmentAddressTo": [{
"CompanyName": "XYZ Enterprise",
"UnitNumber": "10, ",
"Address": "Jalan TP5, "
"InsurancePurchase": [{
"ProductDescription": "The description of the item A for buying insurance",
"Quantity": "0.00",
"UnitPrice": "0.00"
"WayBill": [{
"WayBillNo": ""

But actual Json needs to POST in API

{ "Shipment": [{
"ShipmentServiceType": "Standard Delivery",
"SenderName": "ABC",
"RecipientName": "XYZ",

"ShipmentAddressFrom": {
"CompanyName": "ABC ENTERPRISE",
"UnitNumber": "6, ",
"Address": "Jalan TP2, "

"ShipmentAddressTo": {
"CompanyName": "XYZ Enterprise",
"UnitNumber": "10, ",
"Address": "Jalan TP5, "

"InsurancePurchase" : [
"ProductDescription":"The description of the item .",
"Quantity": 1,
"UnitPrice": 110
"WayBill": [
"WayBillNo": ""
"DONumber": ""
] }

Pls advice me.
Thank you...
Maideen Abdul Kader 24-Dec-22 23:31pm View    
Mr.Sandeep. thank you very much for prompt response. There is no Line breaks or space in XML Format I have already posted.
Pls advice me.
Maideen Abdul Kader 22-Dec-22 2:57am View    
hi Thank you.
Now xml generate fine. How to remove <documentelement> this.
Pls advice me. Thank you

<sname>Jetpharma Sdn Bhd
<saddress1>1, 11 & 13, Jalan Rajawali 2, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
<scity>Bandar Puchong Jaya
<rname>Klinik Syifa'
<raddress1>No. 15, Tingkat Bawah, Lorong Permai 1, Taman Perm
<raddress2>No. 15, Tingkat Bawah, Lorong Permai 1, Taman Perm
Maideen Abdul Kader 31-Oct-22 3:14am View    
Hi Grant. First of all I thank you for advice "not posting Bearer Token". Accepted your advice.
Json Data are from remote/externals API url when i have debugged.I have changed class as per.
But still same error when debugging. Pls advice me...
Thank you