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Comments by Shani Natav (Top 19 by date)

Shani Natav 27-Jul-11 2:21am View
From Code or from the sql server management?
Shani Natav 22-Jun-11 9:34am View
The OP is asking about silverlight, not HTML.
Shani Natav 3-Jan-11 3:54am View
I'm tempted to give him an overly complicated solution....
Shani Natav 2-Jan-11 4:59am View
Thanks! :)
Shani Natav 2-Jan-11 3:47am View
Out proc is the way the go, the session ID is created per web server, but gets attached as cookie to all following requests, so it won't matter what server handles all the requests from the same session, the Session ID will be the same.
Shani Natav 1-Jan-11 14:15pm View
Why not <pre>char.IsDigit(character)></pre>?
Shani Natav 30-Dec-10 4:00am View
Server Side, or winforms?
Shani Natav 28-Dec-10 3:55am View
My guess is that the timer event has referring to, is in a MTA thread.
Shani Natav 26-Aug-10 16:20pm View
What's on second, I Don't Know's on third
Shani Natav 23-Aug-10 11:23am View
XAML or XML? and can you post the file or part of it here?
Shani Natav 22-Aug-10 8:19am View
Silverlight or wpf? And please give full code for data pager also, it might be the problem (not only XAML but code behind also)
Shani Natav 21-Aug-10 15:49pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
Try on blizzard forums :)
Shani Natav 21-Aug-10 6:38am View
My reason for vote 1
This is hardly a question..
Do you have all queries set up and need the display part or do you need help with sql?
Shani Natav 21-Aug-10 6:38am View
Reason for my vote of 1
This is hardly a question..
Shani Natav 19-Aug-10 11:08am View
Can You Paste the whole error? It seems you cut off most of it.
Shani Natav 7-Jul-10 15:11pm View
Want to copy something when the USB key is plugged in? Some students tried this in my college and got banned
because the copy file screen popped up and they have security cameras :)
In summary it's doable - don't know how...
Shani Natav 7-Jul-10 14:55pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not a question...
Shani Natav 2-Jul-10 1:34am View
What platform are you using? (Winforms, webforms, silverlight, WPF, etc...)
Shani Natav 14-Jun-10 5:21am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Asking for a full project not a simple question

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